By Allan Wall

The internet has  been a great opportunity for dissidents from the Mainstream Media to promote our views.  It enables us to make an end run around the Mainstream Media, to reach a wider public.

Precisely for this reason, freedom on the Internet is under attack.

The big tech companies support leftism and globalism.  They don’t like dissidents reaching Americans with their views.  And so they are moving to shut down dissent.

It doesn’t all happen at once.  But by brandishing the banners of tolerance, multiculturalism, “anti-racism”, “hate speech”, etc.  they can squeeze us out eventually.

One of the best sources on the Internet for news and analysis on immigration and related topics Is VDARE.COM, which has been in existence for twenty years.

VDARE.COM was founded by Peter Brimelow, who used to write for National Review but was kicked off for posing too many questions about immigration policy.  Can’t have that.

I encourage readers to, while they still can, look over VDARE.COM for yourself.  The address is and you can check it out for yourself, rather than letting the Mainstream Media and Big Tech do your thinking for you.

VDARE.COM has two decades’ worth of informative articles on immigration, U.S. citizenship, assimilation and related topics.

VDARE.COM is probably the best-documented-website out there.   Its articles are full of hyper-links so you can go directly to the source articles backing up what’s in the articles.

That’s why VDARE.COM has been under attack by the Mainstream Media, the Left and the Cowardly Right for a long time.

The popular “Free Republic” website, which posts and discusses articles, banned the posting of articles from VDARE.COM years ago. That means that leftist articles by the New York Times and Washington Post can be published on “Free” Republic but not articles by VDARE.COM.

More recently, Facebook banned links from VDARE.COM on its site.

Now, VDARE.COM’s domain name registrar (Network Solutions) is terminating the website’s account.  Network Solutions gave VDARE.COM just ten days notice.

Its only stated reasons were supposed violations of its “Acceptable Use Policy” and this cryptic statement  “we consider your continued use of our services a serious issue and risk to our business and corporate reputation”.

A later letter from Network Solutions lawyer related the termination to regulations prohibiting “bigotry, racism, discrimination, hatred in any manner whatsoever”  which we know in today’s environment are terms defined by the powerful Leftists  to refer to those who disagree with them.

Apparently, it was a DC-based leftist group called the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights that influenced Network Solutions to do this.

Of course, VDARE.COM is fighting back, but if nothing changes, the website will lose its domain name registration on June 25th, thus losing its place on the internet.

VDARE.COM has a Plan B to continue its website elsewhere, but in the meantime is probably going to lose a lot of readers.

If you would like to support VDARE.COM, or just freedom in general, why not contact your senators and  representative and ask them their position on Tech Censorship? Because it could affect all of us.

If they can censor VDARE.COM, what makes you think they can’t censor NewsWithViews?

After all, NewsWithViews has authors publishing articles that do not agree with discourse acceptable to the Mainstream Media.

So how long until the Tech Censors come after

Freedom of speech in this country is under assault, so we’d better make the fight against Big Tech censorship a major priority, before we all get cancelled.

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