By Frosty Wooldridge

If you want to feel the “heartbeat” of this nation, either write a bi-weekly column on a major news service website, and/or, interview on national radio stations.  When you stick your nose out into the public sector, you receive praise and/or contempt no matter your honesty or integrity.  Some people want to chop you to pieces.  They call you names, degrade your family tree and would lynch you if given the chance.

My bi-weekly columns run on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yelp and many others.  One guy by the name of Robert calls me every name in the book.  He harangues my columns and curses me with every sentence.  One guy from Mexico, “Comandante Pedro” promises to be easy on me when his friends take over California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.  He will spare my life if I apologize for defending America.

Over the past 20 years, I’ve interviewed on George Noory, Jeff Rense, Chuck Wilder, Mark Snider, Jeff Crouere, Kevin Burns, Ernest Hancock, Don Jefferies, Deanne Spagnola,  Zeb Bell,  Richard Carpenter, Bill Handel, Peter Boyle and dozens of national radio talk show hosts from New York to Los Angeles.  I interview once on NBC with Adam Schragger as to what America could expect if we add the projected 140 million more legal immigrants.  THAT interview rocked the audiences that saw it.  I hoped all Americans could see it, but NBC killed any further discussion.

In fact, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and even FOX won’t touch the subject of legal immigration overrunning America with another 140 million people.  In Mark Twain’s time, he called it “Silent Assertion” or the “Big Lie.”   And that lie has held solid for the last 50 years.  Even former Senator Teddy Kennedy’s “big lie” continues to manifest in fracturing this country. But the big corporations won’t allow anyone to give a dose of “facts” to the American public.  I’ve attempted to interview on 60 Minutes, JNPR, PBS, Meet the Press and Face the Nation—with the facts of what another 140 million people will do to this country.  Response: “Sorry, we can’t interview you.”

All the while, the immigrants pour into this country as if Hoover Dam broke wide open.  Over 4 million last year entered the USA either legally or illegally, and their birth rates.

And, amazingly, 500 mayors and city councils across America legalized border jumpers with total immunity in their “Sanctuary Cities.”  It’s almost beyond criminal that our own elected leaders in 500 cities chose to violate their oaths of office and the U.S. Constitution.  I can share with you that none of what they are doing will end up well for Americans.  If you read my last column on the book, BLIP by Christ Clugston, you understand that we cannot sustain the projected 440 million population by 2050.  We’re guaranteed to collapse from lack of metal-mineral resources.

But each week, writers from across the country email me:  “I only wish your articles were on front pages of New York Times , Washington Post and WSJ.”

This email should jolt you by a global airline pilot based in south Florida,  “Yesterday I needed some items and went to Costco in Pembroke Pines.  Sunday shoppers and crowded.  The sobering reality of the situation hit me like a ton of bricks.   Twenty years ago, I moved North from Miami to southwest Broward to escape the crime,  Latin, Haitian and Jamaican cultures that had overrun Miami.  Out of hundreds of shoppers I only saw one other American.  I passed her a couple times and we looked at each other making eye contact.  I could see it in her face.  The crowd in Costco went far beyond the typical Miami types.  Yes, it is was far more diverse with burkas on the women, Orientals, ethnic Africans with many children, Indian and islanders.  No whites.  I heard at least 10 languages and very little English spoken.

“Southeast Florida is lost.  None of these people are here to adopt our way of life.  At check-out, I was pulling out my money to pay and just about all in the other lines are paying with government plastic.   Fifty percent of my income is taken at threat of a gun and redistributed to these people.  Then the Communists in Congress tell me that there will be means testing for Social Security after they have given all the trust to these people who have never contributed to anything.   All of these refugees, evacuees, economic migrants and malcontents have their extended relatives hooked up on SSI with checks being sent all over the world to elders that have never even been in the country.

“All of this is by design and intentional.  At the top is the Rothschild’s City of London debt/slave East/India Co banking Cartel.   Wealth extraction has reached a climax as the .001% want it all.  USA is still the honey pot and the vermin and insects will keep coming because it is still better than the sewers, they have all come from.  With the dollar constantly being stomped on by the FED, Americans have seen a constant increase to maintain their American Standard and now we are seeing cities fail as the working wages can no longer support the standard.  This trend will continue and what is left will continue to be shared by all the newcomers.

“As an Airline Pilot, formerly TWA and now with the biggest carrier, my frame of reference goes back more than 30 years.  All the cities globally I layover have all suffered dramatic drops in living standards as the population explodes unabated.  London, Paris, Istanbul, Rome, Buenos Aries, Caracas, San Francisco, LA, Chicago and Miami to name a few.  It is no longer safe for a White American in any of these places.  I seldom leave the hotel any more as crews are frequently targeted.”

Do you think America and Americans will survive the next 140 million immigrants? Do you think America will remain viable, sustainable or intact as a culture, language and a quality of life country? Me? On the radio shows, I tell it like it is…I think our country is doomed if we continue importing immigrants until they outnumber us.

I hope “Comandante Pedro” goes easy on me when Mexico takes over the four border states.

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