Anyone who studies animal behavior can understand what’s going on today. Tearing down monuments, rioting on college campuses, shouting people down—it’s all a dominance display. It’s the Far Left showing us deplorables who’s boss. It’s intimidation. “It doesn’t matter who you elected president—we still run the country, and you’d better not forget it!” It’s the Alpha baboon strutting around and glaring at all the other baboons, daring them to make a move.

Leftids like to be obeyed. They feel entitled to it, and they get furious when obedience is withheld from them. We passed on Hillary, we passed on that pack of whimpering pygmies trotted out by the Republican establishment, and elected Donald Trump. The tantrum has been ongoing since Election Night.

Some of them saw it coming; and we should have seen their tantrum coming. In December, 2015, well before Trump had nailed down the GOP nomination, an ACLU board member in Denver took to Facebook to exhort his fellow leftids to murder Trump supporters. Because, he said, “they [meaning us] won’t listen to reason… When justice is gone, there’s always force.” His outburst, honest and heart-felt as it may have been, embarrassed his colleagues and he was forced to resign.

At least one loony leftid—and guess what, we’re back in Denver—took him at his word and tried to stab some poor devil he thought was “one of those neo-Nazis”. Apparently it was the guy’s haircut that set him off.

We shouldn’t be surprised. Six months ago, the Antifa brownshirts told Tucker Carlson exactly what they were going to do. “Antifa” is short for “anti-fascist,” a “fascist” being anyone, usually a Trump supporter, whom they think is a fascist. The wacko he interviewed heads a sub-group called “By Any Means Necessary,” including violence. The rightness of their noble cause, they believe, entitles them to physically attack anyone who dares to disagree with them.

Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg believed you could force people to do what you want by taxing their behavior. The problem with that, for leftids, is that they actually have to be in office before they can start throwing new taxes at the peasants. They lost that power in 2016, and it really frosts their buns. The beauty of a thing like Antifa, though, is that all you need is a gang of goons to immediately start teaching the deplorables a lesson. Nobody wants to get his head bashed in.

So we have these dominance displays. It’s Democrats, nooze media, and Antifa teaching everybody else that they’re going to run the country no matter who’s in the White House—and we’ll all know it when they finally take down the president that we had the gall to elect.

Even so, in the back of their minds—some of them, at least—is the thought that once you unleash the dogs of war, your enemy might unleash a pack of bigger, meaner dogs and that’ll be it for you.

Enter Science!

The utopian humanist dream of enforcing total obedience came a step closer to reality recently when a group of scientists announced that they could now remotely hack a brain and make its owner run, freeze in place, or lose control of his limbs whenever they pressed the right button. Okay, they’ve only done it to a mouse so far—but what’s the point of doing it to a mouse, unless you’re aiming at some way of being able to do it to humans?

This is what makes progressives drool. Imagine—no more trouble from the masses! No more disobedience! They’ll have to do what their masters want them to do, whether they like it or not, whether they believe in it or not—and all Chuck Schumer will need is a hand-held remote control unit. He won’t even have to get up off the couch to make some unenlightened serf do his bidding.

Leftism is ultimately a satanic project, and God forbid that we should see its goals achieved.

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