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I used to cover local school board meetings, as a reporter, back in the days when the State Dept. of Education and the State Commissioner of Education were new. People hadn’t yet learned what to expect from them.

But we soon learned.

By and by, the twenty-something babe from the department would come up from Trenton and recite to the board a multitude of things the state now commanded that they do. When board members had questions, she answered, “Tee-hee! You’re just confused because you don’t speak Education-ese.” You stupid peasant, you. An older board member commented, “This sounds like one of Stalin’s five-year plans.” He got two “tee-hees” for that. And a “Don’t be so nervous, it’s all going to work out just fine!”

If your state has a state department of education, you have one department of education too many. And this was before we got a federal Dept. of Education.

The state of Illinois’ education commissars have a group called the “Affirming and Inclusive Schools Task Force,” which is one task force too many. It has issued a report: “Strengthening Inclusiveness in Illinois Schools”. Its recommendations are meant to apply to all schools, all the time, from preschool through Grade 12.

To list just a few of these asinine proposals: no more prom queens or kings; no more “gender language,” like “boys and girls”—absolutely forbidden; all school activities to be gender-neutral (can they still play football? Or only if the girls play, too?); gender-neutral dress code, whatever that might be; all bathrooms and locker rooms open to anyone who wants to stroll in; and—this is the kicker—

Only involve parents “as appropriate.” Translation: “Never.”

Meanwhile, up in Wisconsin, the Madison Metro School District teachers’ union has demanded—yes, demanded—the right of “transgender educators” to share bathrooms with the kiddies. Uh, does anybody still think teachers’ unions ought to be allowed? In Chicago the teachers’ union sends members on junkets to Venezuela so they can learn first-hand how to trash a country. You pay for those little trips, by the way.

Public education is the all-time dirty deal: a sucker deal of monumental proportions.

The only thing “public” about it is, the public has to pay for it. And oh, how we pay! Six-figure salaries, cushy pensions, early retirement—not to mention all sorts of bizarre programs and experiments, with the children as lab rats. To this day, no one has dared to calculate the total cost of a year’s public schooling in America. How much do you suppose it cost to produce “Strengthening Inclusiveness in Illinois Schools”? Don’t ask!

And what do we get for those billions, maybe even trillions, of dollars? We get “gender fluid”! We get a “transgender” movement that’s sweeping through the whole public education establishment like a wildfire—with plenty of eager arsonists torching the underbrush. They’re pushing it like their very lives depended on it. And, at the same time, teaching children that their United States of America is a racist hell-hole whose only reason for being was the spread of slavery—but that’s another scandal.

You pay, and pay, and pay some more. You get no say in who teaches, you get no say in what is taught, your elected school board is powerless to protect you—and your children—from state and federal bureaucrats whose only purpose in life seems to be to train up children to be as cracked as they are. You have no say in any of it. You have no ownership. It’s more like they own you.

And you still don’t pull your children out of there?

That’s the part that’s simply inexplicable.

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