Many people walk around believing that leftist media personalities, leftists Democrats, RINO Republicans and leftists in the academic fields are not literally seeking to literally destroy the United States.  I pray for their ability to grow mentally and face reality. To be honest with you, the variety of efforts to exterminate our republic are so numerous.  But I will focus on a few major ones due to the limited space allotted for this column.  Though I am tempted to begin with obvious participants in the massive battle against our exceptional republic, it is most fitting to start among the ranks of “We the People.”  Sometimes when battle lines are drawn, there are those who shoot themselves in the foot.  Or they simply are not an asset either unwittingly or on purpose.

On both sides of the political battle lines, there are those declaring they are fighting for freedom and justice.  However, I am compelled to ask, “freedom to do what”?  We may have often times heard or read about the leftists declaring they are fighting for freedom. That concerns me because the leftist pursuit of freedom presents either danger or major inconvenience for others.  When thousands of left leaning Muslims decide to kneel on little prayer rugs in the middle of New York City to bump their foreheads, they say that they are free to do so.  But the problem is, those Muslims are obstructing the freedom of their more numerous non Muslim neighbors to freely drive or walk down the street they freely blocked up with their bullying presence.

The fact that the abusive Muslims are never arrested or reprimanded for preventing the free passage of their neighbors is even much more than disappointing.  Far too many American students experience the most deplorable education or indoctrination among almost all of the nations of the earth.  In fact, the quality of American government school education/indoctrination is far below that of nations like Ghana and India.  Unfortunately, when students are given a bad education/indoctrination void of any proper moral instruction, the results are far too often most devastating.

There are those on the battle line side of indoctrinating, rather than properly educating students about the results of their actions. As a result, they have produced more than one generation of Americans who believe they have the freedom to ruin life for others.  The street blocking Muslims of Queens New York are a perfect example.  In the commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Grace Brown, a 20 year old operating under a retarded interpretation of freedom, urinated on a bin of potatoes in a Pennsylvania Walmart.  Days later the misguided female turned herself in to authorities after a surveillance video of her nasty deed her performing the putrid act.

Leftist democrats like Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and numerous others are so indoctrinated in leftist dogma, that they believe they are free to literally destroy our republic.  They along with all true leftists long ago decided to battle to the very end to rule over you and I from cradle to grave.  That is why Uncle Joe Biden and his fellow comrades only propose plans to literally crush our economy to dust.  Among those the things Biden wants to do is get rid of all the Trump tax cuts.  On top of that Biden, and Elizabeth Warren hope to do away with your private medical plans once and for all.  The main reason is so they can be free to force you and I to live according to their Cloward and Piven Strategy inspired dictates.

“We the People” can no longer sit idly by and allow those in government and the leftist media freely have their way wish us through dictates, misinformation or both.  The Republic we save may be our own.  Just know that the battle lines have been drawn and it is our duty stand up and fight for life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  My fellow Americans, let us together make sure those who seek to make the United States over into their unholy image of depravity, despair and doom.  God bless you, God bless America and may America bless God.  Don’t miss a page from The Edwards Notebook commentary now heard on hundreds of radio stations throughout America.

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