It has often been called the “Book of all Books,” the Bible holds a very unique place in American history, popular culture, politics and of course religion.  Unfortunately, though, in society today, biblical and American history illiteracy has been so prevalent that when President Ronald Reagan spoke so eloquently of a “shining city on a hill,” very few Americans realized that the Gipper was referring to a sermon given by John Winthrop, the first governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, in 1630, which was based on the words of Jesus Christ in Mathew chapter five.  When people hear Martin Luther King Jr.’s timelessly magnificent “I have a dream” speech, most do not recognize its numerous biblical allusions and quotes.  Nevertheless, the transforming power of the Word of God remains to impact lives everywhere.

The illustrious words written in God’s holy book has mightily impacted so many of those who have had a lasting positive impact on our republic.  The list of historic luminaries partially listed in The American Patriots Bible, is almost endless.  But here are a few of those famous men and women who loved both our Heavenly Father and our republic and left an indelible mark for God on the fabric of our beloved republic.

Francis Scott Key, Author of “The Star Spangled Banner,” stated, The patriot who feels himself in the service of God, who acknowledges Him in all his ways, has the promise of Almighty direction, and will find His Word in his greatest darkness, “a lantern to his feet unto his paths.”  He will therefore seek to establish for his country in the eyes of the world, such a character as shall make her not unworthy of the name of a Christian nation.

It was Robert E. Lee, General of the Confederate Army noted, “In all my perplexities and distresses, the Bible has never failed to give me light and strength.

Chuck Colson, Founder of Prison Fellowship and radio commentator said, “The most remarkable thing, though, is the difference Scripture makes in the lives of those who sincerely follow it.  I’ve never heard anyone who said, “I’ve studied the Bible; I’ve lived it for years—and it doesn’t work for me.” The people I’ve talked to say that the more they truly absorb Scripture and seek to live by it’s precepts, they find God is able to accomplish amazing things for His purposes through their lives.

Statesman, Inventor, and Scientist Benjamin Franklin told his contemporaries, A Bible and a newspaper in every house, a good school in every district—-all studied and appreciated as they merit—-are the principal support of virtue, morality, and civil liberty.

It was Writer and Social Reformer Helen Keller who stated: Unless we form the habit of going to the Bible in bright moments as well as in trouble, we cannot fully respond to its consolations because we lack equilibrium between light and darkness.

Prolific patriot, Revolutionary Leader and orator, Patrick Henry noted:  The Bible is worth all the other books which have ever been printed.

People throughout America and the world often tried to figure out the secret to the pure genius of renowned scientist George Washington Carver. He was not at all shy about sharing his secret.  The secret of my success?  It is simple.  It is found in the Bible, “In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy paths.”

Actor Charlton Heston once said, “To call the Bible a great book is an understatement.  It is, quite simply the cornerstone of Western civilization.”

The debate about whether the Bible should be more prominently utilized in society rages on.  On one side, the leftists continue their war against everything that even hints at a higher moral standing, the recognition of our sovereign God and His Providential guidance.  Then there are those who recognize the worthiness of seeking the true and ling God through his Son Jesus Christ.  Many are completely aware of the numerous examples of God’s merciful intervention into the events of this great republic from it’s very inception.  Our first president, George Washington warned of the societal calamities if America were to reject the blessings of God’s guidance, wisdom and even correction when needed.

Nowhere is the result of rejecting God and His principles more apparent than in American government schools.  God was resoundingly booted out and soon after, what was the number one school system in the world became an intellectual cesspool of indoctrination against everything that is good, righteous and even patriotic.  Like my Dad told me decades ago, what is taught to one generation defines the direction that nation will take in the next.  It is now time to reinstate teaching what is right to American students, so that our republic can be resurrected as that shining city on a hill nation as described by Ronald Reagan years ago.  If America refuses to invite God back into our nation, then I can promise you, she will not be great again.  Please choose and choose wisely.  God bless you, God bless America and may America bless God.  Don’t the Ron Edwards Experience Fridays at 1:00 PM PST  4:00 PM EST on KCKQ AM 1180 Reno, Nevada,  and also nightly on at 9:00 PM EST, 6:00 PM PST

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