The horrendous situation in Venezuela is the result of a nation of people being hoodwinked by the government and indoctrinated in government schools.  It is the same pattern that has been in motion since of the days of one of the original leftist bigots, John Dewey.  Mr. Dewey and many others like him hated the concept of liberty for everyone and unalienable rights which come from God.  The leftists are the harbingers of all the forms of oppression they could conjure up.  The many varieties of oppression range from brutal physical oppression.  The number of ways devised by leftists to bring about oppression is greater than the Heinz 57 varieties.

Whether it is slavery, eugenics, racism, Jim Crow, the Ku Klux Klan, the ongoing assault on our God given right of self-protection, the “I’m the boss” AOC type want to control you from birth to death.  They want to take guns only from law abiding sovereign citizens.  But leave criminals who invade our republic illegally alone. To do whatever they want to whoever or whatever.  That is why the socialist democrats are hoping to get into position so that they can defund ICE.  Officially, the Democrats support illegals, but disdain you and I who were born in and want to reestablish Constitutional influenced law in our republic.

Quite often, certain people like to say that Trump does not understand federal laws.  We had been governed by so called experts for decades. As a result, our nation was on the brink of economic and sovereign death after the experts and their fearful leader Obama nearly gave our nation over to the will of our enemies, both external and internal.  When it comes to foreign affairs, our government has been mostly unwise, with very few examples of good decisions.  Take Venezuela for example, there is no logical reason on God’s partially green earth, that one of the wealthiest countries around in our hemisphere is now one of the poorest.  To add insult to injury, Venezuela represents a clear and present danger.  She is now a satellite of Cuba, in hock to China, aligned with Russia. On top of that,  thousands of Iranian and Cuban fighters are there to do battle, if the United States tries to physically free the Venezuelan people from their iron grip.

Personally, I believe it was retarded and almost suicidal when Obama was voted into office.  But even before him, the seeds of the madness going on in Venezuela had already been sown.  Ronald Reagan warned that the United States should deal with adversaries from a position of strength.  He understood that enemies other than suicidal Islamic terrorists would tread more lightly against America if they knew we were powerful and willing to protect our interests.  But unfortunately, for decades, the United States government refused to protect our own borders.  If you are unwilling to protect you own borders, land, etc. your enemies will eventually perceive that they can get away with encroaching against you.  That is exactly why Russia has constructed a military base near Venezuela, Cube runs the place, China swaggers around acting like it owns the place and thousands of Islamic militants are there to be troublesome.

If America doesn’t act in some way, we will live to regret allowing such madness to fester in this hemisphere.  The question remains, to militarily intervene or not.  President Trump has threatened to tighten sanctions on Venezuela, but that may be ineffective because that nation has already self destructed economically.  What remains is being subsidized by Chinese loans.  If there was any fear of the United States or a shred of decency, the Venezuelan regime would not be blocking international humanitarian aid for the starving people.  Deadly clashes between the abused Venezuelans and government soldiers is yet another striking example of the how low leftists everywhere will go to bring arm to the people they desperately want to have complete control over.

I am normally not in favor of the United States getting entangled in foreign affairs.  But in the case of the situation brewing in our hemisphere in Venezuela, there may not be any other choice.  Five Americans are being held hostage. Cuba is entrenched and in the driver’s seat and is very adept at out witting the United States in such matters when it comes to preventing the United States from bringing freedom to oppressed people.  Cuba remains a thorn in the side communist hell hole in our hemisphere where people live blow the level of most suburban dogs in our own nation.  Venezuelan dictator Madura does not care what the USA says, because he views sees her as a paper tiger unwilling and unable to end his horrendous reign of terror. With China, Russia, Iran and Cuba aligned with him, it is easy to understand why he is so cocky.  I say the time is now to bring Madura’s brutish hell on earth to a non-ceremonial close.

Do you agree with me that the United States should free our fellow Americans and the people of Venezuela?  Or simply allow Russia, China, Iran and Cuba to once again have their way in our hemisphere?  Let me know via  Also, don’t miss a page from The Edwards Notebook radio commentary during Captain’s America Third Watch overnight talk show.  Enjoy the Ron Edwards Experience talk show every Friday at 4:00 PM EST, 1:00 PM PT emanating from flagship station KCKQ AM 1180 Reno, Nevada, and Spreaker and 12:00 AM Sundays via the Radio Network.  Check out our loyal advertising partners David E. Garrett Jewelers @ and  the social media site that won’t deny your right to fully express yourself.

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