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Does it make any sense that, during a war that has already taken more than 700,000 American lives, the American people would abandon one of the best weapons of self-defense? That’s the case with America versus the China virus. Many are still scared of the vaccines and dying because of that fear.

Equally significant, those who refuse to defend themselves with life-saving vaccines are mostly in the Republican Party, usually considered to have a superior position on national security. It is one of the most mind-boggling developments I have witnessed in my 40 years in Washington, D.C. as a journalist covering conservative and Republican politics.

In the article, “How Conservatives Must Respond to China and the Virus,” Professor Renato Cristin argues that we must understand the Chinese origin of the virus because of its geostrategic implications.

People who claim the vaccines are more dangerous than the virus are not only scientifically wrong but helping China escape blame for the deaths of millions, They need to revisit history, when General George Washington, in another war, ordered the Revolutionary Army to get inoculated against smallpox. This decision helped turn the tide against the British.

Personally, I have never been totally pro-vaccine. I ran the Committee to Protect Medical Freedom and held a national news conference opposing a mandatory HIV/AIDS vaccine. That vaccine was not needed because changes in lifestyle were sufficient to avoid the dangerous virus, contracted mostly through intimate sexual contact and intravenous drug use. The HIV/AIDS vaccine was a pet project of Dr. Anthony Fauci but it was never developed because none of the vaccine candidates produced antibodies against HIV.

The difference in the case of the SARS-CoV-2 virus released by China is that you cannot avoid the disease through basic lifestyle choices. The virus is very contagious. In this case, thanks to the leadership of President Trump, a new vaccine technology called mRNA was used and has been shown to be effective in creating antibodies. Ordinary people exposed to the virus can be protected by simply taking the shots and the booster.

Even the Democratic Attorney Generals Association admits, “The COVID-19 vaccines are a massive scientific achievement. It’s remarkable that we were able to develop three safe and effective vaccines so quickly…” Of course, they don’t give Trump any credit for this.

In my view, the Trump “Warp Speed” vaccines are miracles. They were made possible by a refugee from communist Hungary, a scientist by the name of Katalin Karikó.

These miracles are still being made in the fight against the virus. But some Christians are refusing to avail themselves of them.

In terms of what is called the “End Times,” in which the state of Israel figures into Bible prophecy, it is significant that Israel has moved ahead with the vaccines and the vaccine boosters from a company, Pfizer, whose CEO Albert Bourla, is the Greek-born son of Holocaust survivors.

In the largest real-world study of COVID-19 vaccine safety, based on more than 2 million Israelis, “Findings show that the vaccine is safe, while coronavirus infection is associated with numerous serious adverse events.”

Sadly, it’s too late to give the results from Israel to the conservative talk show hosts, including Phil Valentine and Marc Bernier, who were skeptical of the vaccine, got COVID, and died.

At the same time, Israel has recognized that the dangerous virushas re-emerged in people already vaccinated because of waning immunity, and has authorized millions of booster shots.  This is America’s future as well.

I got my booster shot on Friday. I consider it not only a way to save lives but a message to the Chinese Communist dictatorship that is killing Americans.

However, the kind of “green pass” based on vaccination status used in Israel to reopen the economy and let people return to a normal life faces opposition here.

Appearing on Mike Lindell’s “Frank Speech” channel, for example, Brannon Howse claimed that the vaccine is laying the groundwork for the “Mark of the Beast” and the emergence of the anti-Christ predicted in the Bible.He will undoubtedly attack an internal COVID-19 vaccine passport like the Israeli green pass as the actual “Mark of the Beast” and scare even more people away from the life-saving vaccines.

Lindell has made the same ludicrous claim. But that didn’t stop his induction into the Christian “Hall of Fame” at an October 9 event.

It’s because of the impact of this kind of apocalyptic nonsense that I have become a reluctant supporter of life-saving vaccine mandates.

As Americans and Christians, we have an obligation to save lives and save our nation. We are at war. We have to win it.

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