Part 1

America is being led into a cesspool of deviancy and America’s pastors remain largely silent. For those of us who have been calling attention to the rank immorality that daily seems to increasingly encroach upon the shores of common sense and moral sensibleness, this is not surprising.

Few pastors said a word when contemplative prayer, labyrinth walking, yoga, word faith heresy, and many other misguided and unbiblical practices were introduced into the church by goats masquerading as sheep. While these things demonstrate a tragic departure from the faith once for all delivered to the saints, today we are facing a full on frontal assault from our politicians.

President Obama, who demonstrated a spirit of antichrist, lobbied for men utilizing women’s bathrooms and threatened our public schools with loss of funding if they did not allow boys to shower with girls.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch threatened of fines and jail time in a blatant attempt to make sure Obama’s evil and unconstitutional demands appeared legitimate.

Where are America’s pastors? The progressive Marxists among us aided by the progressive Marxist media have rendered most pastors deaf mutes for fear of being labeled as a hater or racist or homophobe. Friends it is time that Christians throw off the shackles of political correctness and stand strong in the power of God and deliver this message: “No more, no more, no more! We will not silently stand by and watch our nation be torn apart by people who hate America. We will not stand by and allow morally depraved people to have their way with our children. We will not be afraid of what any President or any other evil tyrant says or threatens to do. God will reign and He will rule in our hearts and minds and therefore we will not fear any man or the consequences of our stand!”

It is the “eleventh hour” in America friends. Will you don the spiritual armor of God and stand firm against the encroaching evil? Will you encourage your Christian brothers and sisters to join you in this battle? Please encourage other believers to find a church that is true to the gospel and is not compromised by an end times Babylonianism.  This means finding a church that is not characterized by compromise, pandering to the pagan culture, or that rejects the Bible as our guide for righteous and holy living, the very Word of God.

This article is the first in a five-part series looking at the subject of the Church and its mission today. The intent is to encourage you as well as to help you identify a body of believers who is being the church as God intended.

God bless you today as you seek Him.

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