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Americans have all kinds of ideas as to what the collapse of the nation would look like. Since Americans have yet to experience the real thing–only peripheral crashes and crises, they are under the delusion that a collapse would be an overnight affair, like it would be if pictured in a Hollywood production. Historically, this is not how it has worked. The collapse of empires(and ours is one) is a process, not an event, and we are in the process of collapsing now.
Yes, there are moments or intervals of shock or scariness resulting from manipulated downturns, and all our noteworthy downturns have been manipulated. Such was the case with the Great Depression and the major downturn of 2008, both of which resulted in the system being propped up artificially, like a boxer being administered to with smelling salts between rounds, only to take more punishment later. There are lesser ups and downs, or hiccups, in the capitalist economic order of things resulting from changes in the economic variables, which iron themselves out or adjust themselves naturally if not interfered with too much by the powers-that-be. However, the long term trend is for the American system to collapse in up-and-down fits as improvements in economic conditions are followed by downturns which are sharper than the preceding upturns. This is the opposite of what we are always led to believe or assume. If everything seems to be going reasonably well, people expect that the System will continue to pump out prosperity, and warning signs are not heeded. Most people think the Government knows what it is doing, and will save us from ourselves, no matter how we fail to live within our means individually and nationally, and no matter what negative signs and developments are extant. For example, many economists predicted the credit crisis and derivatives crash of 2008 but no one listened until it was too late.
Americans’ normalcy bias took control and pushed aside any logical reasoning or facts indicating a crisis was coming. Of course, the power of the sheeple to reason has been gradually whittled down by an increasingly ineffective educational system and the emotionalism and quick-fix mentality that replaced rationality and which is associated with the Cultural Communist indoctrination that is pervasive in the liberal-dominated blue state areas of the country. The ongoing drug epidemic, especially the opioids and marijuana manias that have mainly affected the middle classes in recent years, is a major factor in inducing lackadaisical attitudes in that portion of the citizenry that our system relies upon to be civically active so as to maintain economic and social stability.
There are several factors that cause mass blindness to economic and social realities. First and foremost, establishment elites deliberately create the illusion of prosperity by manipulating economic data and statistics to show progress where there is none. It’s the old story of statistics lying as liars figure out how to falsify figures. In almost every case of economic crisis or geopolitical disaster, the public is conditioned to believe they are in the midst of a financial or economic boom or an era of relative “peace”, and the media will cooperate with just enough “feel-good” stories to sufficiently offset their “meat and potatoes” gloom and doom scenarios. The public is encouraged to ignore fundamental warning signs in favor of foolish faith in the System. Those who try to break the apathy, call attention to the pollyanna or utopian mindset, expose the truth and reveal the manipulation going on behind the scenes are deemed doom mongers, “conspiracy theorists”, security threats, terrorists, or fascists.
Crash events are like stages in the process of collapse; they create moments of clarity for the otherwise blind. They are engineered to benefit the establishment. While the elites keep the system going through spewing false optimism and keeping the public ignorant and apathetic, at the same time they are using crash events as tools or means to the nefarious end of creating panic so they can rebuild and mutate the system into something more to their liking–and into something unrecognizable only decades ago. Each consecutive crash further weakens the society and contributes to the continuing deterioration of the overall structure, until eventually the society we grew up with is barely a distant memory and seen only in photographs and nostalgia magazines.
The deterioration process is taking a long time, and we’ve been subject to the ongoing manipulations for well over a century now. Right now the “bull market” in stocks is being perpetuated to make it appear all is well and getting better. Of course, that perception is just so much “bull”.
The same people who were pointing out the economic bubble under Obama are now denying its existence under Trump. People in the freedom and nationalist movements who have some conception of how bad things are getting are now so imbued with the idea that Trump can single-handedly turn things around that they worship him as a white hero on a white horse. Because of the positive actions taken by Trump(and he needs to take many more and reverse a few bad decisions), the elites and psychopaths who are giving him such a difficult time will double down on their efforts to turn things in their favor, such that they will bring the country completely down or leave it on its last legs by engineering a really serious crisis. Think of yet another “controlled demolition”.
Whether it was intentional or not, and whether he realizes it or not, the elites have a highly useful political puppet in the form of Donald Trump. He is useful to the elites in that he inspires sharp national divisions as a self-proclaimed champion of conservatism and civic nationalism, which are stances that are increasingly like waving a red cape in front of the liberal bulldogs and media-indoctrinated sheeple and that only serve to harden their opposition to him.
If the elites do not trigger a crash under Trump, that will give the public the idea that conservative ideals and national sovereignty work. This is the opposite of what the elites want, so expect the engineered collapse when positive expectations are peaking. The skids have been greased for the coming collapse in many ways.
The basic economic fundamentals are continuing their plunge. Inflation and unemployment are much worse than reported by the media and the Government; the decline in US manufacturing continues; there are massive closures and bankruptcies in the retail sector; all time highs are being reached in consumer debt, corporate debt, and the national debt; racial tensions continue to be exacerbated by the media; the foreign invasion continues albeit at a reduced pace; American workers continue to be displaced by foreigners; and the fact that the FED’s repo market purchases are barely keeping up with demand from liquidity starved corporations, are all being shrugged off as inconsequential while the country is distracted by Congressional circuses in the vein of Trump Derangement Syndrome.
The question now becomes: Will the crash occur before or after the 2020 election? We can gain some sense of timing from the public admissions of globalist organizations such as the IMF and the UN. They have announced the year 2030 as a target date for the finalization of globalization, a cashless society, and reaching their sustainability goals. This means the elites have about 10 years to create a crisis and then “solve” that crisis with globalism. Ten years is a narrow window, and if the elites intend for conservatives to take the blame for the next crash, they will have to initiate it soon. They may not have a choice, as the chain of dominoes could fall at any time, hastened by the FED’s liquidity tightening policies started in 2018.
The next crash event will create massive poverty, especially among the large segment of retirees relying on social security alone for their sustenance and those who stopped looking for work after the 2008 debacle. The latter are not reflected in the unemployment statistics, which would raise the unemployment figure to around 20% for those unemployed and underemployed. The atmosphere of anxiety and fear engendered by the crash event will make the public more malleable and easier to control than ever. This will open the door to significant political and social change, leading to much more centralization and less freedom. At that point, the erasure of the Historic American Nation as we have known it will have been completed.
Make no mistake, we are living in the midst of an epoch moment. We have to anticipate and prepare for the outcome of the collapse. This is the task of the aware and responsible individuals who can take drastic and effective action now.
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