By Sidney Secular

November 16, 2021

We inch closer and closer to the day when it will be illegal to arrest blacks for any criminal act. Why? Because all blacks are perpetual victims. They are victims in the present. They are victims in the past. Their ancestors were victims as will be their descendants in perpetuity. Indeed, so much guilt accrues from the treatment of blacks from Eden to Eternity that there is simply no way the rest of humanity can make responsible any black for the commission of any act– even against other blacks! Indeed, even this guilt falls upon the Oppressors because obviously had they not oppressed this wonderful race, none of these crimes would have occurred!

Worse,we rapidly approach a time when the country will be called upon to pay blacks a monetary stipend to prevent them from committing crimes! Of course, when they do anyway – and they will! – it will still be paid because it is always considered someone else’s fault! At least this is the belief by many that as anyone with a trace of black blood has been conditioned to believe themselves “entitled,” it becomes necessary to act accordingly to avoid social catastrophe. They are entitled to reparations and they are entitled to behave as they wish regardless of the damage that they do to themselves and others! In fact, they are entitled to make the rules and because of this unassailable situation, many whites order DNA testing kits hoping to reveal a trace of this genetic marker derived from some ancient African“ancestor!” Of course, once validated as “black,” these lucky “not-too-whites” will both avoid the stigma of “oppressor” and cash in on black-directed GovMint largesse that will continue to balloon until the balloon goes up on a revolution to stop this nonsense. These brainless white libbers imagine that they are leading mankind down the yellow brick road to a racially pure utopia but, in fact,they have put us on a road to a very bad end.

Recently, the city of Philadelphia banned police from making traffic stops for minor violations because blacks are,by far, the greatest violators despite constituting approximately 44% of Philadelphia’s motorists! Of course, this should come as no surprise since blacks, at 13.4% of the population, presently make up over 50% of those who commit the heinous crime of murder! But the fact is that blacks are always given a pass when the situation can no longer be hidden or, in the alternative, when they get too many “black marks” for their behavior to be countenanced. Perhaps we should be concerned about the day that police are forbidden to investigate murders given the percentage of blacks involved in that crime!

The new group Advance Peace Fresno (APF) has a $1.8 million budget derived from city, state, and non-profit sources with the express purpose of paying blacks to not commit crimes, especially gang-related violence. Advocates say the blackmail or “black male” stipends are important to keep the participants from falling back into their “ack-ack” ways. The “logic” (if one can use that word in this context!) justifying this extraordinary insanity is the ridiculous belief that those involved never received “allowances” during their eternal period of“childhood” and that somehow these stipends will make up for their lack of civilizing nurture, thus making them feel worthy. It is rather like the reparations for which they continually clamor believing that receipt of same will prove that their life failures are somebody else’s fault. The APF folks believe that by receiving unearned money without the normal conditions involved in the transfer of wealth, these blacks are proved to be“mature.” Using that “logic,” robbery is a sign of maturity and forcing whites to recompense blacks for nameless and non-existent“oppression” creates “equity”and “equality.” So, according to the culture, innocent people must mollycoddle criminals who “feel deprived” lest their “deprivation” leads to further unlawful behavior for which, of course, they are not really to blame – yada, yada, yada & etc.

The other leftist meme or corollary to this socialist – and stupid – way of thinking is the belief that being poor creates the need or impulse to do drugs and otherwise get involved in destructive behavior such as committing crimes. This is,more often than not the case, with blacks. However,that same statement cannot be said by the left with respect to other groups even if they suffer from poverty. Now, there is a reason for this. Many largely white poor rural areas do not have higher crime rates than the rates found in wealthier areas. Indeed, it was noteworthy news some years ago – when such things could be publicly disseminated! – that the statistically poorest town in America was nearly all white and had almost no crime. It was once commonplace in rural areas, poor and otherwise, that doors and windows were left unlocked since robberies and home invasions were virtually unknown. In our modern multicultural society, trust evaporates proportionately to the degree of the heterogeneity of the population – that is, its ethnic, religious and most especially racial makeup.

As well, it is generally the case that when large numbers of blacks move into an area, other racial groups and especially whites, move out. This is called “white flight.” Excuses are given such as the need to have better schools or go where taxes are lower instead of identifying the exodus as based on the natural need to be around those to whom one feels closer racially or culturally. However, it is also admitted – quietly, of course – that any influx of blacks seriously debases the community at all levels. For some reason, black anti-social behavior is blamed on whites discriminating against them, whereas the whites simply wish to live in a civilized society and not be victims of ongoing black criminality. Hence, “white flight.”

Jason Corburn, a Berkeley, UC professor justifies the Advance Peace Fresno program by stating that over an 18 month period, $20, 000 was spent to keep 40 blacks from shooting each other. He estimates that 20 to 50 shootings were prevented that way. However, the blackmail would have to be continued indefinitely to see if it really worked! This is simply not economically feasible, especially as the number of perps who required such economic maintenance would naturally continue to grow. There are 25,000 gang members in Fresno. What happens if they all demand money to keep from participating in their normal behavior? Can you imagine how quickly larger urban areas would be bankrupted by employing such a program and can you also imagine how long it would be before the amount involved, however great, would prove insufficient to restrain their natural way of life? Logic was never a strong suit of ivory tower leftist intellectuals.

There’s a much easier and more logical way to stop the shootings. Just get serious about responding to the menace of gangs.Arrest gang leaders and put them away for long prison terms. Outlawing them altogether would solve or at least to some extent, alleviate the problem. There’s no reason to tolerate them as gangs are not fraternal groups that represent various well-intentioned behavioral goals but, rather, they are the stimulus for much of urban and even suburban crime. Such a program would lighten the judicial caseload and would allow for getting rid of the plea bargains that plague a judicial system often, itself, on trial. As well, it would lessen the opportunities for many felons to perpetuate their criminal activities and influences.

Such a response would also lead a campaign to stop “de-criminalizing” lesser violations because there is often a very fine line between minor and major crimes! Usually, such distinctions serve as an excuse to let blacks off the hook enabling them to return to their criminal activities. For the fact is, lesser crimes usually lead to more serious crimes especially if they are not punished! Not punishing a criminal for a lesser crime not only leads to more crime, but poisons the public’s perception of the police,feeding into anti-police propaganda and lessening respect for law and order. The thin blue line will get even thinner if the police are not properly supported and funded and, worst of all, it leads to good cops quitting the force and leaving behind those whose behavior justifies all the anti-police propaganda!

Victims of crime, no matter their background, income, or political affiliation are supposed to be protected. Criminals, no matter who they are, are supposed to face the consequences of breaking the law. Today, the scales of justice are out of balance and weighed down against the politically unfashionable. The rise of Soros’ and Bloomberg’s “progressive” prosecutors pose one of the greatest threats to the rule of law. These legal ideologues have seized control of district and states attorney’s offices all over the country virtually putting an end to the true “rule of law.” In many major cities, they absolutely refuse to charge minority criminals with entire categories of misdemeanors including petty crime, shoplifting and vagrancy. In Chicago, theft under $1,000 goes unaddressed and as a result, this class of crime has risen exponentially. In Philadelphia, drunk drivers and some burglars are released without bail. In Baltimore, the “Baltimoronic” States’ Attorney, Marilyn Mosby, already steeped in unethical political dealings, declared that the war on drugs “over” in the midst of the deadliest drug crisis in the history of that city. In a way, however, she is right! Once one side surrenders, a war is indeed “over.”

This is another example in which once the blacks engage in criminal behavior to a degree that can neither be hidden nor ignored, the matter is “solved” by letting the criminals go unpunished or, in the alternative, pardoned for their excesses! This tactic results in a new downward trajectory of “acceptable community standards,” a spiral that can go lower virtually in perpetuity. In Los Angeles, the Soros’ supported District Attorney – who is fond of releasing convicts from prison indiscriminately – has stopped enforcing laws against disturbing the peace, resisting arrest and making criminal threats against citizens. These DAs render their cities “dead on their arrival” in their work with woke mayors in legalizing disorder. Democrat mayors everywhere have de-prioritized enforcement of quality-of-life laws by hamstringing law enforcement to the point at which either fewer arrests are made or good police officers simply quit. Tens of millions of decent Americans suffer the daily indignities of having their property vandalized and/or stolen while having to walk on needle strewn, excrement covered sidewalks, all thewhile being denied safe access to parks and public places paid for by their tax dollars.

The quality of life is further lowered by virtue of such things as ignored noise complaints! Why? Because pulsating and pounding bass-based rap-crap is not considered noise but rather, it is now part of the new norm in community standards and popular music! Also unaddressed are property damage and drug dealing accompanied by wayward shots that injure and kill innocent bystanders. These intolerable conditions heat up the urban pressure cooker, frustrating people and, in some cases,making them prone to criminal acts themselves. Anti-enforcement policies only cause insecurity and result in more crime,often from people who otherwise would remain law abiding.

The opposite approach to “quality-of-life” crimes – that is where they are properly punished – would demonstrate that the authorities are serious about protecting citizens and put a damper on the escalation of minor crimes that eventually evolve into major ones. This approach, dubbed “broken windows”, is invariably successful in reducing crime. Punishment proportionate to the offense is a necessary first step in reducing the crime rate. Yet, the apparently demon-driven Senate Democrats have unleashed a flood of proposed legislation aimed at retroactively reducing the sentences of gang members, crack cocaine dealers, and fentanyl traffickers. These ideas are unfathomable under any circumstances but are even more so in the midst of the worst drug crisis and urban murder surge in American history. Our legal system is infected with a metastasizing cancer of political correctness and racially motivated prosecutions – or rather, lack there of – that are poisoning America’s trust in the justice system. The obviously overblown response to the so-called J6 “insurrection” and the extremely barbaric treatment of the arrested protesters – none of whom was part of what actually was illegal! –is as unworthy of American “justice” as letting BLM and Antifa get away with their truly insurrectionist activities in 2020. These continue in Portland and nothing is being done about it. If this situation is not brought under control,a repressive and oppressive Communist dictatorship is sure to follow. After all, who will be able to stop it? Certainly, not our justice system .

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