I’m continually amazed how God arranges to have material fall into my lap at just the right time. Within minutes after I forwarded my last article to NewsWithViews for posting, I opened up my May 6, 2019 NEW AMERICAN magazine and there was the title to this article advertizing a book called PRUDENT JURISPRUDENCE by William D. Graves, a former judge and legislator who collected articles explaining how the Constitution is being illegally undermined, and delineating principles of American jurisprudence which I’m sure will not come as a surprise to the folks who endeavor to self-educate as Ron Vrooman has done since he discovered Oregon has not had a Constitutional Republic since November 8, 1910 when Article VII Amended our Constitution without one vote being counted in any county. It was done by Republican Governor Frank W. Benson who also served as Secretary of State at the same time- a Constitutional impossibility. Way back then we were electing unprincipled leaders already. [YouTube Video] After watching this short you tube, get in, sit down and enjoy the ride and may God Bless.

I recommend every family in Oregon should have on their library shelves the CURRENT Blue Book filled with history about Oregon plus names of all elected officials and their background and the Bill of Rights. In my current Blue Book there is an Article VII (amended), the Judicial Branch and Article VII (original) which has caused the problems in Oregon since November 8, 1910. The Judicial Branch. The Blue Book is available from the Secretary of State for $20 plus about $5.00 postage.  Phone 503-986-1523.

I’ve come to the conclusion we, the people, are not familiar enough with our elected officials to even allow us to vote intelligently.  I watched what I considered to be a conservative cousin at a family reunion a few years ago confront the liberals from another part of the state.  As his message to me follows, he seemed unafraid to speak up. While trying to get this guy eight years younger than myself to become educated and involved in his local government, he wrote: ” I don’t give a crap what you think of me and my politics. I have yet to meet one that is honest, Republican, Democrat, Independent, Socialist, or whatever, including President Trump. I have missed voting and try to vote for the person that is the best for America. I voted for Trump, because I had no other choice. You are so narrow minded that you accuse me of following the media… Voting for just the GOP, is as bad as voting straight Democrat. I’ll live my life the way I want to and don’t need you to tell me how to live! Good Bye.” I never did suggest he just vote Republican because like he says, there is disgust with both parties.  I did sign off with him by saying, “Get mad at me if you like but it’s time you earned your way in this country.” His father was a WW II vet.  For his June 8th birthday, I sent him a copy of the May 6 New American and a pocket-size Constitution.

Although he had a heart attack a year ago, triple bypass surgery, he has fully recovered. He is retired and enjoys his leisure time skiing. His only claim to fame was getting lost one night and having walked down mountain all night long, he saw smoke coming from a cabin and when he knocked on the door, the lady smiled and asked him “what took you so long?” His missing was all over the news and apparently some other skiing enthusiasts had run into the same trouble and ended up knocking on her door the next morning.


This cousin was one of the 76,000 employees who worked for McKesson Pharmaceuticals responsible for the Opioid drug epidemic. On Dec. 17, 2017 SIXTY MINUTES said the DEA wanted to go after McKesson but with all their high powered attorneys from Harvard, etc. they said they’d be tied up in court for years so they settled for $150 million. The name of the program was TO BIG TO PROSECUTE. The New American magazine said vaccine manufacturers have no incentive to research further because the federal government protects them from virtually all liability when their products injure or kill patients. And my cousin thinks all politicians are crooked???


I agree with him voting for the GOP is the same as voting for a Democrat and in many ways, he’s absolutely right and expresses the opinion of perhaps 90% or more of the majority of voters which I describe above of not being informed enough to even be allowed to vote. The two-party system was designed for consensus.  Those who say appease are hung by those they tried to please.  The Hegelian dialectic approach to “consensus-building” (compromise) and “conflict resolution” (dialog) is the process with which the radical left attempts to control and manipulate outcomes and to Hell with the Constitution. Since the Bible has been removed from the public schools, common sense also left. The bottom line: Margaret Thatcher said “Consensus is the absence of leadership.”

Now, I don’t hold my cousin responsible for the Opioid drug epidemic but surely there is some worthwhile project/organization trying to alleviate those addicted which he could volunteer.  A certain amount of pleasure is reasonable; however, I don’t sense he does any type of volunteer work. I’m the first to recognize that working people are busy with jobs, families, etc. and are not interested in government UNTIL THEIR OX IS GORED. This is a basic human nature and a sin I’ve had to ask God to forgive and why socialism has become popular in recent elections. [Link]  I switched from the Democrat Party in 1980 to the GOP when a couple dedicated precinct women showed me the difference in the two party platforms. Before I knew what a Precinct Committeeperson was, I was one.


His story rings loud and clear with so many other people who contact me. One Texas lady tells how she gets the “silent avoidance” treatment from friends after presenting evidence to substantiate her knowledge on a subject. She has friends who will not return her phone calls and avoids answering her email. I recognize some of us obsessed folks can be a pain in the butt and perhaps God has blessed us with some Founder’s DNA but I feel so sorry for those who don’t care to learn. [Link]  I’m reminded of Gideon in the Bible who was a coward (Judges 6:11-40) and often considered the “poster boy of fear.”  When God commanded him to rescue the Israelites, Gideon was hiding in a winepress to escape his enemies. He suffered from an inferiority complex.


NewsWithViews contributor Ron Ewart has come to the conclusion that our efforts in Oregon to restore it to a Constitutional Republic is too little and too late. The deep state is set in stone and anyone who tries to break up the deep state will be crushed. That is the risk all conservative author’s take.  His website NARLO is constantly being monitored by the FEDS because of the stands he takes.  The News With Views webmaster has experienced the same thing. And so, he says, since there is no political solution, CIVIL WAR BECOMES THE ONLY OTHER ALTERNATIVE SOLUTION and hopes he is wrong. Me too!

But the funniest excuse I’ve read about is in my little book YOU CAN PERSEVERE IN PERILOUS TIMES by Marie Lind who says the average Christian each day spends a half hour to an hour reading the newspaper, four hours watching TV, videos or the Internet, and only ten minutes for devotions. Is it any wonder malnourished believers are being led astray or find it difficult to express what is truth, let alone take a stand for it? [Link]

Marie tells the story about a lady who was asked by a friend what she believed. “I believe what the church believes,” she answered. “But what does your church believe?” She replied, “The church believes what I believe.” The frustrated friend then asked, “What do you and your church believe? She stated, “We both believe the same thing.”


How would you respond? I would remind her of the trouble Christians are in today because instead of confronting the Satanic controlled alphabet groups (LGBTQ), we are now being threatened with a bill in Congress called the EQUALITY ACT which these groups call a “historic” day and if signed by President Trump would unleash federal persecution of Christians. Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi  (D-Calif) wants the law to force everyone to bow before LGBTQ ideology. Welcome to Sodom and Gomorrah and expect promised perilous times.   (Gen. 18-Sodom and Gomorrah destroyed)

Then Marie reminds folks that Jesus said even the elect could be deceived in the end times. Seek the Holy Spirit’s guidance as you faithfully search the scriptures. Practice every day what you know and believe.  Then her prayer: Lord, I choose not to be among those deceived in days ahead.  Help me sense the need now to diligently pursue wisdom and spiritual fitness. Lead me in Your Truth and teach me. Help me walk in the light as Your Holy Spirit guides. Help me to equip myself to share the Word and not be caught off guard when challenged.  In Jesus’ name. Amen. [Link]


My husband of 63 years tolerates my politics and I tolerate his bowling since I can no longer join him because of some annoying medical problems.  He will soon be 87 but he will gather signatures on some initiative and pass out information at the bowling alley and when I was active in the GOP, followed me to all the meetings. In order to save our Constitutional Republic, at least one in a marriage should be dedicated to a small degree.  Remember, Benjamin Franklin when asked if we have a Constitution Republic or a democracy, he said we had a Constitutional Republic if we could keep it. I feel sorry for those on Judgment day when God asks us what did you do for my Kingdom?  (Romans 14:12) So now I have to get back to the Prudent Jurisprudence 406 page paperback.   Thanks for your indulgence…

Bill Graves served 24 years in the Oklahoma House of Representatives, where he had the highest ranking score on the Oklahoma Conservative Index, published periodically by the Oklahama Constitution newspaper, more often than any other legislator. But Graves was more than just a vote in the Legislature; he was, at all times, a principled leader  fighting for the concepts of constitutionalism,  limited government, ordered liberty, and the values of America’s Founding Fathers. He carried these values over into the courtroom where he served 12 more years as a district judge.

According to Graves, substantive due process has no Constitutional basis, but is rather “a court-created distortion of procedural due process (which governs court proceedings) by which Justices declare a law unconstitutional based on their personal, moral, economic, or political beliefs or unreasonableness.

This theme- that judges routinely substitute their own view on what the law should be, rather than what it actually is – runs through his book in all the various articles, and Graves compiles a mountain of evidence to prove his contention. He cites Madison: “There can be no liberty if the power of judging be not separated from the legislative and executive powers.”

Baron Montesquieu is quoted, as well: “When the legislative and executive powers are united in the same person or body, there can be no liberty…Were the power of judging joined with the legislative, the life and liberty of the subject would be exposed to arbitrary control, for the judge, would then be the legislator. Were it joined to the executive power, the judge might behave with all the violence of an oppressor. (Emphasis as original) How prophetic.

Graves also attacks the idea  that judicial decisions are somehow the “supreme law” (rather than the Constitution itself), citing Alexander Hamilton, who said any federal actions – including decisions of judges – not in pursuance of Constitutional powers are but invasions of the states’ powers and “merely acts of usurpation, and will deserve to be treated as such.” Graves contends that courts are not to make the law “of the land,” but rather the “law of the case.” He adds, “It (the Supreme Court) has no power to legislate laws or be a sitting Constitutional convention. To try and do so is to usurp what is not the Court’s.  It has no express Constitutional authority to claim its opinions are laws and the sole and exclusive meaning of the Constitution.” He then cites Abraham Lincoln, who argued that while Supreme Court decisions are “binding” on the parties in a case, their ruling “may be erroneous.” (Abortion:  Roe –vs- Wade) Lincoln noted this “evil effect” of an erroneous ruling is limited “to that particular case.”

He then goes on to state Thomas Jefferson as the president who most understood the danger of a federal judiciary that fails to follow the written Constitution, Jefferson said, “To consider the judges as the ultimate arbiters of all constitutional questions (is) a very dangerous doctrine indeed, and one in which would place us under the despotism of an oligarchy.


This all happened due to the widespread acceptance in LAW SCHOOL that  promotes constant, inevitable change divorced from any conception of God. “But such a concept in the field of law “has resulted not in progress,” Graves notes, “but rather the destruction of the principle foundations of our laws.”  Up until 1910, lawyers were required to attend four years of seminary because it was understood by the Founders and those that established our judicial system that one could not judge man unless one knew how God judged man. [Link]

And so folks, this ends my article. Readers who purchase his book PRUDENT JURISPRUDENCE will find it an indispensable reference work on the Constitution and the proper role of government.  Once again, I give all thanks to the Lord for dropping all this material in my lap and all I had to do was read and type and add a few extra comments from my treasured 3×5 reference library.

The May 6, 2019 NEW AMERICAN has nine pages about forced vaccinations. A copy of the magazine is available for $3.95 plus postage by calling 920-749-3784 – Please press 2. In addition, the NEW AMERICAN has the Constitutional voting record published at least once a year all broken down by states giving a “+” to Congress people who voted for the Constitution and explaining why.  The annual cost is $49. I recommend you buy a subscription as I have done for your grown children too. And keep the phone number of your state legislators (Senate and House) as well as your Representatives and Senator’s in Washington, D.C. on speed dial. (Check your Blue Book) They claim one phone call is equivalent to thousands of others from whom they never hear.

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