Patriots and nationalists share the uneasy feeling that America is becoming unhinged, unrecognizable, and about to become ungovernable. The Cultural Communist Revolution has already wrought immense change in its political and cultural landscape over the past 30 years or so.

California, always the trendsetter, leads the way down the slippery slope towards erasure of the American experiment, with the other blue states gleefully following like lemmings. In 1994, enough of the old California–the Golden State of memory–the mecca for millions–remained so that immigration realists collected over one million signatures to place Proposition 187 on the State ballot that year.

Proposition 187 would have established a state-run citizenship screening system and prohibited illegal aliens from using non-emergency health care, public education, and other services. It was perfectly reasonable and indeed passed by an amazingly decisive vote of 59% to 41%. Immediately, the next day, judicial tyrant Mariana Pfaelzer declared it unconstitutional.

One million signatures painstakingly gathered were wiped out by the stoke of a pen. That single action was enough to demoralize and paralyze Conservatives to resist the takeover of the State and thereafter the country by the enemy. The most populous and some would say the most alluring state in the US is now an increasingly non-white, leftist bulwark that gives the Democrat Presidential candidate a great advantage in the Electoral College right off the bat.

The cancer of “Californication” now spreads across the fruited pain and into urban areas leaving them desolate basket cases and turning states into true welfare states with the declining ability to make ends meet financially.

The Left and its corporate and media allies, in the absence of any resistance from so-called Conservatives, is able to ceaselessly work its way through the institutions of the judiciary, academia, media and the entertainment industry to control the minds of the masses and steer them yet further to the Left.

The Leftist program increasingly embraces a component that may be termed “The Great Replacement”, a movement to phase out the power and influence of Whites and diminish their numbers partially or entirely through miscegenation and non-white immigration.This is well illustrated in TV commercials across-the-board  wherein it is impossible for White people to do anything, anywhere without the assistance, presence, or friendship of minorities, especially Blacks. A interplanetary alien watching American commercials would think that Blacks are a master race comprising over 60% of the population.

The big question now is whether or not President Trump has just delayed the inevitable a little longer. Are Whites awakening quickly enough to start taking back their country? Folks sit back and wait, decade after decade, for the “spark” to come that will turn things around, but it just may not. We must again begin the painstaking, laborious, mostly unrewarding grassroots work of the kind that put Proposition 187 on the ballot and this time not let judicial tyranny stop us.

The Left never gives up nor even temporarily retreats, and now, “feeling its oats” will push its agenda all the more forcefully as seen by its fanatical reaction to the Trump victory. Whites and Conservatives in general do not try hard enough, ease up after a temporary victory, or give up after a temporary defeat. This lackadaisical attitude  just encourages Leftist fanaticism all the more. The situation is so far along the path to Communist tyranny that fewer and fewer patriots will stick their necks out publicly.

A strong patriot move movement can still develop if and when the remaining patriot organizations coalesce into an effective alliance, and patriots begin to support them financially. Patriots have been “out-to-lunch” too long in coming through with financial contributions to begin the long march AWAY from the existing institutions to upend the Cultural Marxist takeover of our country.

Whatever one thinks of Donald Trump, he has raised the stakes. Either nationalists engage now or there can be no complaints if a radical Democrat wins the 2020 Presidential election and begins an orgy of persecution of the “deplorables”. Rumors are suddenly flying that Hillary Clinton intends to obtain the Democrat Presidential nomination again. At all costs, we cannot allow her to gain the upper hand over us.

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