I saw a large unusual homemade yard sign this week with four words, End the Washington Cartel. That made me wonder just what does it mean? A cartel is a group of businesses that conspire together to fix prices. We commonly think of drug cartels in connection with this term. And indeed Washington, D.C. appears to have more in common with a criminal cabal than a true civil government committed to protecting the God given rights of the citizens of the land.

What has happened to America is that we have become an idolatrous nation. We have replaced the One True God with the worthless beast that is Wash-ington, D.C. This idol has promised to provide cradle to grave, provide educ-tion, food, housing, transportation, retirement, health care and on and on the list of promises goes. We the people have been sold a lie because no human institution, even if ordained by God, can possible do all that has been prom-ised. Furthermore human civil government was never ordained by God to do most of the things on the promised list anyway.

But perhaps the facade is breaking; this presidential election has revealed an ugly side of this beast. With over three hundred million people these two candidates are the best we can come up with? What is wrong with this picture?

The character of both the big box candidates has been shown to be morally deficient on a grandiose scale, they are corrupt and untrustworthy. Whether it is lying about Benghazi, illegal email servers, attacking women who were raped by her husband, or on the other hand wealth built on the corrupt business of casinos, strip clubs, eminent domain (stealing people’s property for profit) not to mention serial adultery and now accusations of rape. These have to be some of the lowest life cretans ever to run for President.

These two still have many people supporting them and the reason why appears to me to be that they are peddling promises. For many it is the promises for government handouts that earn their support. That is they are looking to the idol to provide for them from cradle to grave, to do for them that which God has never ordained civil government to do.

Others are expecting the problems of the world to be solved by whoever takes office, world poverty, hunger, disease, people with the wrong attitudes towards other people, people who don’t say politically correct words and of course the global warming lie. No human being can solve these problems – just listen to the words of Jesus on but one of those issues – Matthew 26:11 “For ye have the poor always with you; but me ye have not always.” No human being nor human institution will end poverty on this planet.

People have an unrealistic view, indeed a idolatry of politicians, to believe they can solve the intractable problems of the world. They have a messianic hope that if their candidate obtains the oval office that because their powers are unlimited and their abilities unmatched, they can solve all these problems and bring to pass the peace, stability and prosperity the voters are longing for. What this is, is nothing short of idolatry.

Sound thinking recognizes the moral failures of the big box candidates and reasons correctly that if these two are such failures in their own family life, why should we expect them to do any better on the national stage. Further-more a knowledge of the actual supreme law of the land our U.S. Constitution shows that much of the promises and programs that are being offered are not lawful. That is the candidates are promising to violate their oath of office before they even before they take the oath of office. The idols are breathing out the threat of being above and beyond the law. And both have actually demonstrated to a lesser and greater degree that they have acted above and beyond the law. It seems people are somewhat aware of this as the two big box candidates have the highest unfavorable ratings since those numbers have been tracked.

Now the outrageous actions of Washington, D.C. are have reached a new level of idolatry. Our good friend Chief Justice Roy Moore was suspended from office this month. When we compare what happened 13 years ago when they removed him from office the charge was that he was in violation because he insisted that the State of Alabama could and must acknowledge the One True God.

Which by the way is exactly what his oath of office required him to do. This time the charge is essentially the the U.S. Supreme Court is god and everyone must bow down and serve her – whoever will not must be cast out of office.

Is there hope for America? Can our nation come back from the brink of disas-ter? Is there a cure to this common idolatry? Yes there is, and it is found in repentance from idolatry and a return to worshipping the One True God alone.

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