On Thursday night June 2nd in California’s third largest city again there was violence against Trump supporters. When the indoor rally ended, violence was directed against supporters as they departed. “Trump’s foes surrounded the San Jose Convention Center, where scuffles broke out between them and Trump supporters. Some of the altercations were physical, resulting in bloody injuries…. At one point, a large group of protesters surrounded a Trump supporter, throwing bottles and spitting at him as he walked back to his vehicle. [Link] Protesters also surrounded police cars, also banging those vehicles.” One policeman was assaulted, hit with a metal object, but very few arrests were made.

There is video of a gang displaying the Mexican flag knocking down and beating up an attendee of the rally. And in a particularly bizarre twist, the mayor of San Jose blamed Trump for the violence displayed by the anti-Trump protestors. Why is it that leftist are let off the hook, they care nothing for the life, liberty, property or safety of anyone but themselves, and they become violent and then they are not to blame? Why is that?

I believe it is more than simply political, what we see on display in these violent actions is the response of idolators when their idols are challenged. What is their idol? The idol of ever increasing Statism. As that idol is challenged it is the beneficiaries and devotees of that idol who become violent in their response.

Clearly we see the idolatry of materialism, fame and immorality displayed everywhere. That later one, immorality, is one idol which seems supreme, above many others in the modern pantheon. For example when push come to shove between competing commitments, the idol of sexual immorality in our land seems to always win. So bakers, photographers, florists and wedding providers are being forced to violate their religious convictions or pay enormous fines so that perverts can practice their immorality.

In other words the idols of immorality trump the religious convictions and trump the protections offered in the First Amendment, that is they trump God’s Law as given to us in the Bible and trump the Constitution and Bill of Rights. And should you have the temerity to speak out against this supreme idol in our land, you will be pilloried night and day until you recant of your violation of the power that has been granted to this supreme idol. You will be labeled, ostracized and outcast, considered a pariah, a homophobe, a Neanderthal when you are simply following the Law of God as well as the Supreme Law of the Land. Thus we have the hypocrite in the White House this week claim that his Christian faith cause him to change the rules so boys could use girls bathrooms and vice versa.

And in this current election cycle more than ever I see the idol of Statism raising its ugly head. I don’t recall any presidential election ever having this level of ongoing violence. This idol of Statism is worshiped by the millions of Bernie and Hillary followers and probably even by some followers of Trump as well.

It promises that civil government can and will provide for you cradle to grave; it will give you food, housing, education, transportation, a cell phone and everything that you need and beyond. But they admit that there is a trade off, and that is that it will regulate and control every single aspect of your life, it will spy on you 24/7 as an omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent power in your life. And they are happy with that trade off. In other words they love to have a totalitarian civil government as their idol. And if anyone threatens their idol, look out, violence will follow. Perhaps that explains some of the violence by anti-Trump protesters.

With idolatry all around us, what shall we do to guard our hearts and to eradicate any of infection from that idolatry?

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