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Globalism has failed.  Open borders has yielded deadly fruit.  Our foundations have been destroyed.

It is 6:30 on Wednesday March 11 as I write this.  The markets have taken another hit today as a result of the much hyped weaponized flu attack.

And an attack it is.  Not necessarily in the manner that most of you think, a sickness designed to wreak havoc on the health of the world, but an attack on those who still believe in the nation-state and the right of the people to self determination.

I’ve never seen anything like it.  All of the media focus that was spent the last three years on Russia, Trump, and the mess in Washington has been erased from our memory.  Suddenly, right on cue, the focus of the entire Fake Media has switched to the virus.  The onslaught on the common sense of the world has been startling to watch.

Let me make it clear, I do not know the real danger of the now-declared pandemic.  I don’t know who to trust, or what to believe, but I get the sinking sensation that something very big is being orchestrated.  Without getting into the technical discussion of whom or what has caused this to appear, permit me to present a plausible explanation for what is happening.

The American dollar is dead.  It is backed by nothing and printed out of thin air.  Our debt is unpayable and everyone in the know, knows it.  The world is broke.  No currency anywhere in the world is actually backed by anything.  The dollar is a piece of paper.  Nothing more, and nothing less.  They simply tell us it has value.  But we all know better.  The fake dollar cannot continue to be used to pay real debts.

Our unfunded mandates are in the trillions, and our personal debt is at staggering levels.  A total reset of the world’s economic system is the only solution to get the American people back on our feet.

The goal of the globalists is a cashless society in which they have total control.  If you can’t see the old switcheroo happening before your very eyes I question your ability to think.  The actual MONEY in circulation, they tell us, carries the virus.  Looks to me like a pretty good reason to stop the actual exchange of paper.

While they have had the American people divided over race, religion, sex, and politics they have been working behind the scenes to orchestrate a coup on America, the crown jewel of the world economy.  As goes America so goes the world.  Since the Great Depression of 1929 a well organized cabal of Luciferians has been at work in an attempt to seize control of the entire world.  Both American political parties have been complicit as their leaders have been bought and paid for by this Satanic cabal.

The American populace has been slow to catch on to the scheme but have recently begun to wipe the sawdust from their eyes.  What started out as a Tea Party Movement over a decade ago has not blossomed into full-blown woke-ness as more and more American’s have recognized the Demonic schemes.  Hillary’s election would have ushered in the final pall bearers on American independence.

But something happened on the way to the funeral.  President Trump was elected and threw a monkey-wrench into their final act.  The jury is still out on what Trump’s motives are, and where his loyalties truly lie, and time will tell if he is the knight on the white horse so many have believed him to be.

No matter how you view the President, his platform of Nationalism has been the tuning fork that caught the attention of a still slumbering populace and drew the ire of those hell-bent on globalization.  Donald Trump cannot make America great again.  Only We The People can do that, but he is the one who planted the vision in the mind of millions of Americans.

What we are embarking on now is unchartered territory for us.  We are the most pampered populace in the history of the world and time will determine whether we have the gumption and the gall to fight to restore this nation.  A financial reset has to come, and let it come before we are unable to fight back.  Tough times are coming, and short of a pre-tribulation rapture, Christians are going to have to actively engage in this war for America.  The future of our grandchildren depends on it.

Money makes the world go around and for too long the money masters have been scheming for total control of the world.  They have burdened us with debt that is not ours, to people we do not owe, with money that is not our own.  Who in the hell put us trillions of dollars in debt and then told me I had to pay for it?  The line is drawn in the sand and we must fight NOW to take back what was stolen from us.

In a sense we have been here before.  The history of our nation is lined with cataclysmic events from which we were told that we would never recover.  But we did…we always have…and we are now faced with our greatest challenge yet.  Can America once again rise from the ashes and restore a nation that we so willingly pissed away?  Is the future of our children worth the struggle to restore the foundations?

Globalism is dead but we must fight to remove the rotting corpse. It won’t be easy. The financial reset had to come. It is upon us. How we handle the next 12 months will determine the future of this nation.

Americans have become soft.  It is a result of the ungodly affluence that most Americans enjoy.  We didn’t fight when we could have saved everything but perhaps we will fight when we have nothing left to lose.

Will God grant us a reprieve?  Only if He is central to the plan.  “If the foundations be destroyed what can the righteous do?”  How about repent?  Fight?  Rebuild?

Globalism is dead. America is on life support. Tighten your belt and earn your meal money, boys. All of history is watching.

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