Hold on, my friends, to the Constitution and to the Republic for which it stands. Miracles do not cluster and what has happened once in 6,000 years, may not happen again. Hold on to the Constitution, for if the American Constitution should fail, there will be anarchy throughout the world. Daniel Webster

At first thought, one might consider that the movement to have a constitutional convention to rewrite or alter our 1787 Constitution would be a good thing since much of the promotion of such a venture comes from conservative forces. But don’t believe it!  With just a bit of research we find that the left also wants a con-con and they have much more to gain if we consider their goals for America are rooted in socialism. We can easily conclude that what they truly desire, with respect to a proposed altering of the present Constitution, is the elimination of everything after “We the people.”

Ostensibly this movement for change is being fueled by the belief that a BBA will stop the unconstitutional and out of control spending, when in actuality it will do just the opposite.  Just the latest Omnibus bill would give impetus to the belief in a balanced budget amendment (BBA). Those who have failed to read the BBA bills or do any research would be shocked at what these bills entail.  What sounds good does not always bode well for the American people.  Remember the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act?”  It is anything but affordable and it doesn’t protect patients, so beware of these euphemistic names placed on these dangerous bills.

The BBA Does Not Limit Spending

Just how would a Balanced Budget Amendment limit spending if there are no limits to spending specified in the amendment? We have to remember, that for the most part, the ones who are promoting and voting for passage of the BBA are the forces involved in the excess spending. The items on which Congress is authorized to spend money are listed, enumerated, in the Constitution. To see the list, go here.  Long ago Congress decided to spend on anything they wished, despite the Constitutional restrictions.

The unconstitutional spending is horrendous. Should an amendment for a BBA be passed, it would effectively change our Constitution to where the illegal and excessive spending would be made constitutional. Top it off with the fact that one of these bills actually states that should they exceed the spending, they can just raise taxes on the American people to meet the budget.  And here’s another red flag – why would anyone think that the legislators would obey a different Constitution when they refuse to obey the present one? How naïve can people be?

Looking into the issue and considering how they want to change the present Constitution, we discover that their goal is to change it so that it will resonate with those who desire to fundamentally transform America so that it can be comfortably merged with the Soviet Union.  In a nut shell, the goal of the left will ensure that their changing of the Constitution will enable the left’s treasonous and unlawful activities to become lawful. And most likely it will also make the activities of those who are trying to protect and preserve America unlawful.

Con-Con Objectives

One of the main objectives of these proponents of change is to do away with the Second Amendment. The left is doing everything it can through the courts to prevent President Trump’s efforts to protect America. Both Democrats and a majority of the Republicans in Congress are doing everything possible to prevent our President from the build-up our military which was weakened exponentially during the Obama administration. State of the art equipment for our soldiers is at the top of the list.  The Obama administration’s strategy was to weaken America, bringing us down to the level of third world nations and putting our military into compromising positions when confronted with defensive issues.

In addition, the forces of the left, along with what we might call the fifth column, those who are masquerading as conservatives but aren’t, are coordinated in the strategy of preventing President Trump from building the wall to stop the southern border invasion. They are also trying to stop our President from preventing sanctuary cities from transitioning into separate nation status.

This is a tactic of the left that was pushed by Joseph Stalin, mostly in undeveloped countries. It was written about fairly extensively by the late Alan Stang in his book, “IT’S VERY SIMPLE.” I don’t think it has been used to any extent in the last several years, however it is still in the lefts’ repertoire. They never discard anything, they only adjust their goals and actions to accommodate the times and circumstances.

I allude to this for the simple reason that there are similarities between the separate nation tactic and sanctuary cities.

Unalienable God-Given Rights

Unalienable and natural rights are rights that all people have at birth. The government does not grant these rights, and therefore no government can take them away. The Declaration of Independence says that among these rights are “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

The U.S. Constitution does not mention “unalienable” or “natural rights.” But the first 10 amendments to the Constitution list the basic rights of Americans. These amendments are known as the Bill of Rights.

So, what about the possibility of repealing of the Second Amendment – where and how does it fit in to the goals of the left? It makes the populace vulnerable for the simple reason that the people will have no way to protect themselves from guerrilla bands, or gangs of law-breakers, the same as the disarmed people of Germany were when the Brown Shirts were unleashed upon them.

In 1931, the Weimer government authorized the registration of all firearms and the confiscation thereof, if required for “public safety.”  The nationwide cry of the people for Law and Order was responded to by Hitler, and he gave them his form of highly controlled “Law and Order.”

In 1933 Adolf Hitler seized power and used the records to identify, disarm, and attack political opponents and Jews. Constitutional rights were suspended, and mass searches for and seizures of guns and dissident publications ensued. Police revoked gun licenses of those who were not “politically reliable.

The Southern Border Invasion

We have observed during the Obama administration as well as those of George Bush and Bill Clinton, the restrictions on our border patrol agents in carrying out their lawful duties at the border. We have watched over and over how the law has been and continues to be perverted and applied to protecting those who invade our country.  Many have come here apparently for the purpose of destroying America and what it represents – life, liberty and property for the individual – this is what America was predicated upon and anything which poses a threat to this has to be rejected.

The second paragraph of the Declaration of Independence states, in part, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal; meaning, of course before God or the law and are endowed by the Creator with Certain unalienable rights…And when any government becomes destructive to these rights, it is the right of the people to abolish such government and replace it with a government which honors and supports these principles.”

When considering the promoted and protected invasion of illegal aliens into this country which has been actively supported by the Obama Administration, along with secretly flying Muslims to unknown areas in America, I can only conclude they are part of sinister plans in the future.

Left and Right Promote Con-Con

This entire hullabaloo about a possible con-con for a BBA is nothing more than a façade which has been concocted by both the left and right to deceive naïve and ignorant conservatives and set the trap for our people.  Con-con promoters have become too numerous to name, politicians, newscasters, radio hosts, and pundits are jumping on the bandwagon to destroy our 1787 Constitution.

The left wants a con-con too.  George Soros, the financier of global fascism is pumping millions of dollars into the same Article V campaign that is being promoted by Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Tom Coburn and many other popular conservative spokesmen.

To learn more on this read The New American’s “The Left Wants A Con-Con Too.” In addition, I know that the forces behind the globalist agenda for world government are on record discussing how to change our 1787 Constitution so that it would not restrict them in pursuit of their goals.

Devious Advocates of Constitutional Revision

On page 199, in James Perloff’s “Shadows of Power” he tells about James Macgregor Burns, an advocate of constitutional revision, and what he wrote in his 1984 book “The Power to Lead.” Burns stated, “Let us face reality. The framers (of the Constitution) have simply been too shrewd for us. They have outwitted us. They designed separated institutions that cannot be unified by mechanical linkages, frail bridges, tinkering. If we are to ‘turn the founders upside down’ – to put together what they put asunder – we must directly confront the constitutional structure they erected.” (Bold type mine)

Burns also served on the board of yet another bicentennial group, the Committee on the Constitutional System (CCS). As of January 1987, the CCS had forty-eight board directors, more than a third of them members of the Council on Foreign Relations.  According to Perloff, the CCS (then) were proposing drastic changes in the Constitution one would be that Congress would be expanded. The party whose nominee became president would designate one-sixth of all representatives in the house and one-third of all the senators. This would diminish the elective power of the voters and the balance between the executive and the legislative spheres. Also, the requirement for Senate ratification of treaties would be lowered.

In “Reforming American Government,” which was put together by this same Committee on the Constitutional System, we read:

“The change will require major surgery. One cannot stop short of bold and decisive departures. And yet a guiding principle should be to write the new Constitution in a way that permits considerable leeway.” (Bold type mine)

How about that, huh? One can see that their plan is to put together a constitution that would allow the left to go just about anywhere they decided to go; especially with so many traitorous judges running interference for them.


We owe a special thanks to the patriots who have been tirelessly working to defeat this traitorous strategy by those who are bent on fundamentally transforming this nation into something diametrically opposed to the truths that are self-evident, along with each of us being endowed by God with individual unalienable rights.

These patriots are holding back the promoters of the article V con-con, thank God for their constant efforts to protect our Constitution and our God-given rights. So far this year, the enemy hasn’t convinced one state to pass a call for a new convention.

Anyone wishing to get in on the fight to save our beloved Constitution can do so by contacting suemlong3@va.metrocast.net. She will give you the necessary instructions on contacting the legislators of states who are considering applications for an article V con-con.

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