President Trump’s February 5th State of the Union address dropped any pretenses of who the Democrat Party is and what they represent. In virtual choreographed unison, the white-dressed Congressional women, reminiscent of the Democrat Party’s earlier Ku Klux Klan era, sat defiantly in grudging opposition to all of President Trump’s monumental achievements during his first two years in office. The only time the white-dressed women of Congress cheered in euphoric exhilaration, was when President Trump told the white-dressed Congresswomen, “Exactly one century after Congress passed the Constitutional Amendment giving women the right to vote, we also have more women serving in Congress than at any time before.”

It was after these words were spoken that the white-dressed Congresswomen expressed their true selves, showing the world who they really are: a cabal of selfish, rabid, man-hating feminists, defying any and all things of a patriarchal structure, which would include any and all accomplishments achieved by alpha male President Donald Trump, as well as any proposals offered by President Trump for the good of the nation.

President Trump continued, “America was founded on liberty and independence and not government coercion, domination, and control. We are born free and we will stay free! Tonight, we renew our resolve, that America will never be a socialist country.” The Republican Congress, men and women, stood and chanted “USA” to those words, as the white-dressed women of Congress, Nancy Pelosi, Bernie Sanders, and the rest of the Democrat Party defiantly remained sitting in stoic silence.

The Democrat Party cannot cheer for the success of America, nor can they support proposals for the good of the country, for that undermines their very existence and purpose: to divide, conquer, and rule over every aspect of American’s lives. The Democrat Party knows full well that when America does well and prospers, there is less need for government, that is – less need for them, to be the providers and fixers of problems. Thus, the Democrat Party often stands for things harmful to the nation, with the pretense that they are the party of caring, ideas, and inclusion. The Democrat Party is the party of obstruction and socialism, which stands for ideas and proposals detrimental to America, so as to advance the cause of further empowering themselves as things progressively get worse in the nation, to be the fixers of the societal problems that they themselves created.

“But we have to pass the bill, so that you can find out what is in it.” —
Nancy Pelosi 2010.

“Most of us, speaking for myself, consider the wall immoral, INEFFECTIVE, expensive.” —Nancy Pelosi 2018

“There’s not going to be any wall money in the legislation.” —Nancy Pelosi 2019

Well Nance, we needed to pass legislation to build the border wall, to find out if it is effective, but since you and your party stand for obstruction, President Trump was forced to declare a national emergency to get funding for the wall. The wall that you see as “immoral,” common sense Americans see as a need, to prevent the immorality of human trafficking, drug smuggling, and illegal immigration from occurring at the American-Mexican border.

“Today, I’m announcing several critical actions that my administration is taking to confront a problem that we have right here at home. We fight wars that are 6,000 miles away, wars that we should have never been in in many cases, but we don’t control our own border. So we are going to confront the national-security crisis on our southern border. And we are going to do it one way or the other. We have to do it. Not because it was a campaign promise, which it is—was one of many, by the way, not my only one. … But one of the things I said I have to do and I want to do is border security, because we have tremendous amounts of drugs flowing into our country, much of it coming from the southern border.” —President Donald J. Trump, February 15, 2019

Never one to miss an opportunity to trample the U.S. Constitution underfoot, madam Speaker Nancy Pelosi responded to President Trump’s national emergency announcement by stating the following…

“If the president can declare an emergency on something he has created as an emergency — an illusion that he wants to convey — just think what a president with a different set of values can present to the American people. You want to talk about a national emergency? Let’s talk about today — the one year anniversary of another manifestation of an epidemic of gun violence in America.” —
Nancy Pelosi, February 2019

So here we have the rantings of the unconstitutionally-minded, dim-witted Speaker of the House hinting that a future Democrat president could use the next mass shooting as an opportunity to declare a national emergency and issue a ban on gun ownership. Here’s the problem with that line of thinking. Human trafficking, drug smuggling, and illegal immigration at the American-Mexican border IS a national emergency, as are other national emergencies such as floods, hurricanes, and crop failures. The national emergency at America’s southern border can be addressed and fixed by a border wall. Only in anti-Trump, Democrat zombie-zone America, do you have people say (lie) to you with a straight face, “Walls do not work and are ineffective.”

Gun violence may indeed be a national emergency, but by all historical accounts and in all states which have strict gun control laws, gun violence and government oppression increases when citizens are denied the right to lawfully own guns. Many school shootings take place within gun-free school zones. Hitler first seized the guns, then ruled unopposed as Germany’s ruthless dictator.

“The right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed,” is a Constitutionally protected right of the people, which cannot be taken away by a would-be unconstitutional national emergency declaration of a future Democrat president. Human trafficking, drug smuggling, and illegal immigration are not Constitutionally protected rights, but gun ownership is.

Louisiana officials, after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, used the crisis to seize lawfully-owned firearms from law-abiding citizens. The National Rifle Association and the Second Amendment Foundation sued the city of New Orleans, and won, forcing them to return their unlawfully seized guns to their rightful owners, and to agree to a permanent injunction barring the city from seizing lawfully possessed firearms.

In February, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, socialist Democrat from New York (note: some Democrats no longer hide behind the Democrat label and are now openly declaring themselves socialists), celebrated the fact that she helped kill the Amazon deal that would have brought in an Amazon headquarters facility to Queens, NY, along with 25,000 new jobs, $27 billion in tax revenue over the course of the next 10-years, and countless spinoff businesses that would have catered to the Amazon workforce presence. The sticking point for socialist Democrats was that Amazon was to receive $3 billion in tax incentives during those 10-years. Showing her dangerously unfit-for-office mindset, Ocasio-Cortez tweeted the following…

“Anything is possible: today was a day a group of dedicated, everyday New Yorkers & their neighbors defeated Amazon’s corporate greed, its worker exploitation, and the power of the richest man in the world.” —Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Ocasio-Cortez further displayed her lack of intelligence when saying she thought the cost of the subsidies outweighed the estimated 25,000 jobs Amazon would have created, demonstrating that she didn’t understand that New York was not actually paying Amazon $3 billion, of which New York does not have to invest elsewhere.

“If we were willing to give away $3 billion for this deal, we could invest $3 billion in our district ourselves if we want to. We could hire more teachers, we can fix our subways, we can put a lot of people to work for that money if we wanted to,” —Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

These are the dangers of electing unfit people to political office. It is unfortunate that there are qualifications and tests administered for people to become civil servant employees, but there are very few prerequisite requirements necessary for a person to run for public office.

Virginia Democrat Governor Ralph Northam, in January, expressed support for a bill that would ease restrictions on late term and post birth abortions. New York Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the Reproductive Health Act on January 22, 2019. Cuomo then tweeted…

“Today I signed the #ReproductiveHealthAct – codifying Roe v. Wade into state law and protecting women’s reproductive rights no matter what the federal government does. This is a victory for all New Yorkers.” —New York Governor Andrew Cuomo

No longer under the pretense that a fetus is just a lump of loosely formed cells, these legislative acts give abortionists the right to kill babies after a woman has delivered birth a living child: post-birth abortion.

The Democrat Party truly is the Party of no wall, no jobs, and no babies

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