By Ron Edwards

The platform is a mind boggling 92 pages long and is a huge reflection of the democrats evil goals against “We The People” and our republic as a whole.  Every variety of brutish dictator alive today, or who has ever lived would be proud of the Democrat Party Platform.  It represents the same path to collapsing the United States of America that they used to destroy freedom and prosperity in their various nations.

The democrats hope to ultimately bog us down with Universal “so called health care and Medicaid for all Americans and illegal border crossers. (page 61)

Of course, Democrats hope to saddle all businesses both big and small with a tall order to pay all workers no less than $15.

Anyone who comes into the United States illegally would be immediately granted United States citizenship, for simply showing up. (Page 63)

Democrats want taxpayers to foot the bill for free college for anyone, including illegal border crossers.  (Page 65)

If Democrats get their way, all student loans will be forgiven and taxpayers will pay the bill.  (Page 71)

Uncle Joe Biden and the Democrats are chomping at the bit to eliminate border walls and all immigration enforcement.  (Pages 62, 64 & 65)

The democrat Party platform also lists making Washington D.C. the 51st state in order to increase their ability to legislatively destroy our republic.

The Democrat Party platform calls for abortion for all women and girls.  (Page 83)

$70 trillion taxpayer funded Green New Deal, the United States would be forced to somehow be “net zero greenhouse gas by 2050.” At the same time, shut all natural gas & gas power plants by 2035. By 2030 all new construction in the United States must be net zero greenhouse.

Create a U.S. Agency for globalist media to ensure that only accurate? Information is reported in their, umm the news or on the internet.  YIKES!!!

Rejoin the economic draining Paris climate agreement.

The Democrat Party platform calls for the creation of a massive new federal agency of 100,00 thousand liberty abusers to trace every single American and nose around in their personal business, while allowing illegal border crossers to have free roaming privileges.

Immediately restore voting rights for all convicted felons.

Provide funding to facilitate vote from home and mail in voting.

Create a brand new Federal Credit Bureau to replace Equafax, and require banks to use this new credit reporting service that will be set up to assist low income people in buying houses and cars.

Democrats despise the Second Amendment, so their platform calls for making gun manufacturers responsible and liable for how their guns are used. To me that makes about as much sense as making Ford Motors responsible and liable for an Islamic extremist running over people on a sidewalk with a Ford truck.

The Democrat Party platform wish list also calls for the declaration and treatment of illegal drug use as a mental illness only instead of a harmful and illegal activity.

The Democrat Party platform calls for the support for the Special Rights of Black Lives Matter America and black male haters, multi gender choosers, also preferential treatment for homosexuals wanting to immigrate to and help morally destroy the United States. You can find it on (Page 63)

I hate to seem a bit rude, but if my fellow Americans are foolish enough to elect Joe Biden who has predicted “a winter of darkness,” and boss female Kamala Harris, they will deserve the democrat leftist hell that would be unleashed upon them.  That being said, I am confident that Donald John Trump will be reelected president of the United States.  The president’s margin of victory will also be greater than his first election to the highest and most powerful office in the land.  The Democrats are literally playing for keeps, they are on a mad vicious mission to take away your right to do almost anything.  Yet at the same time, democrats want to reinstate the precipitous decline of our republic, that was occurring during the ali Obama regime.

By the way, Democrats are truly weak and droopy when it comes to crime and how to deal with criminals. They have officially allied themselves with every major organization formed to destroy the USA.  Antifa, Black Lives Matter are just two, but there are many others.  Don’t forget the socialist Democrats best friend, medical (wannabe dictator) goal post shifter Dr. Fauci, whom I believe is salivating at the chance to have democrats enforce his declarations to shut down and shatter our economy via massive shutdowns that do not prevent the spread of scamdemics like the coronachinavirus. Bottom line, the democrats want to do away with the Bill of Rights and rule from far beyond Constitutional boundaries.  Despite such prospects again I am confident President Trump will be reelected, because he trusts the American people to make their own good decisions and he loves this republic, as do I.  God bless you God bless America and may America bless God.

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