by Lee Duigon

“If we can’t rule America, then let there be no America!”

Is this the corner into which the Democrats have driven themselves? I think it is.

In 1955, the world lived in fear of a nuclear war that would destroy all life on earth. Memories of World War II were quite vivid, and people didn’t find it hard to imagine something even worse.

In that year C.S. Lewis published another Chronicle of Narnia, “The Magician’s Nephew.” In it he told of a world called Charn. There, in ancient times, two queens battled for supremacy. When she was about to lose that war, Queen Jadis spoke a magic spell, The Deplorable Word, which wiped out every living thing in Charn, leaving only dust and ruins.

Are Democrats getting desperate enough to speak their own Deplorable Word? Consider their policies, as proposed by their candidates.

The Green New Deal: a Luddite scheme to Stop Climate Change by bankrupting the country and plunging its people into poverty.

New lockdowns. Facemask Nation forever. We’ve already seen how good lockdowns are for the economy, never mind their effects on people’s minds and morale.

A pledge to destroy the oil industry. That would leave us without the energy needed to sustain modern life, but never mind: whatever happens to the rest of us, they’ll still have their mansions and their private jets.

A scheme to pack the Supreme Court, transforming it into a rubber stamp for any bizarre thing they want to do.

Massive tax hikes—a policy guaranteed to fail, but it will succeed in expanding the reach and power of the federal government.

Encouraging riots by Far Left loonies like Black Lives Matter—nothing like a heaping helping of terror and violence to get the people to obey the power.

And of course we’ll also be treated to policies favoring abortion on demand, right up to the time of birth, transgender, and “teachings” in our schools to turn young people against their country—like the New York Times’ infamous “1619 Project,” which proclaims that the only reason America ever existed was to promote and protect slavery. We fought a terrible Civil War that ended slavery in 1865, but so what? All white people are bad!

Put them all together, and they add up to something that comes about as close to a Deplorable Word as it’s possible to come without promising to start a worldwide nuclear war. They haven’t reached that point yet, but God only knows what they’ll come up with if the American people don’t surrender to them on Election Day.

They have reached a point where there is almost nothing they won’t do to get power. Power to impose their socialist fantasies on 350 million people. Power to stifle even the most trivial dissent. Power to re-engineer all our basic social institutions. Power to end America as we know it—forever.

Communists have always liked to say you have to break eggs to make an omelet, although never in history did they ever get past the egg-breaking stage. But what we’re talking about here is breaking all the eggs. All of them. And depend on this: if they ever do get back into power, Democrats will change the rules so that they’ll never be turned out of power again. Not without a mammoth expenditure of blood, toil, tears, and sweat.

Most NewsWithViews readers don’t need to be exhorted not to vote for Democrats; and there is no website for the undecided. But if you do happen to know any undecided voters, you have less than a week to work on them before Election Day. Get busy.

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