By Sidney Secular

April 5, 2022

The descent is demonstrated in that the decent are disappearing

The New World “Orderlies” constantly change our perceptions to align with their ever changing deceptions. History becomes history in favor of the current political flavors with hysterics and gaslighting used to gas up the deceptions. Thus, the themes in the increasingly pertinent and popular novel “1984” by George Orwell are novel no more. With the deranged deluge of fake news coming from the pens and mouths of establishment mouthpieces spewing forth rivers of sputum, it is critical to critically review and analyze recent events before they recede in our memories to make way for more deluges of daily drivel. We must stop the daily drama of merely reacting and defending ourselves, and we must take the time to fully develop our perspectives rooted in reality, and then to act on them.

Backing up a bit to the onset of the fabricated pandemic, we can easily see with a bit of hindsight that it was a charade using doctored statistics endorsed by ersatz doctors, some of whom have never performed a day of actual “doctoring,” like Dr. Fauci and Brix. Testing of supposed vaccines was highly inadequate or non-existent. It involved media and deep state coordinated fear mongering, nursing home stuffing with near stiffs with one foot in the grave, emphasis on those testing positive with manipulated statics showing huge, unrealistic numbers of deaths there from where as in reality the recovery rate was over 99%, coercion by the medical/pharmaceutical complex to conform to an unbending one-way protocol which meant it was their way or the highway. It was a conspiracy to make the situation appear far worse than it was – doubling down on fear to incessantly drive up vaccination and booster numbers and set the stage for the Great Reset to play out.

First responders, police, firemen, doctors, nurses and paramedics were heroes of the moment one moment and then a moment later were fired for properly rejecting the jab, suddenly becoming non-essential with no one to replace them. Meanwhile, we watched the sheeple floundering around with fear expressed in their eyes of a fearful death while they mumbled indistinctly through their worthless Halloween-like masks, lining up for free inoculations sometimes abetted with free hamburgers or other trifling inducements, complying without a second thought with vaccine mandates, happily staying cooped up like caged chickens, avoiding one another as if radioactive, ostracizing and severely berating or even threatening the unvaxxed, and willing to turn on and turn in their neighbors for non-compliance. Stockholm Syndrome, willful ignorance, cognitive dissonance, and mass psychosis formation infected a goodly portion of the populace. Discernment fell away as insouciance ruled the day. Many Americans now believe life will somehow return to normal whereas the first steps of the “new normal” have been established. What we experienced was merely the opening salvo of the globalist “great reset”. “You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet” as the song says. As history has shown, the Left will tighten the screws much more next time around as they push towards their ultimate objectives. It is just another Hegelian-style application of their “one step back, three steps ahead” methodology.

We can safely say there is no grand plan to restore the Historical American Nation to its halcyon days, and any modest plans will meet with steamroller-type opposition. The revolutionary spirit has long since departed the body politic. The remaining patriots, who are few and far between, still would rather fight than switch to one another’s position for the sake of unity. We are reduced nibbling at the edges to weed out some vulnerable RINOs or induce them to prematurely retire when they see the handwriting on the wall telling them they will likely lose their next political contest. A good number of Dems, normally complete dunces, aren’t dumb when it comes to questions of power and control. There is no groundswell to impeach Biden or his major loony lackeys for their multiple treasonous offenses, or to harass or hound Biden out of office for being offensive to the American spirit since the media will defend him phalanx-like as they are his most important supporters, apologists, and accomplices.

It’s too late to overturn the 2020 election since many of those who would be instrumental in making it happen are either cowardly or have become instruments of the deep state, following the lead of “putzy” former VP Pence. We can peck away at our computers in complaint and exasperation but we wind up preaching to the choir who are also tired of hearing and singing the same song. The rest are “hard of hearing” or are tough nuts to crack, made more resistant to cracking by the constant mainstream media messaging.

The corruption of the deep state runs deeper than any of us may have imagined and it doesn’t run silently anymore. Yesterday’s “conspiracy theories” have become today’s truths but the falsehoods continue unabashed even though harshly bashed now. The controllers continue to get away with the illusion of a competitive two-party system although both parties are party to that deception. We actually have only one “two-faced” party, but the sheeple still lap up the political slop that is dished out to them. Third parties are shunted aside by unnecessarily difficult requirements to meet to get on ballots in order to exclude them from serious consideration. We are marred by the unholy polygamous marriage of the Deep State to Big pharma, Big tech, big corporations, Communist agents, leftist foundations, ersatz leaders, and “quackademia” all conducting the bidding of the Left.

Important issues are shunted aside and left unaddressed for fear of the leftist Jews and the people of color who now color all our considerations and conversations. The ignoramus performers in the entertainment and sports spheres who are treated like gods throw in their millions and their intellectual “two cents” into all the important issues of the day about which they know little, but their vapid opinions are treated as revelations from the intellectually gifted. Those whose job it is to deliberate and decide on important issues are “out to lunch” and the deep staters will “eat their lunch” on these issues. The big “apes” in the major sports leagues bend their knees to the new zeitgeist by grunting their disgruntlement with Western values and “taking the knee” at every showy opportunity despite being privileged characters within the West they despise. Big tech neutralizes opposing opinion by neutering the ability of patriotic entities to raise funds and conduct business and canceling any expressions not in accord with the current “thinking” by claiming that they are contrary to imaginary or imagined “community standards.”

The FedGov presents a facade of clean hands but devotes billions to bullying foreign countries into do its bidding through black budgets available to bad actors such as the CIA to foment “color revolutions” and promote “globohomo” practices such as transgenderism and transhumanism all over the globe. Similarly, the FedGov uses a coterie of creeps to carry out its cultural crusades — these include NGOs, power brokers, UN agencies, deep state drones, new world orderlies, third party actors, conflict actors and false flag narratives. It is impossible to untangle the web of relationships, corruption, contracts, payoffs, money laundering, corrupted courts, and criminal and treasonous activity going on behind the scenes. By propping up its puppets in decision making positions in the courts, corporations, academic cadres, unions and the like, unpopular policies are perpetuated, justice pushed aside, untruths popularized, and dissenting views cancelled.

Appeals to “democracy” are trotted out to cover up or camouflage demonic and disturbing practices: think SCOTUS packing, fraudulent elections, and voter fraud. A blind eye is turned to riots, drug proliferation, black depredation, depraved rap crap, routine urban unrest and wrongdoing, and misdeeds of any nature committed by the approved groups! A clear example of this situation is the reality that whereas the claim (and group), Black Lives Matter, is sacrosanct, but the same type of claim such as WHITE lives or, in fact, ALL lives matter, is treated as outright hate speech.

Speaking of elections, the scale of evidence proving hugely massive election fraud is overwhelming, persuasive AND ONGOING! Shenanigans of every description were used to deceive and create the preconceived results. State legislatures, where a few dogged patriots are pushing to peel away the veils of deceit and criminality are ongoing but patchy and piecemeal, as are the necessary reforms, and so no one can legitimately claim that the 2022 elections will be, in fact, legitimate! If the scale of the 2020 fraud continues in 2022, we are finished as a historical experiment in freedom.

Energy independence has been shown to be viable. Energy dependence creates a fragile future fraught with uncertainty in every area of life. The ripple effect of rising inflation spearheaded by rising energy costs will touch every American and every American business enterprise. Replacing fossil fuels with solar and wind is wishful thinking – if it can even be called “thinking.” They are too intermittent and uncertain to be relied upon and cannot support the large scale needs of a major Western economy. Furthermore, it has been proven that the USE of these “alternate” fuels is only possible through the use of technology based upon the very fossil fuels they are supposed to replace! It takes gas to run the generator that will charge your electric car!

The climate change and global warming malarkey will be exposed soon enough as they are based on falsified data and a misunderstanding of the causes of the alternating periods of warming and cooling in the climate. All leftist schemes cannot be sustained for too long for they are impractical and foolish and do not work not to mention the fact that they are based on agreed-upon lies. Infusions of cash or grants from governments to front line “woker” entities to sustain the impractical only prolong the agony, drain our pockets, and the further the feelings of malaise.

Geopolitically, the Chinese and not the Russians are our real “enemies.” (Actually, we are our own worst enemies.) They are creating alliances and working relationships with countries around the globe (The Belt and Road projects) to outflank us and slowly but surely out-rank us economically; and this doesn’t even take into account that they already own most of our farming land and our government. When CCP doctrine states its goal is to replace the US as the leading superpower economically and militarily by 2030, we should take them seriously. They are much more racially/ethnically conscious than Hitler ever was and that gives them the impetus and motivation to avoid getting complacent like the “multiculture” West that has nothing but greed to motivate it internationally. The Chinese prognostications are actual projections/extrapolations of current realities whereas the UN Agenda 2030 is just wishy-washy wish-list utopianism and a flight of fancy for fancy socialites. Our controllers and New World Orderlies are not so secretly “in bed” with the Chinese since they go with the flow and they see the Chinese dream flowering. They see the handwriting on the wall and it is in Mandarin Chinese!

And then there is the years ongoing effort by our Deep State to make Russia into the “monster of choice” in the West. The efforts to use that nation to destroy Trump should have made that clear back in the run up to the 2016 election! Neither is Putin the monster the Deep State and its media minions are working around the clock to create. His “expansionist” actions in Ukraine are not as nefarious as the implacably anti-Russian establishment would like us to believe. US funded bio-labs in the Ukraine, which number in the 30’s or 40s depending on who one chooses to believe, are an astronomical number in reality. In the US, we know of only one lab creating biological weapons, Fort Detrick in Maryland. The Ukrainian labs represent a real threat to Russia and to the rest of the world as sources of Covid-like creations – and worse! Being encircled by NATO is something Putin warned in the past he would not accept, but we for years we went ahead anyway on that project anyway. No Russian nuclear confrontation with the West is in the cards as Putin holds a winning hand and can bring us to our knees economically without saber rattling, as will be shown in the next article in this newsletter.

Let’s hope there is a seed for future germination of the Western spirit somewhere out there that can be nurtured into fruition though with so many “legitimate” people and agencies in the United States pushing these bio-weapons on ourselves and our children, that future is quickly dimming into blackness.

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