As stated previously, the devil is wise in the ways of evil and his influence in political gymnastics there is nothing like suckering a politically naive candidate like Donald Trump, who has a habit of rightly insulting the press and the politically correct. He entered an evil game of experts in devilish tricks one of which is the Demonkrats flaunting a Muslim immigration lawyer to embellish their expansion of the illegal immigrant invasion by using the Muslim family’s son, a soldier, killed in Afghanistan. The suffering and morning parents were proud of their hero son and Trump is blamed for being against open borders that would have prevented the Muslim family and their son’s birth in our country.

The lawyer demanded that Trump follow the First Amendment to the Constitution and allow Muslims open unrestricted entry into the United States based on religious beliefs must never be refused under the U.S. Constitution He claims Trump was not following the Constitution of which a copy was waved with the challenge that he (Trump) read it.

Trump replied that he felt sorry for the parents, but made the remark that because the Muslim Lawyer, the father, may have prevented his wife from speaking during the tirade against him.

Trump, innocently became surrounded by a hungry pack of political wolves. Anyone familiar with Sheria Law, knows that the wife is subordinate to the husband and needs the husband’s permission to speak. Making that inference was a major mistake by Trump who played into a P.C. blunder of major proportions that convinced the inoculated drive-buys of his race and religious prejudices. Little did Trump suspect that the entire purpose of the Muslim immigration labor lawyer’s tirade was to coax Trump into exactly the blunder he committed. This ploy was simply what Hillary’s multimillion dollar war chest paid to formulate… a hit plan. The plan included using the media, mainly controlled by Demonkrats to pounce on Trumps remark about the wife’s position and from there on its been a cause célèbre to undermine Trump’s campaign that could result in his defeat and a major blow to America’s future and once that happens the Supreme Court will be the main instrument to perpetuate Obamaism.

The list of Republican Neocons (Republican wolves in sheep clothing) hastened to bail out of the Republican Party at the first severe bump in the campaign and were happy to link up with the Clinton Cabal and Obama despite the enemy’s 8 year recession and slow death of a thousand cuts to America’s future. All of the wonks within the Neo-Republican establishment benefited financially and politically from hedge funds, and the FED Reserve’s printing press that doubled the deficit yet they made huge profits on none interest bearing loans throughout those 8 years of the welfare industry ,and those free lunches to include free cell phones no IDs for dead voters.

The mantra in their teary eyes bleated about the down trodden and pocketed hundreds of millions of dollars. Henry Paulson, negotiated the bank bond bailouts; Brent Scowcroft, a general turned political hack is one of the Clinton cabal’s protégés; Ex-president George W. Bush now supports Hillary in 2016 and all those who were disappointed who contributed millions to his failed brother’s campaign and helped by that varmint Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, Susan Collins, first to jump ship because he delicate sensibilities were offended at Trump’s remark regarding the silent wife of the Muslim lawyer who is under the yoke of sheria law.

John McCain, A SONG BIRD

Donald Trump finally endorsed John McCain for his primary election in Arizona. This was another mistake that proves backtracking FROM HIS FORMER POSITION ABOUT Mc Cain is not in the interest of a strong candidate leadership. Since the endorsement, on August 6th, 2016, Oath keepers announced the following:
Breaking News: John McCain’s 1969 “Tokyo Rose” – Oath Keepers
broadcasts revealed. John McCain as a Traitor and Songbird who sings for his masters.

The Donald, probably had no knowledge that a damming video broadcast transmission of McCain’s treason before his announcement of support for McCain’s reelection. The video was heard and seen while McCain was a prisoner of the North Vietnamese. In it he condemned the USA in the North Vietnam’s propaganda film that at the time was released for worldwide distribution. McCain thanked the N. Vietnam government for their excellent hospital accommodations throughout his recovery and for medical treatment and the doctors’ expertise in repairing his leg and arm injuries.

Those who were beaten, starved and routinely tortured for years while at the Hilton Hotel prison in Hanoi were outraged and privately labeled McCain the Song Bird. It was strange that after the Vietnam war the elected Senator McCain made a special trip to Hanoi to meet with the commander of the prison to thank him for his part while McCain was a prisoner.

Why this published visit was not made a matter of McCain’s duplicity by the CIA, FBI and any of the many investigating agencies within the press and TV and print media sources is still a mystery. The agencies, both private and public should have been as aware as was the rest of the world’s population at that time. If proof of this film clip wasn’t released earlier, it was somehow withheld from exposure, but those who suffered the tortures of hell didn’t have the proof to reveal what they suspected and knew McCain as a weak, traitorous pussy cat. This recently released video proves it. As for my personal opinion, John McCain should never have been in Congress and it was the public’s grave, lugubrious mistake for him to be a candidate for the elected office of president.

The obfuscations and recent ass saving that the Director of the FBI and Obama’s Attorney General did when giving Hillary a pass to the White House instead of fitting her for an orange suit is reminiscent of routine under-cover political manipulation.

Donald Trump was forced to deal with the establishment type weenies for political calming of the turmoil within the Republican establishment in order to survive the campaign. It is really so sad that a patriot provided his own funds to fight the establishment and their crooked election processes and must stand alone to make his case.

It is a travesty that Trump is now so vilified and made to be a spectacle charged as crazy villain while in reality he tells the citizens of our great country that this is their final chance to remain within a free democratic republic. If the Democrats selection of vacancies in the Supreme Court it will forever create their brand of socialist/communist justice instead of being in accordance with the original Bill of Rights and the Clintonites will replaced them with what was the Soviets interpretive of a living Constitution.

You ain’t seen nothin yet after Hillary grasps hold of wellfareism , another means for her own wealth-fare fortunes… supported by Senator Harry Reid’s return as its crooked Senate leader.

© 2016 Joe Kress – All Rights Reserved

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