We are witnessing the degradation of a once first-class education system because of the implementation of LGBTQ so-called values, which are not values at all but an ideology of filth and debauchery on steroids.  I say this be cause too many schools feel that the LBGTQ community needs to be celebrated when in reality it needs to be exposed for what it is, filth!

I will have to say that it is not just the indoctrination of the homosexual lifestyle that is disgusting but the teaching of heterosexuality that has gotten completely out of hand.  When I was in the 10th grade in Arizona they had just begun what is called Sex Education.  In that class they taught about male and female parts and functions.  By that age we already had a good idea about that subject.  When I moved back to Colorado that class was not taught until the senior year.  It was similar but was taught as if it was the 1930’s.  We already had learned on the street more than what they taught in that class.

Jump to 2019 and they have gone completely nuts!  They are teaching ten-year-old girls how to put a condom on male genitalia“It’s shocking,” Rebecca Friedrichs, the founder of For Kids & Country, told The Christian Post.

She said one school had 10- and 11-year-old girls participate in a “condom race” in which they ran, in front of male classmates, to be the first to put a condom on a model of an erect adult male penis.

“I always tell people that the scary thing is, I’ll give radio interviews and I can’t even say on the radio things that are being taught in our elementary and middle school classrooms in mixed company. There’s something very wrong there,” she said.

Friedrichs has helped to organize several local and state-wide parent protests against the new materials.

National Catholic Register reports the concerns center around changes approved by the California Board of Education in May. 

Josh Stickney, communications manager with Equality California, said he does not believe the curriculum is out of the ordinary.

“We don’t believe any of this will prime students to do anything they wouldn’t normally do,” Stickney said. “It’s important to dispel myths and stigma around sex health for the LGBT community. That starts with awareness and sex education.” [1] Call me old fashioned but ten year old girls do not need this kind of information. Notice that the communications manager, Josh Stickney, does NOT believe “the curriculum is out of the ordinary”.  Seriously!  Ten-year-olds!  Again, this is what you get when we let government control the schools.  By the way, there is NO constitutional provision for the federal government to be involved in any way with our education system.

Now we jump to the other coast and another rabidly liberal state, New York, and we see the insanity go to a different level and that is ‘treating’ elementary kids to a drag queen show done by the president of the PTA at a school ‘talent’ show.  Parents of students at a public elementary school in East Harlem went to see their kids at a talent show last week and got a full-on drag performance.

Mom Raquel Morales couldn’t believe her eyes as she watched the erotic dance with her 10-year-old son.

“Even as I’m recording, I’m like, ‘This must be déjà vu, I’m dreaming. This is not happening in a school assembly. This can’t be,’” Morales said.

The performer in drag was none other than the president of the PTA at P.S. 96., Frankie Quinones. Video shot by Morales shows him twirling and gyrating to a song by ’80s Puerto Rican performer Iris Chacon.

On an event flyer, the drag show was only billed as a “Special Surprise Performance!”

Morales questioned what organizers were thinking.

“He got on all fours on the choir stand, he laid on his back, raised his legs, opened his legs wide open. What made you in your head think that was appropriate for elementary school students?” Morales said.

P.S. 96 had no answers, nor did District 4. However the Dept. of Education said, “The content of the performance was inappropriate and a school administrator has spoken with the parent.”

Other parents at the school didn’t even want to talk about it, but Morales said she’s glad she spoke out. [2]

Now in California it is illegal for a parent to pull your child out of this kind of trash indoctrination but the parent of 700 students in Sacramento, California decided that they weren’t going to put up with that type of totalitarian government BS.  Parents objecting to a Rocklin School District Board decision to include a curriculum in the early grades touting the achievements of LGBT people did not allow their children to go to class Friday in protest.  They say at least 700 students stayed home in the 12,000 student district.

A heated Board meeting on Wednesday resulted in a 3-2 vote to include a curriculum approved by the state law that seeks to introduce more inclusiveness in school teachings.

But parents say young children are not ready for discussions that may confuse them and that parents, not the district, know the maturity level of their kids the best.

They offered a compromise to introduce the study materials after the fifth grade as some other school districts have done.  But a legal opinion by district counsel said that wasn’t possible.

District attendance figures weren’t immediately announced but district officials did expect to lose some state attendance funding and lamented the lost day of instruction for some students.

It says that the curriculum will be tweaked to take into account some concerns raised by parents, but some parents suspect that the decision was predetermined. [3]

Our children are being bombarded by ideologies that violate most of America’s moral beliefs and Christian values.  If you look closely, you’ll see that it is the left, liberals, Democrat Socialists that are doing this.  They want to run this country. They believe that their ideas are best.  Look at California.  They let homeless people camp on the streets, defecate and urinate in the streets. Colorado has been taken over by these socialist/homosexual deviants and are allowing the same behavior. California police officers have contracted typhoid because of the unhealthy conditions the liberals are allowing to proliferate in that state.  This will spread to every liberal run city and state if not stopped.  It must be stopped at the ballot box.  If the liberals ever get control of the House and Senate AND the White House, the American experiment is over, and we will become the largest third world nation and there will be no place for freedom to thrive.

The fate of the free world is in our hands.  2020 will show whether we survive or fall into the waste basket of history.

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