Anyone who has worked as a volunteer with a local animal rescue group knows that most of such group’s efforts involved feral cats and their kittens. When a mother cat and her litter were brought to a vet, after being examined, they are given a distemper vaccination. Distemper is a very serious disease and no examination of a feral animal was conducted without this essential treatment.

However, a significant percentage of those receiving the shot died fairly quickly. This resulted because the animals already had distemper but didn’t show any observable signs. Thus, the vaccination hastened the onset and virulence of the disease, sometimes causing death in a matter of hours. The inoculation was not the cause of death, distemper was: The treatment merely hastened the inevitable.

The more one studies our present cultural and political quagmire, the more we see a painful example about the consequences of matters that should not — under ordinary circumstances — have produced the current catastrophe. Actually, the present situation is the result of an underlying condition that had existed for a considerable period of time, but was not evident except to the highly trained or experienced. For instance, the election of Barack Hussein Obama — illegitimate and perilous as it was — should not have led to our present crisis, the exposure of a traitorous “Deep State” and its ongoing coup d’état against the duly-elected President of the United States!

In the two years since Donald Trump’s election, every branch of government has been engaged in an open rebellion against the man We the People elected to office! Most of the supposedly “free press” has joined the Deep State in its efforts to nullify the election of 2016! For older Americans, such intrigue is a great shock. Many find it difficult to believe that responsible individuals have not stepped forward to restore the Rule of Law, but so far, this has not happened, nor, we are assured, is it going to happen! In fact, our “political class” with the aid of the bureaucracy and the media is even now scheming to prevent the election of any candidate not of its choosing, whether it be Donald Trump or any other outsider.

Obviously, America’s body politic, like those feral cats, was already infected with the condition that has spawned this open, obvious and unrepentant assault against all the principles that our nation represents, such as “liberty and justice for all.” The malady precipitating our present state reached a crisis point in the mid-20th century. Forty years earlier, the so-called “Civil War” had redefined the United States into a very different country: And, while the first half decade of the 20th Century appeared innocuous, two World Wars and the Great Depression completed Lincoln’s efforts to destroy the Republic of the Founders.

Many see the 1950s as the last of the “good old days,” but that is not so. Every vestige of the culture began to change in that decade, from music and entertainment to the rejection of what were acceptable social norms. But, if the 50s were dubious, the 60s were radical. Whether it was dress or entertainment or racial customs or religion or education, all acceptable norms were being questioned and discarded in favor of what was “new” or “fashionable.” Everything old became passé`: Not just music or books or fashions, but morals, ethics, traditions and truths.

Every generation after the 1950s witnessed our continuing decline, but as it was done incrementally there was no great hue-and-cry to end it. So, despite such eye-opening novelties as bare breasts, buttocks and four-letter expletives in movies and TV, the poisoning of the culture was mostly ignored. Those who spoke out were condemned as prudes, squares and killjoys.

But even less obvious were the changes taking place in American politics! Yet, as the worst became obvious even to the oblivious and apathetic, most Americans did little more than complain and bemoan the loss of “the good old days.” At this point, the Obama Presidency catapulted the body politic into a death spiral and there is little hope that equilibrium might be restored. Many believed that the presidency of outsider Donald Trump might “reboot” our political process and, for a year or so, it seemed that “middle America” might actually be returning to its rightful place of power and influence.

However, the refusal of the federal government to actually serve the People – rather than the reverse — has created a presidency solely dependent upon what the Chief Executive can accomplish autonomously without any help from the rest of the government! Barack Obama over used his “executive pen,” but with the full cooperation of the other branches of government—including Republicans—the bureaucracy, the military, many if not most of the States and, of course, the news media. It often seemed as if Obama did so because he was too lazy to go through legitimate Constitutional channels.

Trump on the other hand, has been denied those channels:  Even his Executive Orders are often curtailed simply because they require somebody to follow through. A President is like a general: That is, he is only as powerful as the army he commands. If the current stalemate continues, like those feral cats for whom assistance was lethal, the deadly disease of the (dis)temper of the times will result in the death of America’s body politic, and with it our nation.

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