But soon no one will be listening

The Democrats in the Senate have shown themselves through this Kavanaugh witch hunt to care zero about due process of law and commitment to any kind of truth.  We were forced again and again to listen to the sanctimonious lies and arrogance of Democrat after Democrat assaulting Judge Kavanaugh and America.   I watched the whole thing and nearly threw up several times.  I was especially inspired by Senator Blumenthal (D) who lectured Kavanaugh about how telling one lie means all you say is a lie, using fancy language from on high.  The only problem with that is that Blumenthal is a serial liar himself.  During a huge chunk of his political career, he talked of his brave military service in Vietnam, storming up hills in fire fights, which never happened.  He didn’t go to Vietnam, but who cares about that small little detail.

Then there is Senator Feinstein who held back the letter from Dr. Ford for two months, instead of having the Senate do their duty and investigate whether the accusation had any merit or not.  She never cared about merit or whether Dr. Ford was telling the truth.  She only saw a plan to smear and stall the Trump nomination until after the Mid Term elections.

Magically Dr. Ford’s letter was leaked to the press, bringing Ford forward for a very pubic testimony.  Naturally, Feinstein has zero idea how it was leaked, though it had to be tracked to her or one of her close aids.  Mabey one day she will say she served in Vietnam also.  After all, it is just politics, who cares about the facts and truth.

That leads us to the 7th FBI investigation on Kavanaugh.  Once again, they found nothing and shockingly, he appears to be the man Trump and most of the nation believe he was and is.

Now, the desperate Democrats, just on the verge of the midterm elections, continue to scheme and invent more lying tantrums, flipping them like pancakes.  Few, if any Democratic Senators will accept the FBI report offered up yet again. The good news in all this is that Kavanaugh will soon be confirmed and our Supreme Court will lean conservative and Constitutional instead of settling to be a leftist, political football.

The Democrat leftists and media can do nothing but hate anything President Trump does or supports, including Kavanaugh and Trump supporters, because most of us believe in freedom, our Constitution, rule of law, freedom of speech, God, and right to life for the very young and old.  We love the idea of America first instead of last, sovereignty and secured borders.

In this battle between good and evil, up and down, right and wrong – Democrats and Republicans, I strongly believe the Democrats wrote up their own conclusion and future for the Mid Terms by exposing their cruelty and evil to the nation.  They lose big and Republicans will get even more of the House and Senate.  Too bad, so sad.

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