By Frosty Wooldridge

While we keep our social distance, and, while we watch Covid 19 rage across America, few appreciate a greater ‘virus’ that’s creating the ‘death’ of America as we knew her in 1965.

As quickly as the Coronavirus races across the American landscape killing thousands of people, another virus, self-imposed by our own elected representatives in Washington DC, races across our country at a rate of over 100,000 new additions every 30 days.  What constitutes this modern disease creating the ‘death’ of America as we knew her?

The disease more dangerous and deadly than Covid 19?  Answer: endless legal and illegal immigration of third world people and their cultures and religions.  Few understand the long-term ramifications of making America a quagmire of dozens of foreign cultures, languages, violent religions and world views.

Can Western Civilization Survive Another 100,000,000 Legal Immigrants predicted by 2050?  Why or why not?  What are you doing about it?

If you take time to read Mark Steyn’s book, America Alone, he sensibly and rationally dissects what’s happening to Europe.  They commit demographic suicide at blinding speed. He predated Douglas Murray’s, The Strange Death of Europe: Identity, Immigration, Islam.  Another book shows Canada’s demise, Canadistan: How Multiculturalism is Destroying Canada by Sarah Yasini.

Within 20 years, another astute author will write his or her book: The Self-Chosen Death of America by ******* ************.  If I’m still alive at that time, I will write that book, if the new immigrant majority will allow me.

Steyn says that Western Civilizations suffer from “civilizational despair.”  In other words, western countries have become SO complacent about freedom, free speech, women’s rights, children’s rights, religious choice and loyalty to their specific countries—that they simply sit on their butts to watch their cultures fade.  And, we seem to think that it won’t happen to us.

Except, it IS happening to us at blinding speed when you look at the four border states with Mexico.  Spanish dominates businesses, schools and workplace conversations.  It IS happening in Miami where a White American cannot secure a job or enjoy anyone resembling an American who speaks English.  It IS happening with parallel societies exploding in New York, Minneapolis, Detroit, San Francisco, LA and Houston.

It IS happening where Muslims dominate and are imbedding themselves into key political positions across America. Whether it’s the Council on American Immigration Relations or The Muslim Brotherhood—they follow one prime directive: install Sharia Law. Or, as their numbers grow, they de facto practice it against American Constitutional Law.

So many Americans point to Europe and Canada for allowing their cultures and languages to be immigrated to death.  Most Americans have heard of “no go zones” where the immigrants do not allow anyone other than their own people to trod.  Guess what?  We’ve already seen honor killings and FGM in America, and now, “no  go zones” in the aforementioned  cities.

Second Aspect Of The Death Of America As We Knew Her

If that doesn’t sober you as to the death of America, this second aspect cannot be denied or escaped.  We remain on course to add in excess of 110 million foreigners to America by 2050—a scant 30 years from now. That’s not “if” but a fact that will manifest by 2050 when our population jumps from 330 million to 440 million—unless we, the citizens of America—force Congress to rescind the 1965 Immigration Reform Act.

Do you know what it takes to sustain another 100,000,000 people beyond the 330 million already here?  Do you understand how much water must be available as the average American uses 166 gallons daily?  What about gasoline?  What about natural gas?   The horrific amount of resources?  Any idea as to the amount of food that must be generated to feed THAT many people?

Immigration by the numbers—off the chart” by Roy Beck

This 10-minute demonstration shows Americans the results of unending mass immigration on the quality of life and sustainability for future generations: in a few words, “Mind boggling!”

All the while, THAT much population gain will completely destroys our quality of life and standard of living.  It means a doubling of populations of our 35 most populated cities.  How will we sustain that?

Do you remember the Titanic steamship in April 15, 1912? Captain Smith pushed it too fast through iceberg-filled waters.  Result: he sunk his own ship and all its passengers.  Do you remember  the movie “Thelma and Louise”?  They committed so many crimes that consequences drove them toward that cliff in their 1966 Thunderbird. They couldn’t fix their problems, so they chose suicide by driving over the cliff.

What’s happening to America?  Within 30 years we will be 440 million people and a hodgepodge of minority races, incompatible religions, linguistic confusion and virtually everybody will think on a different cultural page. We’ll suffer from too many people, too little resources and gasoline will be exhausted.

Coronavirus will be solved at some point, but unless we change course, nothing will solve the “immigration virus” that will permanently cripple the United States of America and all Western Civilizations.

Would you like a reasonable national discussion-debate on what kind of a civilization you’re handing over to your kids?  Or, would you like to see your children repeat the mistakes of the Titanic and Thelma and Louise?

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