Lee Duigon

Here it is, Independence Day 2020, Fourth of July—and they’re mandating us six ways from Sunday. No legislation, no debate—just one mandate after another, handed down from high Olympus.

I must’ve missed those Federalist Papers that said “When in doubt, mandate.”

They’re letting convicted felons out of jail, cutting police budgets and whipping up anti-police hysteria—and then they’re dumbfounded when their nice blue Democrat cities’ crime rate shoots into the stratosphere.

In return for exorbitant tuition payments and lavish government grants, our colleges and universities have spent the last five years “teaching” the evils of America and the inborn guilt and racial criminality of all white people. Don’t bother even to try to defend yourself: “systemic racism” means you were born guilty.

A little farther down the academic food chain, Far Left teachers’ unions—is there any other kind?—“teach” public school children the immutable wonderfulness of all things transgender. It’s not enough to indoctrinate them to hate their country; they must be made to hate themselves. That way they won’t complain or resist when libs tear down their country; and if they despise themselves enough, they’ll think they deserve what happens to them next.

Why is it that every socialist nabob in every country where they exist winds up as rich as flaming Croesus? What—is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez not yet a millionaire? But then she’s only just started. Bernie Sanders didn’t start out rich, but he is now. And former President *Batteries Not Included now has tens of millions of dollars to play with. Socialism been very, very good to them!

It’s Fourth of July and they’re out there pulling down our statues, denouncing our history, and trying to erase our nation’s memory of everything that ever was before they came along. Hitler and Tojo tried to do that, too, but we didn’t let them. Now we have our own home-grown enemies doing it—and do we see anyone seriously trying to stop them?

St. Gildas in the 6th century wrote “On the Ruin of Britain,” in which he described his country’s leaders and magnates as “running on all fours into Hell.” The Anglo-Saxons came over and conquered them. A man named Arthur did a rather good job of stopping them—until the Britons turned on him and stopped him.

We have let the enemy, who call themselves “progressives,” take control of all our institutions and turn them against us. For this we have no one to thank but ourselves. How do we get out of this? Who is left now to defend us?

King Alfred, fighting off another wave of invasion from Denmark in the 9th century, wrote, “But the Lord is our defense: Jesu defend us.” He knew there was no hope but in the Lord.

Where will we be as a nation on the Fourth of July, 2021? A conquered place, where they throw you in jail for “climate change denial” or “misgendering,” but let you out for armed robbery? Where mandates rule, and the legislators might as well sit home and count their money? Where they shut down churches for not performing same-sex pseudo-marriage?

Pray for courage, pray for strength, and pray for wisdom. Turn to God, and He will turn to us.

“If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear them from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land” (2 Chronicles 7:14).

The spirit of Caleb and Joshua must descend on us—but only if we ask God for it.

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