The recent spate of Wikilinks emails reveal Hillary Clinton and her top aides to harbor contempt for the electorate, who they view as rubes, and harbor a sense of entitlement for themselves, presuming that they are above the law, beyond reproach, and privileged. They are a peculiar brand of elitist criminals: The ordinary rules that govern all other Americans they deem inapplicable to them; they remain unrepentant for violations of the Espionage Act, for conflicts of interest, for derelictions of duty that resulted in the loss of four Americans’ lives in Benghazi, and for foreign policy decisions that have sacrificed the lives of Americans and have hastened the arrival of a nuclear Iran, the spread of radical Islam, and the rise of ISIS.

Combine the Wikilinks emails with the evidence supporting the conclusion that the Clintons have abused public office for private gain through influence peddling schemes dating back to their Arkansas days, and we have a recipe for widespread corruption if Hillary becomes the 45th President of the United States.

Bill Clinton famously “sold” the Lincoln bedroom and infamously engaged in illicit affairs with woman after woman from the time he was Attorney General of Arkansas through the time he served as President until the present, even engaging in sexual acts with intern Monica Lewinsky in the White House. Bill Clinton notoriously lied about the Lewinsky affair to the American people and under oath, lost his license for perjuring himself, and suffered a vote of impeachment by the House of Representatives (but was acquitted by the Senate). Hillary Clinton effectively sold access and favors while serving as Secretary of State, helping obtain in excess of $2 billion in contributions to the Clinton Foundation which, itself, is really a Clinton slush fund and not a “charity” (giving but a very small amount of funds received to the needy).

The election of Hillary Clinton brings not only Hillary but also Bill Clinton back to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and with them a long and uninterrupted legacy of debauchery and influence peddling more extensive and corrupt than ever before in American history. The Clintons have built riches out of public service, shamelessly selling favors to some of the wealthiest people on earth, including those who are dedicated enemies of the United States. They prove through these actions a love for self to the exclusion of a love for country. To them the instrumentalities of government are but opportunities for private exploitation, to be dangled in front of would be financial supporters to entice them to finance the Clintons themselves. Having aligned the rich and powerful behind them through manipulation of policy and grants of political favors and overt conflicts of interest, they have in a very short time amassed great wealth.

Despite the corruption, many Americans appear now predisposed to put the Clintons back in the White House. This go around, having escaped sanction for Benghazi, the email scandals, the Espionage Act violations, the abuse of public office for private gain, and false testimony before Congress, Hillary Clinton stands poised to attain a position of power so extensive that she may command not just the State Department but the entire executive branch of government to serve the Clintons’ private financial interests.

In a new Clinton administration, there will be a constant double standard. The Clintons and those they favor will continue to escape punishment for illegal acts, while the rest of America will not. A Clinton empire is in the works. Unlike prior imperial presidencies where violations of the rule of law were the exception, in this one the rule of law will be so thoroughly traduced that the Founding Fathers’ bedrock principle, that America is a nation of laws and not of men, will be replaced by the arbitrary will of the Clintons.

© 2016 Jonathan W. Emord – All Rights Reserved

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