by Lee Duigon

Fundamentally transforming America into a socialist hell-hole is a big job, even for confirmed fanatics and other bad guys. But they’re doing it as fast as they can; and here are six of the most useful tools in their kit.

*The Ruptured Border. Refusing to enforce our nation’s borders is indispensable. You not only import chaos—and people will give the government more power if they think it will protect them from chaos—but you can also import weird foreign diseases. And now we know that the threat of a new disease can justify all sorts of restrictions on our freedoms. Since the rise of a certain disease in 2020, statists have never had it so good.

*Riots Ready to Go. The threat of riots will deter courts from making rulings that the wokies don’t like. So they keep the riots simmering on the stovetop, ready at an instant’s notice. Raw physical terror, coupled with millions of dollars’ worth of damage to our cities, will keep the judges in line.

*Fomenting Racial Strife. The Far Left in America would be hard pressed to carry on without continual racial strife. Keep the people hating each other, fearful of each other, and the odds are they’ll never join together to demand the restoration of their liberties. You might be able to accomplish this by insisting on lockdowns, face masks, and social distancing; but hey, no plague works forever. But if you can get all the different races hating each other, you’ll never have to worry about them uniting to oppose the runaway state. Let’s hear it for Critical Race Theory! With this as a pedagogical fixture in our schools and colleges, the Left will never run short of useful idiots.

*Transgender. This is an attack on the very fabric of reality. We all know, unless we’re profoundly stupid, that no one can actually change his “gender.” Surgical mutilation, drugs, hormones, and behavioral modification can’t change a single one of the millions and millions of chromosomes in every human body. Even so, if you can make it a rule that everyone else has to pay lip service to “trans,” or else, you establish the principal that there’s no such thing as real reality: there’s only whatever you say is real. This used to be called insanity. Now it’s a political doctrine.

*Censorship. We don’t want people talking, do we? Not unless we can control what they say! Big Government relies on Big Tech to erase dissent, and Big Tech is very glad to do it. They see themselves as someday forming a vital piece of a global government. See, if we have a dissenting thought or two, what good is it if we can’t share it? If we can’t discuss it with anybody else? One-person protest movements don’t get very far, do they?

*Let the Corporations Do the Dirty Work. Why go to the trouble to enact, uh, “laws,” if some court is going to rule them unconstitutional and shut them down? Ah! You can get the private sector to do things that the government can’t do. Vaccine passports, for instance: blatantly unconstitutional, even Democrats might (I say “might,” not “can”) realize it’s a wasted effort. But what if an airline refuses to sell you a ticket unless you can prove you’ve been vaccinated—with a drug not yet approved by the FDA, and therefore an experimental drug, which the law says you can’t be forced to take? You either don’t fly, or you put yourself through the rigors of suing the airline. Each and every abuse of liberty by the private sector, be it a restaurant, a ballpark, or whatever, would require its own individual lawsuit to correct. This can consume years and years—and meanwhile the statists continue on their merry way, wiping out our freedoms.

Lady Liberty has a price on her head, and globalists and other leftids are trying to hunt her down and put her away.

And my word count tells me that if I had stopped with that last sentence, I would have written an essay of 666 words.

Tell me it’s a coincidence.

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