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The days preceding and those following March 3, 2020, Super Tuesday, proved to be a dramatic turn of events in modern Democratic Party politics. Dramatic because, before the South Carolina primary, Joe Biden’s, candidacy, the presidency seemed on the verge of collapse. Added to Biden’s dismal fourth place showing in Iowa and fifth in New Hampshire is the lingering Ukrainian/Burisma scandal and his incoherent speeches. All seemed lost before South Carolina and Super Tuesday, where a miraculous showing at the polls gave him 10 out of 14 states. Added to Biden’s recent success was his easy victory over Sanders in Michigan and their virtual tie in Washington state.

What preceded Biden’s turnaround was the national Democratic Party’s demonization of Biden’s chief rival, Bernie Sanders.  The recent flood of negativity hurled at Sanders was highly effective in landing Biden as the new Democratic Party front runner.

But all is not what it seems. The question be asked: Why would the Democratic hierarchy use its power and influence to propel the mentally challenged Biden into its top spot? The answer is, because “the fix” is in. It is very possible that the Party, which is run by Clinton operatives, has made the decision that Hillary Clinton will replace Biden as the nominee.

For “the fix” to work, Sanders must be significantly behind in primary wins. The Party cannot do to Bernie what they did in 2016, with the super delegate maneuver. The plan in 2020 is to eliminate Bernie early by building up Biden’s state totals and delegate count until Bernie’s path to nomination is impossible.

Then the Party must get Bernie to support Hillary again. They bought him off last time with an airplane. The price in 2020 may be a cabinet position in Hillary’s administration.


I ask the reader, have you ever seen a national politician from either party, like Joe Biden, who is unable to put two coherent sentences together?

The questions keep coming, even from some Democratic circles: What is wrong with Joe? Will Joe be able to survive as the Democratic front runner under the daily public scrutiny in the grind of a presidential campaign with all the required speeches, interviews, and debates?  The Democrats cannot allow Biden to be put on a public platform against Trump.  He would be a disaster.

So, how and when will Biden bow out?  He will need to hang in through most of the primary season in order to eliminate Bernie, and 41 of the 50 state primaries won’t be over until April 28th.  Can Biden survive for a little over six weeks till the end of April? Probably, with some help from the other Democratic candidates campaigning for him and the fake news media providing cover.

If Biden can make it through the next six primary weeks, then the best way for the Party to get Biden to hand over the reins to Hillary would be to have Biden exit because of a physical condition. A hospitalized stay from physical exhaustion may be the perfect scenario for the Party to remove him and select his replacement.


The shock of Hillary’s 2016 election night loss to Donald Trump was followed by a month of reflection and mourning. The very thing that she so desired for over four decades—the presidency—just slipped out of her hands by the mere swing of 42,000 votes.

Being the political trooper she is, by January of 2017, she had jumped right into 2020 campaign mode for the final run for her dream. But this run would be different and unique to an American political campaign. It would be an orchestrated plan where her political party (which the Clintons control) would draft her a few months before the nominating convention.

The plan, as of this writing, is right on schedule and, I must say, is brilliant. The “draft scenario” allows her to avoid the grind of campaigning, and the scrutiny, debates, and endless criticism that comes with it.

Looking back the last couple of years, one can see her strategy. After complaining that the election was stolen, she continued her criticism of Trump. Then came the constant stream of public appearances and interviews. She never left the news cycle and, of course, she never stopped fundraising. All she had to do in the last year was to let the incompetent and oddball list of Democratic primary candidates destroy themselves and implode.  So now they are left with two: Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden. One is a neo-Marxist, the other is neo-Alzheimer’s.

Time to send in the clowns!

One of the key elements in the “draft” plan was to marginalize Sanders so his delegate count would be at the place where the nomination is beyond his grasp. The second key element was to push the senile Biden into an insurmountable lead as the presumptive nominee.

This was almost accomplished by March 3rd, after Biden’s victories on Super Tuesday. Then, as planned, came a stream of automatic Biden endorsements from the other Democratic candidates who dropped out. This was also followed by Hillary’s March 8th public praise of Biden’s campaign coalition. Then, in the further advancement of the “draft” plan, is the entrance of Hollywood, with the puff documentary series by Hulu called “Hillary” that started March 6th. What great timing!

So, if Biden can make it till the end of April, when 41 state primaries will have been completed, he can nail down a majority of delegates and the “draft scenario” could play out at any time.

There is an increasing amount of speculation with conservative commentators, like Mark Steyn, and in the alternative media that suspects Hillary will replace Biden.  Most of the speculation hints at brokered Democratic convention or a scenario that Hillary would accept a vice president position from Biden. Then, when Biden steps down either before or after the election, she will be president. Because of her ego, I don’t think she would accept that scenario. Plus, it’s too risky assuming a Biden/Hillary ticket could beat Trump. It would also look too contrived.

She needs a much better public relational strategy move to project her to the Democratic nomination. The draft by the Party faithful, after Biden steps down, is much more dramatic. It would place Hillary more as a political savior versus a political schemer.


If Hillary is drafted by the Party, what exactly would that look like? Let me entertain a possible scenario of events that would be a perfect public relations coup.

First, with Biden’s exit, the Democratic Party hierarchy would immediately call for a conclave of Democrats in order to select an alternative. Everyone would be there—Schumer, Pelosi, the primary candidates, and the billionaire donors.

It would be best for them to hold this conclave in Milwaukee without Hillary in attendance to give the secret meeting some symbolic authority. I could see the plan developing with Hillary back in Chappaqua, New York, at the Clinton’s home, waiting for word from the conclave. Then, upon getting the call, the Clintons would be whisked away to meet with the Democratic hierarchy.

Then, after a couple of hours, the conclave spokesperson would introduce Hillary to the press as their new nominee. Hillary’s speech would be the usual fabricated address with something about, “I have enjoyed my retirement from political life the last three years but after much thought, prayer and counsel I realized I must put my country and the American people first instead of my personal desires. With great humility and honor, I have accepted the call to be the Democratic Party nominee for President.”  She would have to add the disclaimer that the final decision to be the party nominee would be up to the convention delegates.


Most of the speculation on how Hillary could replace Biden thinks the replacement would be through the process of a brokered July convention in Milwaukee. This will not happen. The candidacy flip of Biden to Hillary will happen before convention time. The Democrats cannot afford the speculation, uncertainty, and negative publicity of a brokered convention and the rumors of behind the scenes deals.

I believe the very opposite will happen. It will be one of the most unified, trouble-free conventions the Democrats will ever have.

The whole array of Democratic primary candidates, including Sanders and Biden, will line up behind Hillary. It will be one glorious speech after another, with the theme that Hillary can beat Donald Trump.

The convention will also have some special guests brought in to further anoint Hillary. I could see the Obamas coming. President Obama would give a glowing speech outlining Hillary’s support for him in 2008 and 2012, ending with “now it is her turn.” Remember, a Hillary administration with an Eric Holder type attorney general would protect Obama from any future prosecution of his Deep State activities against Trump.

Also look for Joe Biden to give a short speech of appreciation for Hillary taking his place. The best possible public arrangement would be for a Biden coming to the convention with a hero’s welcome and ending his speech by giving Hillary a long embrace. The emotion would rip through all Democratic hearts.

The Democratic lords will make sure their 1968 convention riots in Chicago is not repeated in Milwaukee. Any protestors will be sectioned off blocks away, and every speech and program will be a choreographed display of Democratic unity.

Hillary’s acceptance speech will be filled with the usual demagoguery of an “inclusive America” and leading a “new national unity of all Americans.” Her two main talking points will be: “I can beat Donald Trump” and followed by, “In fact, I beat Donald Trump in 2016 in the popular vote but lost to him on a little technicality, which we call the ‘Electoral College’.” The mention of the “Electoral College” will fill the convention hall with boos.

Then Hillary will proceed with, “You know I have to admit we made some mistakes in our 2016 campaign. We did not take our message into Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. I am not going to make that mistake again. I promise we will take our message of a united America for all people to Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, and we will win those states on November 3rd. We will win both the popular vote and the Electoral College.” The place will go wild.

She will leave Milwaukee with a unified Democratic Party that has anointed her with the great call to save the nation by defeating the evil Donald Trump. She will leave with authority and excitement, as if she won every primary race.

The Clinton’s strategy is brilliant and very much a possibility. She would have avoided the primary races and debates and entered the battle with the holy call to represent the Party and save America from Donald Trump.


When you stack all the Democratic primary candidates up and add Hillary to the mix, Hillary is by far the more formidable candidate to go against Trump. She is the opposite of Biden. She is a vetted Democrat, highly experienced politically, competent, an excellent speaker, and a seasoned interviewer. Despite her physical issues of 2016, she has none of Biden’s dementia concerns. Her greatest asset to Democrats is the fact she already beat Trump in 2016 by 2,864,974 votes. She lost three states by roughly 42,000 votes, which cost her the Electoral College.

Many will ask why Biden would allow himself to be used for and replaced by Hillary. You have to understand how Joe Biden thinks. Biden admitted early in his political career that he is not an independent or original thinker. He is a totally controlled politician and accepts his role of service to the Democratic establishment and donors.

Hillary, on the other hand, is exactly the opposite. Hillary Clinton is obsessed with political power and knows no moral or ethical limits to restrain her political ambition. She has been a Deep State player her entire political life and is preoccupied with her lifelong dream of the presidency. It is nothing for her to organize “the fix” and use then remove Biden for her entitled possession of the office of president.


All circumstances point to Hillary’s rise to the Democratic nomination for president. Though well planned, there is a bit of intrigue to “the fix.” The uncertainty of it all is over how long Joe Biden will last. The perfect plan would be for Biden to garner enough primary votes so Sanders will have to gracefully bow out without a fight. Ideally, the plan would have Biden last until late spring or early summer before Hillary gets the call; that way the Democrats would have time to perfectly choreograph their convention.

All the circumstances of the Democrat’s plan could change and be adjusted, especially on the timing of Biden’s exit. But what seems obvious is Biden’s departure and Hillary replacing him.

No one, except the few insiders, can know the exact details of what is to come.  My scenario of these future events comes from fifty years of watching the Deep State in action with its control of both political parties. The scenario I offer may seem incredible or even impossible, but the reader must understand that even the most extreme manipulations of political events are possible if those doing the plotting have the support of the controlled corporate media. However the particulars work themselves out, we will be in for a unique and wild political ride in the summer and fall of 2020.

The Republicans need to realize a united Democratic Party behind a Hillary Clinton candidacy will be a formidable one. It would be one that could beat Trump because the unusual circumstances of her candidacy will not matter to an invigorated Democratic Party, who will do anything, whether legal or illegal, to beat him.

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[BIO:] Tom Ertl is a home builder in North Florida.  For over three decades, Tom has worked with various Christian organizations, including Freedom Council in the ‘80s.  He is a former member of The Council for National Policy and has served in numerous Christian ministry and political organizations.  He is a member of a local Presbyterian Church (PCA).  He also publishes Christian historical and theological works and is a columnist for NewsWithViews.

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