While the leftist progressives are chomping at the bit hoping, crossing their fingers and toes, hoping that Robert Mueller and his not so merry band of politically motivated investigators will find anything to bring down the Trump administration.  So far there has been a methodical drip, drip, drip deep state plot to undermine the president and prevent his effort to govern on behalf of “We the People.”  Mueller and his minions are no more serious about cleaning up rampant sins of government officials than Bill or Mrs. Clinton are.

Those hypocrites do not honestly care about interfering in elections, or any other abuses of power.  If they were, there would have been concern over former president Obama’s interference in the election process of Israel leading up to the eventual election of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in March of 2015.  Mr. Obama also stuck his nose in Uganda’s decision making process.  That nation was trying to clean things up morally by not agreeing to unnatural sexual practices and same sex marriage.

Obama did not appreciate Uganda or any other African nation wanting to observe Christian moral values.  In fact, he threatened to cut off all American aid to those nations if they adhered to Christian principals, especially those regarding marriage and other issues.  Yet there was no concern from the likes of the federal government investigators or the dragon media about such abuses of power.

I have a not so funny feeling that the biased Mueller warlock hunt will continue unabated in the desperate hope that somebody, somewhere will cough up anything (true or not true) that will harm the Trump administration.  It does not matter to Mueller and company whether president Trump is actually booted out of office or not.  What they want is for the Trump administration to be totally hamstrung and unable to rescue our republic from the curse of leftist/globalism.  They totally disdain our constitutionally limited republic form of government that allows for you to live as you see fit, so long as you do not harm your fellow sovereign citizens.

The globalists are engaging in a massive war against those like president Trump. Because they dare to promote the idea of people you and I have a better shot at living a life of fulfillment, in a republic blessed by the same God who inspired the famous founding documents of the United States of America.   Yes they indicted Paul Manafort, former Trump campaign director for money laundering and tax cheat charges.  But nothing on Trump and his campaign.  It has been said a million times, there is no Trump collusion.  Colluding is not technically a crime.  But deleting 33,000 subpoenaed emails and smashing computers that could have contained evidence is obstructing justice are criminal activities.  But up until now and maybe for a very short while longer, the globalist credentials of the Clinton’s and others of that ilk protect them from the justice they so deserve.  Globalists will not go after other globalists, if they can avoid it.

Mr. big time in his own mind, George Papadopoulos a former junior foreign policy advisor to the Trump campaign tried to set up meetings between then candidate Trump and Russian.  Papadopoulos’s effort was soundly rejected as inappropriate.  Barbara McQuade, a liberal professor at the University of Michigan Law School who is a former U.S. attorney and has worked extensively in criminal and national security cases, told the Washington Post that Papadopoulos probably accepted a plea deal because, it is possible he may have information that can be used to build a case against someone more important than him.  “I think it’s a fair conclusion to think that he has information that is valuable in the prosecution of others.”  McQuade says, “You would only offer that cooperation if you’ve sat down with him and learned that he has information that is of value.”

I believe that is wishful thinking on her part that Trump is brought down.  The bottom line is the election of Donald Trump for president represents the difference between life and death for our republic.  Under the Obama regime, Mrs. Clinton sold twenty percent of our uranium deposits to Russia.  America got nothing worthwhile in return.  I firmly believe that if Mrs. Clinton had been foolishly elected president, we would know nothing of the awful Clinton scandals with Russia and the huge money trail that cannot be denied.  The Clinton funding of a fake dossier against Donald Trump to try and sway the election away from the Donald was shameful and should in time bring justice down upon those who would participate in such underhanded behavior.

The big political boomerang is flying and may soon swoop back in the direction of many including Podesta, Comey, Mrs. Clinton and others who have themselves been colluding to bring down the pro American Trump administration.  So far, not so good but better days are ahead.  Every Friday, join me in conversation during the Ron Edwards Experience on KCKQ AM 1180 1:00 PM PT, 4:00 PM EST or www.americamatters.us or www.shrmedia.com.  Every day is better at 6:29 AM PT, 9:29 AM EST with a page from The Edwards Notebook on KCKQ AM 1180 and worldwide via www.americamatters.us and www.shrmedia.com.  overnight weekends The Edwards Notebook emanates nationwide to 60 radio stations in 28 states from flagship AM 860 WGUL Tampa during the Captain’s America talk show at approximately 4:30 AM Saturdays.

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