Let us pause for a moment of silence as we contemplate the spiritual significance and depth of so many on the Democrat left.  It is Thanksgiving time and soon Christmas, so let’s look at the enlightened words of several who perceive themselves as light spreaders and are faithfully competing for the 4th person of the Trinity.

First, we are awed by Nancy Pelosi who not only constantly reminds us that as long as Trump is President she will never leave, but drools endless impeachment threats.  Remember when Pelosi spoke  to the national press club.   She preached that …” maybe the Trump Presidency is a message from God.  …. But maybe God is telling us that we have not done our job completely to rid our country of some of the negative attitudes, whether it’s xenophobia, anti-immigrant, anti-woman, racist, in whatever way. That is part of the task we have before us.”  (The New Republic)

She went on to say that Trump had done nothing positive at all for the American people in the first 40 days.  Then she showed off her spiritual significance of 40 days…40 days in the wilderness with Christ, then Moses and now magically, 40 days of failure with Trump.  Hmmm…

Maybe God is trying to tell us all something.  Could it be that people like ‘God speak’ Pelosi are the real failures to the American people since they ignore national and border security, moral foundations based on the Bible supporting the right to life instead of worshipping at the shrine of abortion and Gay marriage rights. All we hear is Rights, Rights and more Rights no matter what the moral and Constitutional breakage is surrounding them.

It is hard to hear anti Trump sermons from Pelosi, reminding us of course that she is a devout Catholic, when she guts and ignores the heart of the Holy Bible.  She is apparently blind to the miraculous and God inspired successes under Trump for America and that little thing called the truth.  Now, she fights to continue her Speaker position.  Perhaps she should shut up and find a prayer position.

Then there is enlightened Maxine Waters who constantly rains down heavenly wisdom on us all as she skewers Trump again and again.   I have lost track as to how many times Waters has declared that God was on her side and those liberals she represents.  She is the one who has called the nation to ‘push back’ calling on all to kick Trump’s cabinet members and supporters out of restaurants, gas stations essentially any public place.  Trump and his followers are not welcome anywhere.  She tells Trump and all Trump supporters to expect harassment.  Now let us pray and be reminded that God is on Water’s side, mob leaders and those who so spiritually kick people right out of their restaurants and chase them down the street.

I can’t think of any on the left who don’t treat God as a gumball and propaganda machine they pull out of their pocket at will to threaten, terrorize and call people to violent action against conservative Trump supporters and real Christians.  Praise God and  Jesus too, Really?

Hillary and Bill Clinton have done the same ‘Christian magician’ trick, using faith as a way to manipulate voters, while they chronically have slept around, been implicated with drugs, threatened countless people while destroying all they could of America.  Pass the offering plate yet again but don’t pray and follow the real God of the Holy Bible.

You lying, immoral, fascist, anti-American and anti-moral scum!  You don’t know good from bad, right from wrong, law from crime, security from danger and apparently God from Satan.

Blow blue smoke somewhere else.  Americans and America under President Donald Trump who God did put in, is healing up, getting strong again, rediscovering our core values and succeeding again.

America, God IS on your side and so is Trump.

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