The republican party, originally founded July 6th, 1854.  The Grand Old Party was established to combat the scourge of slavery.  The democrat party was never going to advocate for the freedom and unalienable rights of black slaves.  Thus, those seeking liberty for all Americans were forced to form the Republican party.  Back in 1820, the United States congress had agreed the Missouri Compromise, under which Missouri entered the Union as a slave state, but slavery was forbidden anywhere else in the Louisiana Purchas north of 36` 30.’

However, in 1854 the principle was threatened by the Kansas-Nebraska Act, under which the white inhabitants of the two territories were to decide by referendum whether slavery be allowed there or not.  There were numerous Americans in the northern states who disapproved of slavery, including many northern Whigs and a very few northern democrats to form a new political party.  The original impetus emanated from anti-Nebraska meetings in the North Western states of Michigan and Wisconsin to figure out what actions to take if the Nebraska Act passed.

The meetings were not only opposed to slavery, but demanded the opening up of the west by small homesteaders and the building of railroads.  In Michigan there were meetings in Kalamazoo; Jackson and Detroit and after the act had passed in May, the new party was formally founded in Jackson, Michigan in July.  Leading figures were individuals ranging from Austin Blair, a free soiler lawyer who was prosecuting attorney of Jackson County to Frederick Douglas, an escaped slave and abolitionist who became arguably the greatest orator of the nineteenth century.  He was also a successful businessman.  Douglas vigorously promoted the belief that every man should be free to make his life a good one, by his own efforts and a belief in God.  It was his own personal research of the Constitution, Bill of Rights and the Biblical scriptures that helped him come to the logical conclusion to join in the effort to for a political party.

The republican party has always been the better of the two major political parties.  The platform was centered around the eradication of slavery, the preservation of our recognized unalienable rights, including the right to bear arms, freedom of religion, freedom of expression, lower taxes and in more recent years, promoting life over abortion.

After all, it was the republican party that was known for the embracing and promoting the concept of not impeding the right of black Americans to succeed in business, education and even government positions of authority.  As a result, early on a good number of Black Americans were elected to congress and other government positions during reconstruction.  The republican party platform is a marvelous reflection of the best intentions of great Americans who understood that all of God’s people are worthy of same chances in life.

Unfortunately, in recent years the republican party has sort of lost the right way.  That is because of being run by political deep state trolls, swamp dwellers and elitists who have succumbed to the spell of being untouchable and indifferent toward those of us who want America to thrive as an independent sovereign republic.  We want our republic to be protected from the ravages of leftist dictates and other actions designed to literally destroy her from within.   It is as plain as all outdoors that the republican party came close to being roped into either participating in or watching while leftist democrats and rinos catapult the United States into a long lasting miserable state of decline, loss of sovereignty.

The good news is that we now are blessed with a good president who understands that a strong independent America with secured borders will be a greater blessing to ourselves and our allies.  In addition, we will now be in a better position to prevent the destructive missions of Islamic terrorists and other enemies.  I firmly believe the tide of destruction against America will boomerang back to those engaged in participating in such endeavors.  In the coming days, increasing members of the republican party and more Americans in general will again seek out and operate in the time honored principles that made the United States the envy of the world.  Then the Republican party will not perish for lack of knowledge.  Don’t miss the Ron Edwards Experience, on KCKQ AM 1180 Reno, Nevada Friday at 1:00 PM PT, 4:00 PM EST and everywhere else via, and weeknights at 9:00 PM EST, 6:00 PM PT on also follow me on spreaker.

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