By Frosty Wooldridge

When the Founders walked out of Constitution Hall in 1789, a reporter asked Ben Franklin, “What kind of government have you formed for the colonies?” Franklin replied, “A constitutional republic…if you can keep it.”

Our form of government possesses several flaws:  1. It requires an educated citizenry with the ability to think critically. We’re losing that in the United States with over 40 million functionally illiterate Americans and growing by millions of illiterate children in our inner cities.  2. It requires moral/ethical participation by citizens.  We’re losing that because a scant 50 percent vote in national elections and only 20 percent in local elections.  That allows corruption to proliferate.  3.  A Republic needs fresh minds and ideas with new leaders on a regular basis.  We don’t have ‘term limits’ so  our corrupt career politicians create networks of fraud, cheating and unethical/unwarranted wars, welfare fraud on a massive scale, endless illegal immigration, and enormous malfeasance. 4. The Founders didn’t mandate a single unifying language. Thus, we suffer hundreds of different languages and cultures now tearing at the seams of America’s fabric.

Today, in America, our politicians serve two countries.  A reported 550 mayors and city councils serve and protect illegal aliens from Mexico and other countries in what are called “Sanctuary Cities.”  They give immunity to people who violated our borders and live in America contrary to the rule of law.  Our own leaders encourage MS-13 drug distribution by illegals operating in all of our major cities.  Drug addiction and misery visit millions of our young people with no end in sight.

Today, 60,000 homeless live Los Angeles.  Another 11,000 live in tarp tents in San Francisco.  About 6,000 scavenge the streets in Seattle.  Chicago carries another 5,000 homeless while rich Denver features 10,000 homeless lining the streets for handouts.  With all our money and our educated leaders, we can’t solve this national problem. Which, on any given day, reports show 1 million homeless all over the country.

Over 40 million people in America, mostly high school dropouts, drug addicts, alcoholics and inner-city youth—subsist on food stamps also known as EBT cards.  Instead of solving that problem, our leaders feed into it and accelerate it.

While Biden and Trump vie for the presidency, both of them cannot and will not solve our desperate problems.  Both would continue two wars in the Middle East that have cost us $6 trillion in 19 years.  Both would keep the 700 bases in 80 countries—that have no purpose other than wasting tax dollars and keeping our nose up every country’s business.  Neither man would/will solve our $26 trillion national debt.

None of our leaders understands the massive consequences as to fossil fuel burning and population hyper-growth now occurring in the USA, Canada or Mexico.  You won’t hear ONE word about the fact that America will immigrate itself into another added 100 million people within 30 years.  And, the mainstream media remains complicit in keeping the American people in the dark.

How did the “opioid crisis” become so severe and so acute as to kill thousands of American citizens.  Somebody paid somebody in the U.S. Senate and House to make sure no one talked to expose the dangers. Big Pharma pays bribes faster than a vender sells hot dogs at a baseball game.  All that corruption stems from people in high places making sure they enjoy all the money and power while the common citizen pays a severe price.

Unemployment continues because the U.S. Congress continues pumping 1.5 million legal and illegal immigrants into our society annually.  It accelerates us into hyper-population growth that destroys our Natural World, grows our metropolitan areas into “Monster Cities” that ultimately create all the crime, disease proliferation, homeless, polluted skies and unsustainable consumption of non-renewable natural resources.  Common sense would tell you that anyone with an IQ over 100 would stop such stupidity.  One look at India, Mexico or China would persuade a reasonable mind to stop exponential growth before it collapses your own civilization.  Because if you don’t, your citizens will ultimately flee such misery…that’s why we have 15 million illegal alien Mexicans in America along with millions of Chinese and Indians. That’s why Canada and Europe face total annihilation from endless immigration out of the third world.

And what about our inner cities like Chicago, St. Louis and Baltimore where kids kill kids, parents kill kids, men kill men, and illiteracy dominates as 7 out of 10 African-American children grow up without a father, with a single mother on welfare.  Anyone attacked that problem?  Of course not!  Those three cities resemble third world killing grounds with so many shoot-outs and killings on a weekly basis.

And now, BLM and Antifa rampage through America’s streets with immunity that has cost taxpayers in excess of $1 billion.  They justify their violence upon the death of George Floyd—a drug addict, car-jacker, woman beater, porno star, welfare fraud, counterfeiter, illiterate and career criminal. Biden and Harris promote the destruction and violence.  Both promote illegal immigration and open borders.  Mayors of major cities promote the anarchy.  And so, we’ll see more of it.

In 2020, our country faces some big messes.  We cannot continue teaching our children to hate our country.  We can’t have Black people rioting and looting, along with plenty of White anarchists.  We need to revamp educational systems for our inner cities.  We need effective leaders pulling together for all of us.  Do you think we can keep our country if we continue on this path?

Solutions to consider:

  1. Vote for term limits for all politicians.  Maximum of 8 years in the U.S. Senate and House.  No more career politicians because you see daily where they have taken us.
  2. Cease useless and unwarranted foreign wars that have no bearing on our safety.
  3. Stop giving China, India, Mexico and other countries all our manufacturing jobs. Employ our workers at a living wage.
  4. Stop adding to the National Debt.  Repay it.
  5. Create a new educational system that teaches low-intellect students how to work redundant jobs and/or jobs that fit their capacities, at a living wage.
  6. Stop all immigration into America.  If we keep on our current path, our country won’t be our country by mid-century.  Ask the Native Americans what happened to them.
  7. Enforce our immigration laws in order to deport all illegal aliens now residing in America. US Code 8; Section 1324. Arrest, prosecute and deport.  Arrest, prosecute and imprison all employers of illegals.
  8. Make English our official national language that must be taught and abided by in all 50 states. Teach our students to honor our country and way of life.
  9. Workfare for all welfare.  Anyone on food stamps, Section 8 housing or ADC or WIC, MUST work community service of some kind.
  10. No more child welfare for welfare mothers with 5, 10, 15 and 20 kids.  It’s a racket and must be stopped. Create orphanages for such children to give them a chance at a better life.
  11. Outlaw all sanctuary cities and arrest their mayors, and prosecute them.
  12. Call for a national forum of our best thinkers to address and solve ALL the problems facing America.  We could spend that next $6 trillion on our own country instead of burning it up in the Middle East.

As Benjamin Franklin said, “It’s a Constitutional Republic, if you can keep it.”

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