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Over the weekend, all five major networks reported on a marathon runner grabbing the rear end of a female reporter.  As she stood alongside the long line of runners, one of the men slapped or grabbed her with a perfect picture of his face as he ran by the reporter.  Later, she threatened a lawsuit and prison time.  Sobbing profusely, the guy begged her forgiveness and promised never to do such a profane act again.  Every bar waitress should enjoy such apologies!

Meanwhile, in the United States Congress, full of 535 mostly ‘randy’ men, they maintained a $20 million slush fund from taxpayer dollars to fend off sexual harassment charges from female aides over the last 50 years.  President Bill Clinton, of course, led all presidents in his pursuit of women—some 42 of them charging him with rape or molestation.  He, of course, maintains his innocence. He defended himself with, “It depends on what the meaning of “is” is….”

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton’s daughter, Chelsea, looks exactly like her former lawyer colleague Webb Hubbell, not any resemblance to her purported father, Bill Clinton. The cartoon goes like this, “Ever notice how the media always asks Ivanka Trump about her fathers’ treatment of women, but they never ask Chelsea that same question?”

Remember when the Dems took America on a two-year ride with the Mueller Report on Trump’s collusion with the Russians?  But they never followed up on the microphone recording when Obama told a Russian, “After my election, I’ll have more flexibility.”  The media had direct recorded evidence of Obama’s collusion with Russia, but nobody cared follow up with impeachment proceedings.

In the Trump impeachment hearing, Ambassador Marie Yovanovich said, “Trump treated me badly.” Yes, he fired her, which angered her.  If Ambassador Chris Stevens could speak from the grave, he would say, “Obama left me out to be drawn and quartered by Islamic terrorists.” But of course, in his book, Dreams of My Father (which he really doesn’t know which one), Barack Obama said, “If the political winds turn ugly, I will stand with my Muslim friends….”

I love the one showing Speaker Nancy Pelosi saying, “President Trump can be investigated, because no one is above the law.  But Joe Biden cannot be investigated because he is running for president.”  Notice that all those top leaders have family members on the Ukraine Oil Company’s board of directors, making $50,000.00 per month in salaries for doing absolutely nothing.  Talk about irony!

While House member Adam Schiff won’t identify the mysterious whistle-blower who started the impeachment, remember the U.S. Border Patrol agent Brian Terry. Don’t forget that Obama fired the whistle-blower who exposed Terry’s murder during Fast & Furious.

How about the political cartoon with Nancy Pelosi, “No one is above the law!  Except Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, Hillary Clinton and her Clinton Foundation, John Kerry, Ilhan Omar, Al Sharpton, and 30 million illegal aliens.”

Ironically, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Diane Feinstein, Swalwell and Schiff tell the president what a failure he is, yet they represent California which houses four million illegal aliens, multi-billion dollar underground economy breaking American taxpayers’ backs, 59,000 homeless in Los Angeles with rats and feces everywhere, 11,000 homeless in San Francisco, more illegal alien prisoners in jail than any other state, educational chaos in California schools with no less than 100 foreign languages per classroom, and MS 13 drug gangs entrenched in every city in that state.

At the democratic debates, “No American flags in that American presidential debate because they didn’t want to offend their base of Muslims, Mexicans, El Salvadorans, Hondurans, Indians, Chinese, Pakistani’s, Iraqians, etc.  Let that sink in.”

A little girl rolling her eyes, sipping on a straw from her soda, “That face you make when democrats repeat “No one is above the law” while refusing to enforce immigration laws or securing America’s borders.”

“Funny how all those young people advocate for socialism, but really don’t contribute much to society to begin with…”

“I have campaigned in all 57 states,” said Muslim Barack H. Obama while speaking to a crowd of Americans in 2008. He thought he was addressing Muslims and their 57 states.  He became our president. Fancy that!

“You don’t need God anymore; you have us democrats,” said Nancy Pelosi, 2006

This one from our newest vacant-mind in Congress, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, “Owning guns is not a right. If it were, it would be in the Constitution.”  Which, by the way, she has never read, or the Bill of Rights, or the Declaration of Independence.

And to show you the people that lead America, “We just have to pass Obama’s Healthcare Bill to see what’s in it.”    Nancy Pelosi, March 2010


Tokyo, Japan – 1630-September 1, 1945

To: H S Truman
From: D A MacArthur and C H Nimitz

Wilco Sir, but both Chester and I are somewhat confused, exactly what does the term politically correct mean?

(4)  Washington, D C – 2120-September 1, 1945

To: D A MacArthur/C H Nimitz
From: H S Truman

Political Correctness is a doctrine, recently fostered by a delusional, illogical minority and promoted by a sick mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a piece of shit by the clean end!

Now, with special thanks to the Truman Museum and Harry himself, you and I finally have a full understanding of what ‘POLITICAL CORRECTNESS’ really means….

Boy, is that marathon runner in a world of political correctness….

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