No nation, empire, corporation, small business owner, or even a family can thrive if they are infiltrated by those who are spying on them and leaking out important or detrimental information. That also applies to the Trump administration that is seemingly more infiltrated with enemies from within than any other administration in United States history. Unfortunately, the federal government is filled to the brim with loyalists to the previous Obama regime, George Soros, illegal immigrants, etc. The goals of Obama, the NSA and the CIA still include the fulfilment of the Saul Alynski inspired and George Soros funded elimination of our constitutionally limited form of government.

Soros, like Obama believes that either big government or Islam should dominate over you and I. If it were not for decades of government school indoctrination throughout the republic, nether Obama, Soros or the legions of dirty leakers would be in position carry out their dastardly mission to destroy America from within. Because of the progressive government schools, about half of those born in this country are brainwashed into believing that it is racist, xenophobic and Islamophobic to simply seek to protect and guard our national borders like Mexicans do with their southern border.

Recently, Saudi Arabia expelled 40,000 Muslims who they deemed more extreme than they are from their country. Yet not a single complaint from the dingbats who start riots or block traffic because 600 criminal illegal immigrants were rounded up in America. That is more evidence that the education/indoctrination process in the United States is in serious need of a major overhaul. It is a crying shame that Yale University officials entertained the idea of honoring the criminal oriented Black Panthers. It is a violent organization full of progressive members who hate America. Those gumps have also brutalize Black Americans who refuse to live in their “tolerant bubble of hate.” I have yet to learn of the Black Panther socialists supporting one single idea that is good for Americans, Black, White or whatever.
Government school brainwashed American foot soldiers of intolerance in places like Minneapolis, Minnesota support Muslim refugees who have threatened to venture into prosperous neighborhoods to conduct violent acts against sovereign American citizens and their property. Then there are others from the progressive ranks who are training throughout the country on how to punch Americans in the face who support president Donald Trump.

But back to the leakers in government and the fact they need and deserve to be rounded up and punished. “We the People” must be willing to pull up our sleeves and work diligently to wipe out the pervasive atmosphere that contributes to the mentality that lends itself to such activities as leaking sensitive information to undermine a sitting president. It is pure evil insanity for leakers like those possibly in the bowels of the CIA or NSA to participate in the effort to prevent president Trump from rescuing our nation from those who quite honestly hate the strong pro-American posture of the president.

If I were President Trump along with ferreting out the leakers I would check out and probably get rid of the new phone and communication system former president Obama had installed just before leaving office. That is according to It is unfortunate the leakers do not understand or care that their mission of destruction can harm them as well as the administration of Donald Trump. In other words, without a strong emphasis on defeating those who are trying to harm America from within the government or the ranks of refugees and terrorists our way of life will only deteriorate beyond recognition.

Political opposition on genuine issues and principles is healthy for the country. But for dragon media elites on a mission of undermining for the sake of undermining through false stories and glomming onto illegal leaks in hopes of harming Trump is both unprofessional and potentially dangerous.

Certain leaks could prevent the ability to have needed honest conversations with allied leaders from around the world. Many of whom president Trump is trying to reassure that the United States is recommitted to being a strong leader of the free world, or what remains of it.

I am all for a full investigation. Not on retired General Mike Flynn, but on the Obama/Alysnki inspired mole leakers who are acting like the criminally insane progressive enemies from within that they are. Hang in there my fellow Americans it is going to get better and by God’s grace, America will be great again. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth the effort to make it happen. God bless you, God bless America and may America bless God. The Edwards Notebook, simply the best commentary in broadcasting can now be enjoyed during the Andrea Hawes talk show heard worldwide emanating from Saturdays 2:00 to 5:00 PM EST.

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