The Western Left’s embrace of Islam is just as weird as weird can be. If some crawling squid of an American college professor ever had to go to Iran and live under Islamic law, he’d think himself hard done by. That would go double for any feminist, and might well be fatal to any LBGT activist.

And yet these same people feverishly strive to import Islam into their own countries, and compete to see which of them can show the most deference to it.

At Rollins College in Florida last week, a Christian student was suspended for disagreeing with a Muslim instructor’s assertion, in class, that the crucifixion of Jesus Christ was a hoax. You know—one of those fake crucifixions that the Romans were so fond of doing. Because the student disagreed, the instructor reported him to the Dean of Safety—whose existence proves the college has too much money and employs too many people—for making her feel “unsafe.” Hmm… Muslim jihad wannabes seem to have that effect on many people.

But not on American academics. One gets the impression they would have liked to behead the Christian student on the spot, just to demonstrate they’re totally cool with Islam. But they had to settle for publicly denouncing him as a “danger” to “the safety and well-being of the College community.” Was that quite sane? They did lift his suspension when it raised a storm of public indignation, but we are free to doubt it means they’ve changed their minds.

Swedish colleges are going ours one better. The government’s Minister of Equalities—whose existence proves the Swedish government has too much money and employs too many people—has announced that from now on all the students in all the state-run universities will be required to take courses in “men’s violence against women,” despite the fact that Swedish sociologists report that most of the violence now is initiated by women. But that doesn’t bother what Sweden proudly calls “the world’s first feminist government.”

Another thing that doesn’t bother the world’s first feminist government is the vast influx into Sweden of Muslim “asylum seekers,” many of whom are able-bodied, unemployed young men of military age who deem it a badge of honor to rape “infidel women.” That this has led to Sweden’s becoming the rape capital of Europe has made no visible impression on the world’s first feminist government. Well, they don’t call it the Stockholm Syndrome for nothing.

Meanwhile, in Montana, every Democrat in the state legislature last week voted “no” on a bill to ban foreign legal systems, especially Muslim sharia law, from operating there. The Republican majority voted for the ban, but don’t hold your breath waiting for the Democrat governor to sign it.

Are these people quite all there? How do you enforce the law in a state which recognizes competing and contradictory legal systems? Do Montana Democrats really want sharia, which authorizes the oppression of women and requires homosexuals to be put to death? This is indeed a special kind of crazy.

A long-running BBC mystery series, “Wallander,” starring Kevin Branagh as a Swedish police detective who is a self-identified atheist and cannot answer the question, “What do you believe in?”, recently aired its final episode—in which Wallander begins to succumb to Alzheimer’s Disease and is on the way to going helplessly gaga. I think maybe this episode said more than it meant to say, and can stand as a metaphor for the entire secular humanist enterprise.

The long-term goal of secularism has always been to erase Christianity from the wider culture. As a means to this end, they welcome Islam: jihad, they hope, will do what they themselves can only dream of doing. They think Islam will give them the fully de-Christianized world they’ve always wanted.

t won’t—but who still thinks these people are altogether in their right minds?

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