There is no more dedicated enemy of the United States than the theocratic dictatorship and state sponsor of radical Islamic terror known as the Islamic Republic of Iran. Since the radical Islamist followers of Ayatollah Ruholla Khomeini seized the U.S. embassy in Tehran and held captive, humiliated, and tortured 52 Americans for 444 days, successive Iranian regimes have dedicated themselves to a relentless campaign of condemnation of the United States, the taking of American hostages, and the funding and direct support of terrorist acts against the United States around the world. Among the many atrocities Iran has committed against the United States, Iranian Quds Force General Qasem Soleimani provided copper tipped IEDs to Iraq and helped train terrorists to kill American soldiers, resulting in the death of approximately 500 U.S. servicemen on active duty in Iraq. Iran has consistently provided funding support, weapons, weapon systems, and ground support to those who aim to kill Americans.

Despite Iran’s fervent desire and active campaign to kill Americans and destroy the United States, the Obama Administration embarrassed every American citizen when it acted directly contrary to American interests by entering into the decidedly pro-Iranian nuclear deal (a treaty for which Obama never sought Senate confirmation in violation of the Constitution).

That Neville Chamberlainesque deal has provided Iran in excess of $7 billion, including $4.2 billion of unfrozen assets, and has resulted in the elimination of sanctions against Iran. That massive infusion of funds, including actual cash delivered by plane directly to Iran, and the wholesale end to sanctions against Iran have enabled the Islamic Republic to rehabilitate its economy and vastly expand its global reach and state sponsorship of terror. Iran’s nuclear ambitions go unchecked and its power and influence in favor of radicalization and terror continue unabated around the world as a direct result of Obama’s unilateral surrender to Iranian demands.

President Trump has pledged that he will revoke Obama’s deal with Iran, which is an essential first step in righting the wrongs Iran has committed against Americans since 1979, but it is only the first step. We need to work closely with Israel to retaliate against Iran, greatly diminish its power and influence, and eliminate its nuclear capability. In particular, Bibi Netanyahu is sorely in need of a green light from President Trump to do whatever is necessary, including leveling Tehran, to destroy the Iranian nuclear capability and end the Islamic Republic’s support of international terrorism. The United States should make clear that it stands with Israel in its opposition to the Islamic Republic of Iran and should provide full military support for an Israeli war against that bitter enemy of both the United States and Israel.

Chastened by Iranian backed efforts to topple their regimes, Middle Eastern states that might otherwise come to the aid of a fellow Arab country are unlikely to come to the aid of Iran. Iran’s jingoism and advocacy of terror is aimed not only against the United States and Israel but also against its more moderate neighbors. Israel can therefore rest assured that its war against Iran will not likely provoke a united Arab counterattack.

The failure to take prompt action now to eliminate the Iranian regime and its burgeoning nuclear capability will redound to the detriment of the world in years to come. No country is more likely to engage in nuclear blackmail and deployment of nuclear weapons against Israel than Iran. Our paramount interest in ending the foremost state sponsor of radical Islamic terrorism, ending the taking of American hostages, and ending the loss of American lives around the world dovetails precisely with those of Israel.

That natural ally has been severely hamstrung by President Obama, who has absurdly attempted to befriend Iran and has made it clear to Israel that the United States will not reliably come to Israel’s aid if Israel attacks Iran. The Trump Administration has a lot of work to do in rebuilding Israeli trust and confidence in the United States. Beyond restoration of good relations with Israel, the United States must assure Israel that Israeli pre-emptive actions to save itself from the threat of Iranian nuclear blackmail and war are actions fully consistent with the interests of the United States.

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