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It should be funny, we ought to be able to laugh at it when somebody says something as asinine as “Oh, but of course men can have babies!”

Only it’s not so funny when it’s the people in charge who are talking all the crazy-talk.

A spokeswoman for Doula Inc. UK, a charity midwifing service, has been chased out of her job for saying that only women can give birth to babies. No reasonable person can debate that statement; but an idiot can—and guess which we have more of, these days.

“Transgender activists” complained that Lynsey Calvert’s simple statement of fact was “non-inclusive” and “hateful”—because she wasn’t counting intensely batty women who *say* they’re men: whatever. There’s no point in actually arguing with wackos. Or their enablers.

When Doula Inc. didn’t back her up, but left her to twist in the wind while the “trans” mob figuratively stoned her, Ms. Calvert was forced to resign. Dignity moved her to part from Doula with these words.

“I am not a ‘cervix owner.’ I am not a ‘menstruator.’ I am not a ‘feeling.’ I am not defined by wearing a dress and lipstick. I am a woman: an adult female human.”

Well said—only you’re wasting your breath on leftids for whom there is *nothing* that defines you but externals. Put on a dress and some lipstick, and any man’s a “woman.” It’s [barf bag, please] “true” because he “identifies as a woman.” The fact that this is all 100% pure crapola doesn’t register with liberals. Could that be because they’re crazy? If I “identify” as Napoleon Bonaparte, do they have to stand up and sing the Marseilles?

The groveling cowards at Doula say their organization is ready and willing to make “changes in the language we use, if that’s what is necessary to make the Doula community—“ don’t you love it when libs gas about community?—“more welcoming and supportive.” Provided your mind is right, of course. I don’t think Ms. Calvert has found them very welcoming and supportive.

Meanwhile, the march of lunacy continues in our own country, as our libs try their damnedest to catch up to Britain’s.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has asserted that “we never had hurricanes” before Climate Change came along. He thinks it’s “delusional” to disbelieve that. It raises a question in our minds: Just how stupid do you have to be before you can’t be governor of New York? But California Gov. Gavin Noisome can give Cuomo stiff competition in the kook department.

And out on Long Island, a high school football coach has been suspended—for winning. It seems the government in Nassau County has a rule against your football team winning by more than 42 points, and has set up a special panel to “investigate” and punish such mischief. No job is too trivial, too small, or too inane for government to thrust itself into.

Gee, I’ll bet you feel safer already. And here you were, thinking it’s up to the other team on the field, not the government, to play the game well enough that they don’t get blown out.

Sorry—but it’s simply crazy to think you can order reality just be redefining it with words. The losing team should have just self-identified as “winners”—as women can now identify as men, and politicians can cancel hurricanes by saying that they never happened. It wouldn’t make them winners, but they can say it does.

Is it really necessary to argue that reality-denial is not a firm foundation for any kind of public policy?

Well, you could argue that; but progressives wouldn’t listen.

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