For many years, the Democrats who walk among us masqueraded as ordinary people, regular Americans like the rest of us. They gave us famous presidents—Roosevelt, Truman, Kennedy, and a few others of whom the less said, the better. They threw nice picnics in our county parks, horseshoes and hamburgers. From time to time, some hinky ideas cropped up—socialized medicine, the War on Poverty, wide-open immigration, support for the United Nations—but they rarely pushed these hard enough to alarm anyone.

But during the Clinton and Obama years, they seemed more and more to flub their lines, as if it had become a burdensome chore for them to continue the pretense; and when Donald Trump was elected president in 2016, something snapped. Suddenly we had a Democrat Party that was all about open borders, transgenderism, Global Warming dogma, and Antifa. It got scary very fast.

And lately the mask of sanity has slipped off altogether. Suddenly we’ve been treated to a look at what lay behind the mask. And here be monsters.

Two weeks ago, in the context of a Congressional hearing on the social media giants, Google and Facebook, and their penchant for censoring conservative opinion, a Democrat Congressman from  California, Ted Lieu, made this startling remark:

I would love to regulate the content of speech, but the First Amendment stops me.”

He would love to regulate the content of speech. Breath-takingly Stalinist. Silence all the speech he doesn’t like; permit only speech he likes. That would apply to things written and published, as well as to words spoken. Who does he think he is? A philosopher-king, who has the wisdom and the authority to tell 350 million people what they can or can’t say?

And before we erect a statue of him as a staunch supporter of the First Amendment, let us note that with Google and Facebook busily imposing censorship for him, he doesn’t have to get his own hands dirty, regulating speech. Google and Facebook are already doing that job.

Hard on his heels came another Democrat Congressman from California, with an even more startling remark.

Eric Swalwell, from San Francisco, called for government confiscation of all rifles; and when someone took him to task for it, and declared that lawful gun owners would resist such tyranny, Swalwell responded with this gem: “We have nukes, my friend.

That “clunk” you heard was the mask of sanity bouncing off the floor.

Swalwell was quick to claim that he was only kidding, he didn’t really want to A-bomb the Red states, lighten up a little, everybody. And he would permit us to keep our muzzle-loading muskets and our antique matchlocks. He did not back off advocating that the government grab all guns that could actually be used for self-defense. With prison time for anyone so fractious as to try to hold on to his guns.

Well, now we know what’s been added to the Democrat wish list: stifling the expression of every opinion but their own, and stripping the American people of their means of defending their persons, their property, and their liberty. And this is an American political party?

Shame on us for electing any Democrats, anywhere, last month. What were we thinking—that if we gave them back a little power, they’d behave themselves? Now we’ll be stuck with a Far Left Crazy House of Representatives for two years. We can only pray that the Senate, still controlled by Republicans, will be up to the challenge.

The only good news here is that they won’t be able to put the mask back on; and even if they could, we’ve already seen what’s behind it.

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