by Lee Duigon

It creeps me out when I hear a whole bunch of people all saying the same thing at the same time and using the same terms. I know, I know—I have just described what our over funded useless universities call “diversity.”

But I have also described our mainstream nooze media.

Totally in the bag for Democrats, and the world’s most practiced fear merchants—that’s them. That’s “journalism.” And it’s by no means unjust to call what they dish out “fear porn.”

First they tried to freak us out with fake science and Man-Made Climate Change, aka “Global Warming.” The message was always the same: “Do as we say, or you’re all gonna die.” They’ve been flying that flag for years now, but still can’t get most people to salute it—not even with our Free & Independent Nooze Media Inc. peddling it tirelessly, incessantly, for well over a decade.

A year or two ago, it was measles. They tried to scare us into submission with measles. But they dropped that like a hot potato as soon as COVID-19 came along.

At last—a scare that really worked!

It’s a truism that news outlets are irresistibly drawn to bad news—the worse, the better. “If it bleeds, it leads.” But the COVID coverage was way more than that.

By grossly overemphasizing the threat posed by the virus, and blaming it on President Donald Trump, our Free & Independent Nooze Media sought to scare and anger people into voting Democrat. Only Dozy Joe Biden could save us! It’s all Trump’s fault! The clamor from the whole herd of noozies was virtually unanimous—all saying the same thing at the same time. You’d swear they were all the same person. It was as if they were popping out of a vending machine, one after another, all exactly the same.

Cultists sound like that. Trying to talk to one is like trying to hold a conversation with a robo-call. No matter what you say, the robot just drones on and on.

Just like a “journalist.”

We always thought we needed a free press, wide-awake reporters and editors who would dig deep, ask questions, and find out what was really going on—and tell us, so we could make well-informed decisions as to what to do about it. We still need that, only now we don’t have it. All we have is a Democrat Party echo chamber.

When I was a boy we used to laugh at the “news” produced in communist countries. Its only function, obvious even to a 12-year-old, was to serve the interests of the ruling party. How many pictures of the current dictator could they put on every page? How many dissidents could they accuse of preposterous, even impossible, crimes against the state? How many disasters and mass deaths, caused by the state’s insane policies—remember Mao Tse-tung’s Great Leap Forward—could they cover up?

Is our Free & Independent Nooze Media any better? Is it even any different?

So now, except for a host of alternative news outlets struggling to make up the deficiency, we have no reliable source of information on matters vital to the public interest. Now, in addition to our daily dose of COVID fear porn, we have incessant “analyses” of a fraudulent election—commentary after commentary, salted with flip remarks and disingenuous interviews with Never Trumpers who liked The Swamp just the way it was, all of them nattering on and on about Trump’s “hopeless,” “fruitless,” and “pointless” challenge of highly suspect election results—not to mention throwaway lines of “Well, yeah, there might have been some voter fraud, somewhere—but nowhere near enough to affect the outcome of the election.”

Question! How much fakery, how much cheating, are we supposed to tolerate in our elections? I always thought the answer was “None.” Now we’re instructed to believe that “some” is okay.

But “some” is not okay. “Some” always has a way of growing into “more.”

The answer is still “none,” whether noozies like it or not. And the fraud imposed on us this year must not stand.

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