When it comes to serving American citizens, our interests and our taxpaying wallets, our Congressional criminals since 1986—continue to serve just about every illegal mother and father, along with their kids, plus MS 13 drug gangs and visa overstays—as if we can survive another 100 million or 200 million more immigrants of all kinds.

We can’t; we won’t!  When does this immigration line end?  Answer: it doesn’t end as the third world adds 80 million, net gain, new babies, annually. Another 3.0 billion within 30 years!

Liberals call all conservatives ‘racists’!  Mexican La Raza advocates call all Americans racist, while they parade the Mexican flag everywhere in our country—and plot to recover four border states for their own.  Black Lives Matter members call Americans racist.  Moslems call Americans ‘Islamophobic’.  Yet, the great majority of people of every color around the globe clamor to immigrate to America—and carry their anger with them!

As to DACA, the majority of 535 members created DACA children since 1986, and six other amnesties in which none of them ever enforced our borders.  Yes, a few fight for Americans like Tom Cotton of Arkansas, former Senator Jeff Sessions, Steve King of Iowa, Peter King of New York—but by and large, the majority of our elected reps work against average American citizens. Most of them especially work against our interests in the immigration arena.  They work for big business interests for 21st century slave labor over the needs of us, the American people.

We face $50 billion in drug sales from Mexico overrunning our borders annually.  Each hour, 24/7, 13 American teens die of drug overdoses in the USA.   Will Congress stop that massive drug flow with a border wall or anything to stop the onslaught?  Not a chance!

Each year, illegal aliens and new foreign immigrants send $120 billion in cash transfers back to their countries.  They bleed us dry!  Any chance Congress might pass a law to stop that procedure?  Fat chance!

We pay for 700 military bases with 450,000 military personnel in 80 countries around the world.  It costs us trillions of dollars. For what?  Why? Who continues such an absurd practice?  Your elected senators and House members!

The bulk of elected officials campaigned on honor, duty and helping Americans.  They fail(ed) on every count.  Look at our country in 2018: $20 trillion in debt.  Twenty million illegal aliens making our home their domain! In excess of 1.5 million American homeless while Catholic, Lutheran and other church groups flood our country with refugees that WE pay for as to housing, food, education, transportation and medical. Yet, 7 out of 10 African-American children arrive in this country out of wedlock.  Black communities like Chicago run a 50 to 60 percent flunk out-dropout rate for students. That equates to millions of illiterate citizens who cannot qualify for jobs. Little wonder that 1 in 4 Blacks cannot secure a job.  No wonder Chicago became the murder capital of America!  This severe situation falls on our U.S. Congress.

Yet, Congress continues 17 year-long wars in goat herder nations that exhaust our national money to the tune of $5 to $7 trillion in costs for nation-building while our infrastructure crumbles.  Note: water mains break and leak to the tune of thousands of times a year in cities across America.  Bridges and highways crumble to dust.  Ghettoes simmer and boil while our money pays for building new airports and cities in Iraq and Afghanistan.

All the while, Congress allows 50,000 diversity visas annually for people coming to us from their mud huts in Africa or Asia or the middle east.  Mind you: no skills, no education, no ability to contribute! They rely on your welfare dollars.   One of them just killed a bunch of Americans last month.  Any chance even one Congressman or woman would introduce a bill to stop this practice?  No!

Chain-migration: yes, another one of them killed Americans this past month.  No way to EVER vet these Moslem barbarians, but no attempt by anyone in Congress to stop chain-migration!

And the anchor baby phenomenon:  350,000 illegal pregnant mothers cross our borders at will—to birth their child for the grand prize of American citizenship. This travesty of the 14th Amendment has continued to cost us billions and billions of dollars as we educate other countries’ kids, house and feed them, with detriment to our own kids.  Any chance Congress might stop this obscene lawless practice?  Not a chance!  It’s been going on for 50 years at a cost of countless mega-billions of our citizens’ money.

Notice how Senators Charles Schumer, Lindsey Graham, Cory Gardner, Mitch McConnell;  Governors Jerry Brown, Cuomo, John Hickenlooper; House members Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, John Lewis, Sheila Jackson; Mayors De Blasio, Emanuel, Hancock and 200 other city mayors protect illegal aliens with Sanctuary Cities and states.  Our own elected officials sworn into office to uphold our US Constitution and our laws—fully defend lawbreakers with impunity.

And our English language, the single greatest factor that holds this country together—fades into oblivion.  Former President Bill “sexual predator” Clinton wrote Executive Order # 13166 to give every foreign language a solid footing for every immigrant so they wouldn’t have to learn English. Costs us billions of dollars!  Today, from Miami to Texas to Los Angeles, dozens of TV and radio shows speak in Spanish. In Detroit and Minneapolis, Arabic language dominates.

Do you think we will survive this multicultural, multilingual, diversity chaos?

With Trump about to give amnesty to 3.5 million illegal DACA migrants, along with on-going chain-migration, we American people face being run out of our own country.  Fact: Americans will become the new minority by 2042.  Latino-Mexican ethnic groups will become the new majority.  (Source: www.PewResearchCenter.org)

What makes this scenario most insane:  we Americans continue voting 96 percent of incumbents into office to continue the same insanity against our country.  And, that’s the 50 percent who even vote in national elections!  The only way for the likes of Nancy Pelosi or Mitch McConnell or Maxine Waters or John Lewis or Sheila Jackson or John McCain to leave office: is natural death.  That’s about the only way to free ourselves of them.

God help us because Congress won’t!

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