The Mueller investigation against the Trump administration marks a new level of corruption.  But it is merely part of an ongoing mission to literally destroy the one vehicle designed to free people from tyranny, lack and false religions.  Throughout the annals of history people have sought to dominate over their fellow humans.  It began when Cain slew Abel because he offered a better sacrifice with a sincere heart of love to toward our loving creator.   Thus throughout the annals of history people with dark visions of control and overtaking others have tried their worst to dominate others either through physical force or mental indoctrination.

Why? One might ask.  Biblical history reveals that many people of the earth sought to reject the vision of Liberty and great opportunities for everyone, while an elite segment of society would rule over and take the wealth of the productive through legal edict.  In fact, rejecting the wisdom of God and trying to go it alone and trying everyone to do the same describes the formation of the ancient tower of Babel.  The people were convinced by one named Nimrod that they did not need God and that he would lead them according to his godless vision.  Eventually, as the people were building their one government for all the people Tower of Babel, God confused their language and it failed miserably.

But unfortunately, the war against those who simply want to live free with liberty never stopped.  Everyone ranging from King David, Sir William Wallace, Blackstone, George Washington, Frederick Douglas, Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr., Ronald Reagan, Donald J. Trump and the King of all Kings Jesus Christ all have one thing in common.  They all sought to loose mankind from the grip of those who’s desire has always been to enslave the masses via a variety of methods including murder, high taxes, oppressive regulations and trying to replace national sovereignty with a global centered regime.

When Donald J. Trump famously came down the Trump tower escalator and expressed his love for America and the mission to rescue her from aggressive internationalism, he went from being a loved television celebrity and businessman to a scathed and denounced target of the elites ruling both major American political parties.  His stand against the internationalist efforts to undermine America through bad trade agreements, the Iran Deal and open borders have infuriated those who believe that the United States should be knocked down a peg or two and drained of her wealth to feed the globalist beast.

That is why the evil Robert Mueller investigation witch hunt was set up to stop the successful implementation of President Trump’s pro America agenda.   The Democrats today literally hate the concept of true liberty for all Americans, just as they disdained the very thought of black Americans being nothing but slaves or later voting wards of the collectivist state.   Government schools were designed to corrupt the normal thinking processes and then indoctrinate blacks and now increasing numbers of white Americans to prefer corrupt economic policies that cripple the ability of individuals to start their own businesses or find jobs.  Then the indoctrinated incurably ignorant masses were also bamboozled into becoming embittered and more favorable toward destroying the republic rather than building her up, so she could fulfil the Founding Fathers vision of a land of opportunity for all.

That is also why President Trump has been pressured not to declassify FISA documents, to keep from the American people details about how the corrupt “deep state” has undermined our republic.  The dragon media is also a partner in this dastardly effort to literally turn the USA into something that resembles Venezuela and to officially wipe out our national sovereignty.  One leaked email revealed that GOOGLE was helping Mrs. Clinton by trying to boost the Latino voting numbers for the 2016 presidential elections.   Illegal border crossers stole 39 million American social security numbers.  To many leftist lawyers and federal judges are trying to undermine the president’s authority and ability to rule.  But the good news is that in a round about way, the unwarranted Mueller investigation may be just what the doctor ordered.

The bold in your face Robert Mueller investigation is slowly but surely losing support among the people and is smore wicked than most people can imagine.  When the details come out, many on the fence Americans will be awakened from their stupor and there will be a major pushback against the internationalists seeking to undermine our society.  Just as Obama was horrendous as president and opened the door for a patriot like Donald Trump to be elected, the Mueller investigation will further invigorate the masses who will become a huge and active force against those seeking to fundamentally undermine our republic.  Sometimes it takes something historically large or evil in order to get the people motivated to seek Providential guidance and to bring about a cure to the cancerous destruction of the deep state.  The Mueller investigation is one such situation.  God Bless You, God Bless America and May America Bless God.  Let’s get together via The Ron Edwards Experience talk show, Fridays at 4;00 PM RT, 3:00 PM CT, 1:00 PM PT emanating from flagship station KCKQ 1180 Reno, Nv.,, and Sunday midnights on

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