I love the “N” word. It is my favorite word. I use it almost daily. When somebody I don’t know asks me for money, or tries to sell me a product or service I don’t need, I always answer with my favorite word: “NO!”

Currently, however, I heard that somebody is attacking President Trump because he allegedly used the “N” word. According to some people, Trump is in big trouble because he used the “N” word. Am I in trouble too?

In the current upside-down world of political correctness, some words must never be used. You can only use them at your own risk. Currently, a person who is accused — it doesn’t need to be proved, the accusation is enough — of using the “N” word can be fired from his job without any explanation whatsoever. I think this is just the beginning of a very dangerous trend.

Some religions have taboo words that must never be uttered by the adepts. In Cuba, the practitioners of some African religions cannot say the word “snake,” because it is a taboo word. In the same fashion, the practitioners of a cult named political correctness should never say the word . . . well, “N.”

One of the characteristics of most languages is the use of direct and indirect discourse. Direct discourse is when you say something. Indirect discourse is when you quote somebody saying something. The lady who recently wrote the book accusing President Trump of using the “N” word evidences proof that to Gaia (New Agers’ name for Mother Earth) cultists some words are taboo.  She cannot dare to use the word standing for “N” because if she uses it, even allegedly quoting Trump, she could be accused herself of using the taboo word “N,” — which is further proof that “N” is not a derogatory but a taboo word.

Anyway, I have no problem with the fact that they cannot use the “N” word because to them it is a taboo word. I am very respectful of other people’s religions, even if their religion is the New Age and they venerate Gaia. What I don’t like is that they try to impose their taboos on other people, even if they are not believers in Gaia. This is highly unfair.

Some time ago, a group of white, leftist racists entrenched in the English Departments of some American universities, in order to hide their racial prejudices, appointed themselves as the Jiminy Crickets of the black people and decided to tell other people what words they can use and what words can’t use. They have been very successful, particularly among white racists in the closet like themselves. It seems, however, that they failed miserably to impose their ideas on the very people they claim to protect.

In 1986 a group of black musicians from Los Angeles created a hip hop musical group that soon after became famous: Niggas With Attitude. The group was active until 1991. Today they would have been banned. Nevertheless, many young blacks still use the word “nigga” among themselves in a friendly, affectionate way.

There is a big problem if this linguistic craziness continues. If the politically correct crowd keeps on banning words, we may eventually end up using only American Sign Language.

There is also the problem of discrimination. While whites are not supposed to used the “N” word, because it is offensive for black people, but is okay if some blacks use the “C” word [cracker] while referring to whites. Moreover, the banning of the “N” word creates a series of problems difficult to solve, and even to understand.

For example, how do parents and teachers can tell their children not to use the “N” word without using the “N” word? Let’s see:

“Hey. Jimmy, never use the “N” word.”

“But, what’s the “N” word Ms. Thompson?”

“Well, the “N” word is a word you should never use, because it is offensive to ‘Ns’”

“But, why the “N” word is so offensive?”

“It is offensive because some people think so.”

“Who are those people Ms. Thompson?”

“Well, some white people think that the word “N” is very offensive when used by white people like you.”

And so goes on and on this hypothetical dialogue.

Even more difficult to understand is why some people call the letter N a word. May it be that using the “N” word is bad but using the “N” letter is okay?  So, if I see a black man and I tell him: “You are an ‘N’” it is very offensive, but if I say,  “You are a N,” is it okay?

One of the characteristics of primitive thinking is the belief that there is no difference between a thing and a symbol. Ethnologists have reported the fact that people of some primitive tribes in South America didn’t like to be photographed, because they believed the photo would steal their soul. Some voodoo priests in Haiti still stick pins into a doll or a picture of a person to cause him. It seems that, despite iPhones and the Internet, the politically correct crowd are pushing America on its way to primitivism.

Some time ago most people believed that, while sticks and stones may break their bones, words would never break them. Today, thanks to the advances of primitive thinking, apparently some words can break people’s bones.

There is, however, more than meets the eye. Currently, using the “N” word is automatically seen as a clear indication of discrimination for people with a different skin color, when in most occasions it is actually a manifestation of discrimination not for the person’s skin color but because of the content of his character. It seems that the prohibition of the use of the “N” word has become a sort of umbrella used to cover and hide undesirable character traits.

All languages have offensive words. Actually, compared to Spanish or Russian, the English language is very tame, lacking in offensive words. Nevertheless, offensive words exist in every language for a purpose. There are times when you want or need to offend somebody. Now, if you cannot use offensive words, what you can do? Use a baseball bat or a machete to express your distaste? I think that, wittingly or unwittingly, the politically correct crowd has created a cure that is much worse than the disease.

Critics of President Trump, such as this opportunistic woman who is now accusing him of using the “N” word, apparently ignore that one of the main reasons why most Americans gave him their votes was because Trump didn’t fear to use the “N” word. I think that the true reason why the politically correct crowd hates Trump so much is because almost every single day he is saying “NO” to the New World Order.

So, I don’t know about you, but, despite all criticism, I will continue using the “N” word every time I think it is necessary to stop the politically correct crowd and the New World Order they love so much. Moreover, I suggest that, unless you are an adept of the New Age cult and love Gaia, you use the “N” word as much as possible.

Saying “NO” to the New World Order is the second-best thing we can currently do to make America great again!

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