Those of you who are thinking, “Donald Trump is not the Righteous Candidate that I’ve been waiting for, so I’ll just sit this one out, or vote third party”—please, folks, please think again.

We now know, thanks to thousands of leaked emails, that the Democrat National Committee rigged the primary election against avowed socialist Bernie Sanders (well, at least he’s honest about it)—who in saner times would have been a mere joke candidate. Seeking to tilt the process toward Hillary Clinton, the DNC went far out of its way to undermine Sanders. But they got caught, and now DNC Chairthing Debbie Wasserman-Schultz has been forced to resign, falling on her sword for Hillary.

And then on my car radio I heard some Democrat hobgoblin “explaining” how this whole email scandal is… Russia’s fault! Not the DNC’s, O heavens no.

Russian hackers, you see—because Putin wants to help Trump and hurt Hillary, which seems, on the face of it, incredible—they stole the DNC’s confidential emails. Stole ‘em! They’re the villains here! There we were, peacefully subverting the election, because we had to cheat to beat an aging socialist, and the Russians come along and tattle on us! It’s those thieving Russians you ought to be mad at, not us.

Oh, please.

But maybe some of you have forgotten that this weird, illogical defense has worked before. Remember Climategate? Hackers released thousands of emails which showed the “climate scientists” at the East Anglia University Climate Change Coven lying, cheating, suppressing data, and even plotting to get their critics’ kids kicked out of college, all so they could, by sheer skullduggery, impose their will on all mankind.

Remember how well that worked? The contents of those emails was quietly dropped out of the nooze reportage, and replaced by indignation against those thieving hackers who dared to do such wicked mischief. And what should have been the biggest scandal of our age received a furtive burial, as if it were the body of a murder victim being hidden by her killer.

And please don’t think the Clinton Crowd has given up on “climate change” and the need to Save The Planet by giving them dictatorial powers over us.

Just this past weekend, Secretary of State John Kerry jetted off to Vienna to tell a bunch of globalist fat-heads that us common people’s refrigerators and air conditioners are a bigger threat than ISIS. Surely these amenities must be reserved solely for the ruling class! Or else we’re all gonna die, blah-blah. Do you really think this evil nonsense will stop if Hillary Clinton is elected president?

The plain and simple fact is that Donald Trump, whatever you may think of him, is not Hillary Clinton. He will not be advised by John Kerry, he will not keep Loretta Lynch in office as Attorney General, and he will not throw open our nation’s doors to more illegal immigrants, nor import more un-vetted Muslim “refugees.” If you think he’ll do any of those things, you can’t just say so over and over again. You have to prove it.

Please don’t forget that the Democrats are the party that booed God at their last national convention. Please don’t forget that they have promised to do all those things, and more. If a proposed policy doesn’t hurt America, they won’t be interested in it.

And beyond just opposing the Democrats, however necessary that is, ours is a country in dire need of national repentance. We ought to humble ourselves before God, confess our sins, and do something about putting things right.

Because if you think the Lord Almighty will bless our country as it’s going now, if you think He will protect us if we don’t repent and change our ways, then you are embarking upon a potentially suicidal gamble.

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