It is my opinion that when America legalized abortion, she unwittingly unleashed an unrelenting war against both the unborn and American children in general.  The leftists who pushed, prodded and protested on behalf of the so-called right of females to murder their own children, certainly opened the door to an overall less appreciation for Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.  As the old saying goes, one thing leads to another.  That is certainly true, regarding both positive and negative outcomes, no matter what the topic.

I firmly believe that due to the constant multi decade effort of legions of government school educators indoctrinating students against all that is good, we are witnessing some horrible decisions and actions.  For example, it is true that evil actions have almost always occurred.  But in America there used to be a national consensus on the difference between right and wrong.

One clearly chose one or the other.  As a result, there was an effort, battle, or was that ensued to defeat the wrong doers.  The Civil Rights movement, the Revolutionary war and the Second World War come quickly to mind.  You may recall what happened to the general quality of education in America.  Not long after both the Christian Bible and prayers were banned from government schools, major problems began to show up and have been pervasive throughout the decades after that unwise decision.  Almost immediately, the disturbances devolved from chewing gum in class and talking out of turn to fighting, threatening teachers, destroying school property and stealing.

Without a strong moral compass, both American government schools and society in general have drifted way off course.   That is why I cringe almost every time I hear leftists and useful idiots proclaiming a woman’s so-called right to abort, or kill her little baby.  This is just one of the many results of continuing to promote the downward spiral of moral attitudes and beliefs in general.

If a nation stubbornly refuses to protect the unborn who cannot defend themselves, then everyone else is eventually in jeopardy.  For example, little children via pedophilia and the elderly via government death panels, etc. Of course, such evil has been in the earth ever since Adam and Eve sad yes to satan and no to God.  But now, there are those who maddeningly dare to promote and fight to normalize know evil try to convince socieety that they are rights.

One example is how from Brussels, Afghanistan and remote islands people think it’s good to have sexual relations with children.  In addition, many (not all) of those who do not care about our national security are pushing for sanctuary city status and gruesome shari’ah law standards for American municipalities.  Well guess what? Many (not all) of those who’s religion or actually a political movement includes the call to scourge wives and the adult male molestation of children, both genital and sexual.  That is a common practice among the “peaceful religion” of Muslims or (political movement) participants around the globe.  Let us not forget, many Americans who are victims of the wiping out of morality are in support of shari’ah law usurping our constitutionally limited form of government.

Another element of the decrease of higher moral attitudes are more and more shari’ah accepting Americans not being outraged over Islamists coming to the United States and fighting to have marriages between fully grown men and undeveloped little girls made legal.

I will never forget my Dad telling me how one thing leads to another.  That is very apparent when one objectively observes many events of the times we live in.  Among them was over 400 pedophiles going after children.  Thank God they were arrested after a three month investigation.  It is my prayer that “We the People” will seek providential guidance in the wise effort to renew America through the reestablishment of more righteous standards.  For where there is righteousness, there are many blessings.  Don’t miss an upwardly  moral page from The Edwards Notebook syndicated radio commentary featured during  great radio shows like the Captain’s America Third Watch emanating nationwide from flagship station WGUL AM 860 The answer Tampa, Florida and worldwide via

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