by Dennis Cuddy, Ph.D.

November 16, 2021

In Julian Barnes’ “U.S. Warns of Efforts by China to Collect Genetic Data” (THE NEW YORK TIMES, October 22, 2021), one finds that “Edward You, who is the national counterintelligence officer for emerging and disruptive technologies said the Chinese government was collecting medical, health and genetic data around the world….You said the genetic data of some Americans could be “transferred to the Chinese government.’ The counterintelligence center also highlighted investments by WuXi, which bought a Pfizer manufacturing plant in China, announced a production facility in Massachusetts, and made an investment in 2015 in 23andMe, the consumer genetics company. ‘They are developing the world’s largest bio database,’ You said of the Chinese government efforts. ‘Once they have access to your genetic data, it ‘s not something you can change like a pin code….it’s all about the data,’ You said. ‘There are national security implications we have to understand.'”

Concerning national security implications, don’t count on our intelligence community for help, because Julian Barnes followed his October 22 article with “Origin of Virus May Remain Murky, U.S. Intelligence Agencies Say” (NEW YORK TIMES, October 29, 2021) about a newly declassified intelligence report released on October 29 that concludes the virus was not developed as a biological weapon! This is incredible given the 261-page Chinese military document in 2015 describing exactly how coronaviruses could be used as bioweapons mentioned in Part 1 of this series. The Editor-in-Chief of the document, Xu Dezhong, had written dozens of papers over several years outlining his belief that SARS-CoV-1 (that caused the 2003 SARS epidemic in China, etc.) was NOT of natural origin. And on June 28, 2021, Prof. Francis A. Boyle who drafted the “Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989,” emailed me the following: “I and others have publicly stated that SARS1 leaked out of a Chinese Biowarfare Facility and Program.” Fortunately, Congressman Brad Wenstrup on the House Intelligence Committee called for more examination of the Wuhan Institute of Virology’s work on creating chimeras, also mentioned in Part 1 of my series.

On October 31, White House press secretary Jen Psaki announced that she had tested positive for Covid-19 even though she had been vaccinated! Regarding treatment for Covid-19, a cheap antidepressant, Fluvoxamine, has been shown to reduce the need for hospitalization among high-risk adults with Covid-19 in a study published in LANCET GLOBAL HEALTH, a study which could have been conducted at the beginning of the pandemic because Fluvoxamine reduces inflammation which is at the heart of what kills (the Inflammo Thrombotic Response mentioned in an earlier part of this series) Covid-19 patients. The November 3 headline in THE PALM BEACH POST read “Push to make hospital give COVID patient Ivermectin stalls; woman ‘getting worse by the hour,'” The patient Tamara Drock’s husband had been requesting his wife receive Ivermectin, but the hospital had refused. Not until November 1 did the hospital give her Fluvoxamine mentioned above!

The White House is still insisting on mandatory vaccinations, even though in an October 28 letter to the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, Sheriff Alex Villanueva wrote: “If I were to follow your (vaccination) mandate, I could potentially lose 44% of my workforce in one day. I cannot enforce reckless mandates that put the public’s safety at risk.” And how would the vaccine mandate effect pregnant women? While the CDC is encouraging pregnant women to get vaccinated, a recent peer-reviewed article, “Spontaneous Abortions and Policies on Covid-19 mRNA Vaccine Use During Pregnancy” (SCIENCE, PUBLIC HEALTH POLICY,AND THE LAW, November 2021) by Dr. Aleisha Brock and Dr. Simon Thornley confirms the warning I made on the subject in Part 6 of this series.

Further criticism of vaccine mandates can also be found in “How Fauci Fooled America” (NEWSWEEK, November 1, 2021) by Martin Kullforff and Jay Bhattacharya, who wrote: “Under Fauci’s mandates, hospitals are firing heroic nurses who recovered from COVID they contracted while caring for patients. With their superior immunity, they can safely care for the oldest and frailest patients with even lower transmission risk than the vaccinated….By pushing vaccine mandates, Dr. Fauci ignores naturally acquired immunity among the COVID-recovered of which there are more than 45 million in the United States. Mounting evidence indicates that natural immunity is stronger and longer-lasting than vaccine-induced immunity. In a study from Israel, the vaccinated were 27 times more likely to get symptomatic COVID than the unvaccinated who had recovered from a prior infection….Schools are major transmission points for influenza, but not for COVID….While children do get infected, their risk for COVID death is miniscule, lower than their already low risk of dying from the flu. Throughout the 2020 spring wave, Sweden kept daycare and schools open for all its 1.8 million children ages 1 to 15, with no masks, testing or social distancing. The result? Zero COVID deaths among children and a COVID risk to teachers lower than the average of other professions. In fall 2020, most European countries followed suit, with similar results. Considering the devastating effects of school closures on children, Dr. Fauci’s advocacy for school closures may be the single biggest mistake of his career….In private conversations, most of our scientific colleagues agree with us on three points. While a few have spoken up, why are not more doing so? Well, some tried but failed. Others kept silent when they saw colleagues slandered and smeared in the media or censored by Big Tech. Some are government employees who are barred from contradicting official policy. Many are afraid of losing positions or research grants, aware that Dr. Fauci sits on top of the largest pile of infectious disease research money in the world….Unfortunately, Dr. Fauci got major epidemiology and public health questions wrong. Reality and scientific studies have now caught up with him….”

The Biden administration recently announced with great pleasure that a vaccine had been approved for children ages 5 to 11. However, before anyone subjects their children to this, they should look at “MEDICAL HOLOCAUST against children: Vaccine-induced myocarditis in children has 50% fatality rate in five years” by Ethan Huff (NATURAL NEWS, November 8, 2021). My question is when are government and other officials going to stop lying to people? A November 10 headline for LIFESITE NEWS is “Bayer executive: mRNA shots are ‘gene therapy’ marketed as ‘vaccines’ to gain public trust.” In the article, Bayer executive Stefon Oelrich at the 2021 Global Health Summit in Berlin admits that if they had told the truth that the shots were really “gene therapy,” they “probably would have had a 95% refusal rate.” The article concludes by saying: “These same shots, which do not complete clinical trials until 2023, have been linked to millions of injuries and tens of thousands of deaths worldwide. Seemingly in line with Bayer, the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, and the Gates Foundation’s goal of reducing births, many of the notable COVID-19 vaccine adverse effects have also played a role in reducing births. World Health Organization data reports many cases of stillbirths, vaginal hemorrhaging, menstrual cycle irregularities, and miscarriages linked to the injections.” And with all of the people worldwide getting vaccinated, are the cases of Covid-19 going down? Not at all. The headline for the November 11 USA TODAY reads: “New infections on the rise in most U.S. states,” for REUTERS “German parliament debates new COVID-19 rules as cases soar,” and for November 10 NBC NEWS “Breakthrough COVID Cases Up 44% in Massachusetts: Nearly 60,000 fully vaccinated residents have now tested positive for the coronavirus and 468 have died.”

The medical thought police are already moving forward, penalizing those who differ. Houston Medical Hospital has just suspended the privileges of Dr. Mary Bowden for posting a series to Tweets promoting Ivermectin as a Covid-19 treatment (she also expressed the belief that vaccine mandates are “wrong.”) I called her attorney, Steven Mitby, who was already aware of the tremendous success of Ivermectin in India, and suggested he look at the AMERICAN JOURNAL OF THERAPEUTICS (July-August, 2021) article by 7 authors titled, “Ivermectin for Prevention and Treatment of COVID-19 Infection: A Systematic Review, Meta-analysis, and Trial Sequential Analysis to Inform Clinical Guidance.” For those unfamiliar with Meta-analysis, that is where one looks at all the best studies to reach a conclusion. The article supports the position of Dr. Bowden, but that does not matter to the medical thought police.

The World Economic Forum mentioned above was founded by Klaus Schwab, who described his vision of what the future would look like as “The Great Reset.” As if prescient, G. Edward Griffin in his book, THE CREATURE FROM JEKYLL ISLAND (1994) wrote: “The decline of American prosperity; the increase in the size of government; the decrease in personal freedom; the growth of taxes; evidence that this is according to plan by an elite ruling group which hopes to merge the United States into world government….It will soon be time to reset….” THE SAN JOSE MERCURY on November 6, 1980 reported that just before the 1980 election, Ronald Reagan warned: “I think there is an elite in this country and they are the ones who run an elitist government. They want a government by a handful of people because they don’t believe the people themselves can run their lives….Are we going to have an elitist government that makes decisions for people’s lives or are we going to believe as we have for so many decades, that the people can make these decisions for themselves?” In all likelihood, the future “Great Reset” will include a global digital currency. I have already written how the Federal Reserve and China plan to have a digital currency in 3 years. To see how it will work at first, the Bank of England provides an example.  At first, the Bank of England will have both physical currency along with digital, but this is probably designed to ease the concept of a digital currency into general use so that later its exclusive use will be more acceptable.

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