If people in the media cannot decide whether they are in the business of reporting news or manufacturing propaganda, it is all the more important that the public understand that difference, and choose their news sources accordingly. —Thomas Sowell

The media has brainwashed the electorate to expect the government to do something. The best economic policy of any government is to do nothing but reduce the size of the government, reduce the size of the laws, and reduce the size of regulations. —Marc Faber

There is no greater tyranny, than that which is perpetrated under the shield of law and in the name of justice.  —Montesquieu

Maxine Waters was last year’s cheerleader for publicly confronting and harassing Trump administration members.  Now we’ve degenerated even further into the foul-mouthed language against our President from Muslim Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib, and the anti-Semitic diatribes from Muslim Congresswoman Ilhan Omar.  There is no respect for the office.  The last two years were disgusting enough with Pelosi and Schumer, now it has sunk into the depths of depravity.  “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour.”  I Peter 5:8 perfectly describes this evil.

The socialist (communist) Democratic Party and their propaganda arm, the lapdogs in the main stream media (MSM), have pushed their bias, lies and distorted views of anything Trump to the level of violence.

We can thank the 1964 NYTs v. Sullivan decision which removed libel and slander from the province of state law and state courts.  Supreme Court Justice William Brennan set out the rule that reshaped libel law with his majority opinion. A public official could recover in a libel action only if and when a court found that the libelous statement about the official was made with “actual malice”—that is, with knowledge that it was false or with reckless disregard of whether it was false or not.  As long as the press has an “absence of malice,” public officials are barred from recovering damages for the publication of false statements about them.

And just how does one now prove actual malice?  They can’t, and thus reputations of public figures are destroyed or promoted at will by the propaganda arm of the Democratic Party, our MSM, the experts in brainwashing.

Perhaps Benjamin Franklin’s famous adage needs an update.  “The only thing certain in life is death and taxes” …and lies from the media.

Attacks on Politicos

The propaganda via the MSM has also affected Americans who fully believe media’s duplicity and deception.  There are many examples.  Former Director Kirsten Nielsen of the Department of Homeland Security was accosted and driven out of a Mexican Restaurant where she and her party had chosen to dine.

Back in June of 2018, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders and other diners in her party were asked to leave by the owner of The Red Hen restaurant in Lexington, Virginia.  They immediately left.  Sarah and her husband went home, but the rest of the family went across the street to another restaurant, where the owner of the Red Hen, Stephanie Wilkinson, followed them and tried to get them tossed from that restaurant as well.  As of September of 2018, the entire town is still struggling to recover its image as a welcoming community. The whole town faced a backlash after The Red Hen refused to serve Sanders and her family.  Cordiality is now a thing of the past.

Even neo-con Senator McConnell and his wife, Transportation Secretary, Elaine Chao were attacked by a mob.

And Vice President Pence was lectured from the Broadway stage as he sat in the audience watching the play, Hamilton.

This is what both media and Democrats like Maxine Waters are promoting.  Congresswoman Waters needs to lose her next election to Republican Omar Navarro.

Propaganda Spreads Nationwide

We all saw the expressions of hatred for Trump via Kathy Griffin and even the Shakespeare in the Park production of Julius Caesar wherein a Trump looking Caesar is murdered.  We even saw pictures of school teachers, in front of their classes, pretending to shoot a holograph of our President.  There has been far more and far worse.  Imagine the outrage and banishment of anyone who would have tried that with Barack Hussein Obama.

This evil has spread to Americans who now believe it is politically and publicly condoned to attack anyone they disagree with, especially those with a MAGA hat or a Trump t-shirt.

A Texas teen at a fast food Whataburger Restaurant had his MAGA hat grabbed by the server and a drink thrown in his face.  Yes, an adult did this to a youngster just because he had on a MAGA hat.  As he threw the drink, he screamed at the teen, “The President you ain’t supporting.”

Just recently a 74-year-old Jewish man wearing a MAGA hat was having coffee in a Starbucks and a crazed socialist Democrat lackey starting screaming that he was a NAZI and asking others to join in.  Rebecca Mankey, took a picture of Victor inside Starbucks and posted it to her Facebook page (which is now deactivated), with a tirade, calling on others to confront Victor if they see him.  Read the full story here.

This is what the Democratic socialists (communists) and their propaganda arm in the main stream media have given us.  Propriety, civility, public decorum, common courtesy and human dignity have been discarded by the brainwashed fools who listen to the propaganda arm of the Democratic socialists.

Media Propaganda Hits Home

Several months ago, a dear friend of 45 years, who happens to be a black American gal, called me regarding Donald Trump and racism.  We lived catty corner from each other years back when our children were young, and we constantly talked, ran to each other’s homes, and even helped decorate our homes together.  Her oldest daughter attended Catholic school, and I sewed her plaid outfits for her.

Over the years we kept in touch despite the moves, and went on cruises together with our hubbies, talked about our pets, our children and our faith in God.  And when we hurt, we called each other even in the middle of the night.  She and her husband were highly educated; both of them made over six figure incomes when they were working.

After her husband passed suddenly a good dozen years ago, my friend has been in our home numerous times and once even brought one of her friends with her.  We have had years of fun and friendship together.  I cannot express how much I love this sweet Christian gal, who sings like an angel and can dance up a boogie-woogie storm.

Yet, in these 45 or more years I have never discussed politics with her, and she never with me, until Trump. She has called me twice and claimed Trump was a racist.

Why? Because when the neo-Nazis and the white supremacists got in a battle with each other in Charlottesville, VA in August of 2017 over a Confederate monument, the media lied about what the President said, and my friend’s excuse for saying he’s a racist is because she believes the lie.  This is her only excuse to call President Trump a racist.

I tried to explain the truth to her.  I gave her many examples and even mentioned to her that as a Christian with four children of her own, how could she vote for anyone who wasn’t pro-life.  This over 45 year very close friendship may have come to an end because of the propaganda of the MSM and there is little I can do to dissuade her.

Running for President Made Trump a Racist

President Trump was never called a racist and bigot until he ran as the 2016 Republican presidential candidate.  Before then, he was well liked by many liberal celebrities from Oprah Winfrey to Michael Jackson. Trump was known as a bombastic businessman, but he always had a pretty diverse circle of friends. Even on his show, The Apprentice, the contestants and celebrities were from all backgrounds, genders and ethnicities.

In the 1990s, Donald Trump worked with the Rainbow-PUSH coalition to help bring more black Americans and minorities into corporate America. Jesse Jackson was so impressed that, in 1999, he praised Trump for a lifetime of helping the African American community. That’s right, a lifetime, not just one day, or one hour…

In 1986, Trump was awarded the Ellis Island award for contributing to bettering the conditions of inner-city black youths.  He is standing alongside Muhammed Ali, and Rosa Parks.

I also explained to my dear friend that over 30 years ago, Donald Trump upset the applecart of racism in the elite clubs of Palm Beach, Florida.  He fought until the old “gentlemen’s agreement” went the way of the horse and carriage and all clubs in the area opened their doors to both Jewish and black folks as he did when he opened Mar-a-Lago.  They fought him, but he persevered and won against their racist policies.

Lynne Patton, a lovely black gal who has worked for the Trumps for a dozen years, now heads Region II of the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), which oversees New York and New Jersey.  Her boss is Dr. Ben Carson, Secretary of HUD.  Lynne originally worked for Eric Trump’s Foundation and was even the wedding planner for Eric’s wedding.  She even cast two of Trump’s Apprentice programs.

She, and others I’ve spoken to have told me point blank that Trump is the least racist person they’ve ever known.  Lynne has openly stated that as a daughter of a Birmingham, Alabama father, she would never work for someone who was a racist.  When I told my dear friend this, she said she no longer liked Ben Carson.

The true statistics of non-whites hired by the Trump organization in all departments including upper management shows an abundance of blacks, Hispanics, Asians and other people of color.  What counts with Trump is ability and loyalty, not your color, your faith or your ethnic background.

Obviously, Diamond and Silk adore our President and are seen on Fox News at least once a week.  They were even at several of Trump’s campaign rallies.


Unfortunately, the things I told my friend did not resonate with her.  She believes the propaganda spewed by the media to destroy Trump and his supporters is absolute truth.  She has been brainwashed by the lies of the MSM…lies they’re allowed to spout on a daily basis because of the 1964 Supreme Court decision in NYTs v. Sullivan.

I’m still shocked that after knowing me for 45 years that she would think that I could possibly vote for anyone who was a racist.  I’m not sure if she was trying to convince me to not support Trump or if she thought I had some racist tendencies.  As heartbroken as I was after her last call, I phoned another friend, a gracious black gentleman who is married to a beautiful white woman and they totally understood and comforted me.

The media and the Democratic Party have completely destroyed our once most cordial and genteel culture.  We have become a nation filled with hatred and violence against those who do not buy into the Marxist worldview.  Daily, they spread their poison.

What the left hates about Donald Trump is the same thing they hate about America, that the typical American still loves God, family and country.

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