For over five decades, the political left has been mostly comprised of democrats and sneaky republican rinos.  In more recent years, rino republicans have joined the ranks of the elite leftist class in America. Rather than commit to an about face concerning their mindset regarding Black Americans, democrats simply changed their tactics.  Throughout the periods of slavery, Jim Crow and unequal opportunities, the democrats were always leading the charge of keeping certain people down.

Of course, after the Civil Rights era the democrats and their enforcers, the Ku Klux Klan could no longer compel Blacks via hangings, cross and house burnings as well as other harsh tactics to accept the lowest rung on the ladder of society.  Until after the Civil Rights Movement years, for the most part if black Americans went to school, they did learn and usually qualified to attend university.  But along the way, something rather deviant evolved.  The democrats/leftists secured almost total control of the government school system and major Christian denominations.

The government schools were over time transformed from centers of learning, where students were challenged to achieve and do their best, into dens of indoctrination.  Beginning in the late 1960s, black students were starting to be convinced that life in America was unfair and they would always be victims of efforts to keep them down.  Gradually black Americans were intellectually challenged, less and less.  So, when they did not qualify for university, black Americans were then convinced that the white man was blocking them from collegiate opportunities.

While there were some cases of racism, if one looks long and hard enough they can find whatever they seek.  But for the most part from the 1980s until now, black Americans who seek to go to university but cannot get in it is usually because of not qualifying.  One might enquire, how did this happen and what was the possible motive?  From the outset of this column, I pointed out the mindset of the leftist democrats.  Throughout their history, they never sought to sincerely encourage all Americans to be the best they can be.   But rather to some Americans, you cannot do that, or will not be allowed to do that.

Instead of competing with republicans in the battle of positive ideas, for the betterment of black Americans in particular, democrats have sought to gain politically from the misery, real or imagined of selected groups, mainly Blacks, Hispanics, females and others.  For the most part Black Americans have been pimped over and over like an old hag for the same dirty purpose of voting democrats into office, decade after decade.  That charade continues, despite the worsening overall quality of life of many Black American constituents.

The democrats/leftists worst nightmare has been the possibility of Black Americans awakening in mass from the political stupor of over five decades.  With the recent vast improvement in employment and entrepreneurial opportunities for Black Americans, along with some turning away from the leftist philosophy that has decimated Black families, education quality and even moral behavior for decades, democrats have resorted to drastic measures.  With fewer Black Americans bowing before the golden donkey, democrats/leftists are now mainly focused upon illegal border crossers and trying to keep our southern border open for them to stroll into our republic with no restrictions.

Democrat/leftists are willing to put our republic in mortal danger, just to maintain and increase their voter base by giving illegal border crossers the right to vote.  There are officials in California who would like nothing more than to allow illegals to vote in that state.  Hopefully, more and more black Americans are waking up and rejecting the loser philosophy of the left.  It has not served Americans in general very well at all, particularly Black Americans.

Democrats, led by the likes of Chuckie Schumer are on a mad mission to gain much more control of political power.  Plain and simple, the Democrats have decided to satisfy their lust for political power over “We the People” by joining with other leftist organizations and illegal border crossers.  It does not matter to them that the end result of their philosophy is only wicked destruction.  The horrific evidence of their way of thinking and actions are prevalent throughout our republic and the world, with varying degrees of depravity in locations as diverse as Chicago, Los Angeles, Gary, Indiana, San Francisco, Mexico and Venezuela.

I can only hope and believe that more and more Black Americans will make their escape from the political plantation of the democrat/leftist political juggernaut.  It has done nothing but make bad situations worse and reverse the good progress many black Americans had begun to make decades ago.  Because of the Trump tax cuts and elimination of many dreadful regulations, economic opportunities are more plentiful and will keep expanding in the future.  I am sincerely hoping that people will go and participate in the great American field of dreams and opportunities to create a better life for themselves and their families.  If they do not, they will not have anyone to blame for being afraid or unwilling to go for it, but themselves.

The evil mission of political induced dependency is easily defeated by utilizing one’s own God given abilities along with refusing to allow others to dictate the outcome of our lives.  God gave us free will, so let us use it to remain free and enjoy the liberty to truly live.  God Bless You, God Bless America and May America Bless God.  Please check out and enjoy The Ron Edwards Experience talk show Friday at 4:00 PM EST, 1:00 PM PT on, AM 1180 KCKQ Reno, Nevada and 9:00 PM EST, 6:00 PM PT nightly on and on

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