And they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars for ever and ever. — Daniel 12:3

A friend forwarded an email to me yesterday.  It concerned a controversy that erupted.  The pastor announced last week by email that petitioners would be available in the church at a future worship service.  The petitions were related to peoples veto paperwork circulating in churches as a result of formal Roman Catholic and Evangelical support.

A dozen political issues moved into Church culture in Maine in July.  Governor Jezebel Kills and her demoncrat party forced them there by overreaching with their newly minted power earlier in the year.

Maine may be an example of America’s future.  Eight years of a Trump-like right wing Governor produced a left-wing sweep last year.  The ratchet in Maine’s political culture touched off a dozen peoples vetoes.  I’ve written here that I think only one of them has a chance of making it over the finish line.  That would be the vaccine petition. 

Politics and religion are untethered from reality in the West.  This email exchange is another example.

One parishioner threatened to resign from the church if the petitioners were allowed to show up.  He argued that politics — any politics — must not be allowed in the church.  His threatened resignation caused the church to repent of her “politicking” and disinvite the petitioners.

All of the petitions concern issues that wouldn’t even be up for debate in a Christian nation.   The murder of babies and the infirm, big pharma’s manipulation of the law and a number of issues that concern common sense morality are not debatable in a Christian civilization.  Order cannot be maintained when God and His law are erased.  It is only a matter of time before civilization devolves into an intemperate chaos.

The clock is winding down on Western Civilization as we continue with our Masonic experiment in spiritual egalitarianism.  All religions are not equal.  Like everything else there are distinctions between religions.  Christianity is essential in western nations.  Without it we cease to be western or civilized.

The church in the West has so weakened itself that it is incapable of being what it is — a universal religion.  It cannot think of itself as the truth.  It has created distinctions where there are none.  Christianity is essentially political because it is essentially everything.  It is truth — reason — itself.  Christianity works.

It brings peace in politics, and everywhere.

GK Chesterton observed about the faith, “Christianity has not been tried and found wanting;  it has been found difficult and not tried.”

Even the Christian Church in the West is giving up on trying to live out the gospel.  It is favoring political correctness and Americanist doctrines about the world and reality.  As Chesterton noted, “it has been found difficult.”

In Christianity the most powerful are the most impoverished in worldly esteem and goods.  The leaders are servants.  The truly holy among us work to please an audience of one, God.  They model for the world what it means to reject the world, and embrace the cross of Jesus Christ.  Christians pray to a real God.

Our verse is taken from Daniel.  Wisdom and righteousness are praised.  The book of Daniel is about political courage.  The public display of faith and spiritual courage win the day in Daniel.  Worldly pagan power is challenged by humble faith in God.  Simple obedience is rewarded with God’s presence in a fiery furnace.  And it isn’t all pretty, prosperous and clean.  Many are judged.  Many die.

God delivers according to His plan, not man’s.  And He is doing that today in Maine, America and all around the world.

Righteousness demands that Christians take a stand. Evil must be confronted in simple terms. Sex outside the bonds of Holy matrimony is wrong for everyone. Christians must teach and live this truth in front of the whole world. Christians must work to encode this moral rule into civil law everywhere. That’s what it means to be Christian. That’s what it means for wisdom to “shine as the brightness of the firmament.”

If there is such a thing as righteousness it stands to reason that it’s opposite exists — unrighteousness or evil.  People, Daniel says, “that turn many to righteousness are as the stars forever and ever.”

It is our duty to lead people to righteous living, and to build righteous neighborhoods and communities.  We aren’t going to be able to do that if worship isn’t universal — if it has no application outside the four walls of a “church.”

The future is always bright for Christians.  More and more Christians are discovering one of the most potent sources of their sadness — public schools.  Chesterton again, “The one thing that is never taught by any chance in the atmosphere of public schools is this: that there is a whole truth of things, and that in knowing it and speaking it we are happy.”

Choose happiness today.

Choose Jesus Christ and His gospel.

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